Thursday, October 17, 2013

@SuzyAyers is here to share her new release with us! Sir's Deception #Erotica

"Sir's Deception (The Torn Series:Book 2)"

Serena and Max continue their journey into their Dom/sub relationship. A relationship that they have agreed is purely for sex and that they are allowed to see other people.

He leave's for a weekend and temptation baits him more than once. He tries to relinquish the guilt he is feeling, yet somehow that backfires like a shotgun to his face.

Within this book, Serena finds herself in trouble in every sense of the word.

About the book/from the author:
This book has a little more funishment and some twists you might not expect. This series is lighter fare for BDSM and is on the playful side and I've already been told I have too much sex in the first book. Who ever heard of such atrocities? Well not me. ;) Again explicit in language and sexual situations. Enjoy Adults only. 

I have already started the final book. I just love happily's...don't you? 

Excerpt from the chapter of "The Beginning of Temptation":
(Max) walked the floor checking out more of the offerings, enjoying the sights and smells. Leather, clangs of chains, swats of crops, coos and cries of pleasure and pain. He watched a couple intently, that reminded him of his and Serena’s first exchange. The sub was apparently new and unsure about being naked in public.
“Sir, please.” Her eyes darted across the floor looking at the many people that were collecting in the hallway. Her Dom tore her tiny body to the spanking bench. A sub that worked there was ready and waiting cleaned it in front of them.
“Now slut!” His voice was harsh and it collected quite a few onlookers.
“Please,” this young fresh sub pleaded, tugging against his grip.
Max, grinned, knowing all too well that would only prolong her spanking. He didn’t crawl over to the crowd like everyone else. He made his way over to the other side of the spanking bench.
“Would you like assistance?” Max asked.
“Yes please.” The beautiful blonde begged.
Max chuckled and looked at the man. Her Dom nodded at him and Max firmly held her shoulder blades, as her Dom strapped her to the bench.
Max did lean down to her. “Next time, do it without a struggle and you won’t gain a crowd. Relax and breathe. They are looking for you to cry, be stronger than that. Take your punishment like a good girl.” Max walked away and heard her initial yelp, but heard no crying. He smiled inwardly as he continued his search for the next demonstration he wanted to see.
“Sir!” He heard a sweet voice behind him. “Sir! Wait!” He turned around instinctively. At least eighty percent of the men there were Sir’s. It was the blond, her hair bounced in soft curls. “Thank you, sir.” She beamed.
Max nodded, unsure why she chased him down and saw her Dom behind her closing in fast. “Are you getting into trouble again?” Max asked.
“No sir. I told him what you said and he asked me to find you,” she turned and scooped her Dom’s arm up into both of hers.
“And like a good pet you have.” Her Dom rubbed her head.
She responded with a little mew.
“I wanted to thank you for helping her learn and helping me not look like, well…”
“No problem really.” Max waved them off. “I think we’ve all been there. The beginning is difficult and even when you start a new sub,” he said.
Both looked at each other like that would never happen. Max couldn’t help but smile at their naivety. No doubt boyfriend and girlfriend.
“Well, at any rate.” The Dom extended his hand. “Gerry, by the way.”
“Max.” He shook his hand.
“I’d like to offer Sherry as a service for whatever you need.”
Sherry seemed both nervous and thrilled by the prospect. Still clinging to Gerry’s arm with both of hers, her chin dipped, but her blue eyes looked up at him sparkling like innocent sapphires.

Hmmm...what happens next? Guess you'll just have to buy it and find out!
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