Friday, March 8, 2013

#FlashFriday Short #Erotic story FREE

Good morning!!

Happy Friday, I'd like to celebrate with a naughty little story that I wrote just for you, for Flash Friday!

Shooting Amy

     They had arrived just as the sun was high in the sky, and the light was perfect for what he wanted to capture. Amy had had no hesitation with doing a nude photo shoot, and even seemed to be enjoying laying there in the sand with her perfect breasts thrust before her, catching the rays. Jose found it hard to not stare, she was so fair skinned, and she was beginning to turn pink under the hot sun.
     "Are you hungry? I'm starving, I think we should take a break." Jose said, wiping the sweat from his brow and going to stand at the picnic table off to the side, that had a large umbrella shading most of the table from the sun.
     Amy stood slowly, carefully placing her feet on the hot sand as she hurried over to the table, her tits bouncing all the way.
    "I'm starved." She said quietly as she wrapped a towel around herself and sat across the table from Jose and opened a bottle of water.
     "I'm afraid I only have turkey sandwiches, and some green grapes. Is that okay?" He asked her, carefully holding her gaze. She smiled kindly at him, lowering her towel a little more.
     "Sounds great to me. Thank you." She said. She thought his face might explode, it was turning three shades of red as she lowered her towel even more.
     After their lunch break Amy was laying back on the sand while Jose stood over her, snapping photos, the tiny dew droplets of perspiration that were collecting over her upper lip were eye catching, and Jose licked his lips at the thought of tasting them. As if on cue, Amy parted her pink lips slowly, tucking the bottom one under her top teeth, and then slowly pulling it out.
     Jose lowered the camera, the lowered lids, the parted lips, she was begging for it, and it wasn't just poses for the camera. Slowly she lifted her hand and quirked her finger at him. Jose lowered to his knees on the sand and leaned over her as he set his camera away, searching her face only briefly before pressing his thick lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed those perfect tits against his chest, he let out a low groan, that seemed to vibrate through her chest, and sent a wave of heat to her pussy.
     "Touch me." She pleaded quietly, and Jose brought his hand to her breast, carefully rolling her nipple to a point before taking it in his mouth and sucking hard.
     Amy arched up and moaned, taking her other breast into her hand and teasing her own nipple as she stared down at him. Jose slid his fingers lightly down her stomach, raising the tiny hairs on her body before he trailed his fingers along her pussy, which was already slick and ready for him. Amy turned slightly, pressing her ass against him invitingly, and he slid his hand down her side, along the curve of her hip and down her thigh before dragging his nails back up along her warm sun-kissed skin, and gently wiped the clinging sand away.
     Jose pulled his zipper open and removed his cock as Amy circled her arm around his neck, leaning her head back to meet his lips. She pressed back on him as he slid his head along her silky folds, over her asshole, and down to circle her clit, when she could stand the teasing no longer she shoved back on him, pressing until her ass was firmly planted against his hips, a small moan escaping her lips. Jose began to move within her, his hands planted on her hips firmly, hauling her against him.
     She twisted slightly, and Jose shifted so that he was on top of her, she leaned up on her elbows, and lifted her ass to give him full access, her pussy tightened and quivered around him as he pounded into her, the ocean waves crashing softly in the distance, the rock quarry behind them amplifying the sound but not masking her cries as she came swiftly coating his cock in warm juice.
     Jose stripped off his shirt and placed it on the sand before Amy lay over it face down, one leg lifted up, the other stretched down, he straddled that leg as he entered her from behind and pressed down into her.
     "OH fuck that feels so good." She sighed.
     She lowered her hand to circle her clit as Jose thrust into her faster, and bit the back of her neck lightly, sending a jolt through her. She shivered before she came around him again, clenching him deliciously. Jose pulled out of her quickly, fisting his thick cock and pumping until he shot hot white cum across her ass cheeks and her back. Amy turned around quickly, and took him into her mouth, sucking the last salty drops of cum from his cock, and rubbing his sensitive head along her pouty lips.

Happy Friday! Finally, hope you enjoyed this naughty little treat!

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