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Happy Monday folks!

Grumble grumble, another week to get through before we can spend the gorgeous weekend enjoying the weather. I hope that this naughty little excerpt will help make your day easier to finish up!

When we left Brock and Melody were just about to get down and dirty in the garage behind Melody's bed and breakfast. He's been stealing her energy through dream walking for some time now... and she's ready to take back what is rightfully hers. But not without giving him something in echange. 


Order of the Dragon
Excerpt #5

Brock lifted his hips slightly, his hands were also shaking, but not from nerves as he pulled a condom from his back pocket and quickly slipped it on. Melody barely pulled her thin panties to the side before sliding over him, her lust for him growing stronger by the second. Brock let his head fall back as gooseflesh broke out on his arms, Melody ran her fingers delicately over his throat, his Adam’s apple.

“I knew it.” She whispered triumphantly, lifting her hands to his face again and willing him to look at her. 

Odd glimmers were swimming in his eyes, similar to the ones people got when they had déjà vu, or in that instance they pick up their phone before someone they know calls or sends a text. But these were supercharged, they were faster shimmers of light and they vibrated with his sheer delight.

It was real. It was possible. She could hardly believe it. But if it weren’t possible would this be happening so easily? So fluidly?

Was this part of the increase in ability she’d read about? Something inside of her was screaming at her to jump off of him, to run into the house and send them away immediately. 

It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but the feel of his rippling cock carving its way through her sacred passage.

She watched him look down at her arms, they were also charged with energy. “What’s happening?” He forced out, his hands possessing her curves as she rode him relentlessly. 

“You should know. Except this time we’re awake.” She panted.

It was an energy exchange, not unlike what he’d done only this was in person, not through psychic communications. She only smiled at his shocked features through the haze of ecstasy she felt.

“Just feel it, Brock. Don’t you feel it?” Her eyes were closed now, elation clouding her thoughts.

“Without a doubt.”

Brock’s hands ran over her thick thighs, he traced the muscles that were flexing as she lifted her body and curled her tailbone gently over his shaft in short, grinding thrusts. His thumbs wove small circles over her hips before he slid his palms up her stomach, kneading her soft skin in a domineering quest to her breasts. That word blared out at her again, made her stomach tighten.


Why did he want her there? What was this dungeon? More importantly, why did she want to be there so damn bad? It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time, wanting something that you didn’t understand. It excited her.

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