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Order of the Dragon FREE for #Halloween! #Erotica #Horror #GhostStories #SEXcerpt #BDSM

Happy Halloween lovers!

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There it was again, peering at her from behind a corner in his mind that he’d managed to block from… everyone. He studied her, battling with his own thoughts. That singular word that called so desperately for her attention stood before her again.


But this time, an image accompanied the thought. The image was of her, shackled to a cement wall, wearing nothing but fine lace panties, writhing on the floor. Ecstasy such as she’d never felt in her life, let alone seen etched into her own features, blared out at her from the picture. When she blinked, the image was gone.

“I know you want me Brock. I’m an Empath. Each rush of blood that fills that eager cock thunders between my thighs too, you can’t hide it from me.” She whispered, cupping his hard dick through his jeans, she kissed his neck briefly before looking back up to him.

Brock searched her face, his breath was quick, his arms solid with whatever he was restraining himself from doing to her. But she wanted it. Oh God, she wanted him to let go, to let whatever he was holding back loose to ravage her. The thought brought a smile to her lips.

“What are you hiding from me Brock Bethlen?” She asked softly.

He shook his head.

“It’s okay, I want you to.” She stated, reaching up on her tip toes and licking his bottom lip again before pulling it between her teeth . She sighed into his open mouth as his hands reached up to grasp her breasts.

She pressed into his palm as she reveled in his kiss, his spicy cologne drifted into her nostrils. When she groaned softly he yanked his hands away, a nervous laugh passed between his swollen lips and he took a step back from her.

“Melody.” Another warning. “You don’t want to do this with me.”

“Don’t you want me?” She asked.

“You have no idea.”

Another thought came to her then and she wasn’t quite sure what it was. It wasn’t a word or an image, it was a feeling. Desperate and delicious, she felt like she was peering in dark yet somehow everything was clear and vibrant.

“Please?” She offered with some degree of hesitation.

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