Saturday, September 14, 2013

Castles Burning Part III at NO COST #ASMSG #Romance #Erotica #Thriller

Hello my loves!

I'm sure by now you are already super excited to grab your free copy of Castles Burning Part III so I won't hold you up for too long!

But, know what else is exciting? I'm almost finished with the complete and final, all-in-one Castles Burning. So you can have all three parts in one place. Bonus, there is already over 10k words of extra content and extended scenes!! You're going to love it! Expect it to be available in paperback as well! 


“How dare you say that to me.” I said.

“What do you mean how dare I? You need to know, I’m not going to wail on you with a leather strap, or a belt, or a cat of fucking nine tails, I’m just not into that shit.” He said.

“I never asked you to!” I put my hands on my hips, my anger flaring even more. Was he purposely forgetting what we’d done a month ago?

“You don’t ask but you like it when I get rough with you. I don’t have anything against it, but I can’t find it in myself to hit you.” Dean was holding his hands palms up as if pleading with me to understand.

“Just because I like to be man handled once in a while doesn’t mean I’m going to ask you to hit me, Dean. And, how dare you ask that because you know you enjoyed fucking me with Adam in Dubai just as much as he did! How dare you try and be so prim and proper now, you sure found it within yourself that night!”

“Amber, that was different!” Dean said and pulled his hands down his face before collapsing in a chair.

“How was it different? Because we weren’t alone or because you weren’t the one who was in charge? Tell me Dean,” I said leaning over him, placing my hand on the arm of his chair, “Do you like another man handling all of the hard work for you?”

“Don’t.” He warned.

I dipped even lower, catching his eyes with mine, “Come on, Dean… you remember don’t you? Don’t you think I might need a little more straightening out?” I asked trailing my finger down his forearm.

Dean exhaled harshly, and his jaw flexed as he ground his teeth. I sneered at him, “That’s what you said right?” I laughed, and it sounded crazy even to my own ears.

“Amber.” He said through his gritted teeth, his fists balled on the arms of the chair as I slid my hand up his arm.

“Come on Dean.” I taunted, flipping my hair over my shoulder. “Straighten me out. Show me again how you think you could clean out my fucked up head! Or better yet, tell me again about how you think I’m a sex crazed nympho who could really use some straightening out, Dean.” I screamed at him.

My heart began to pound and my head was aching so much that I began to see stars shooting behind my lids. I couldn’t believe how upset I was, I was practically seeing red. The pain was raw and searing through my brain.

Dean’s eyes caught fire and then darkened to black orbs of intensity. He leaned forward, baring his teeth as he closed his hands on my upper arms. I gasped as he stood, lifting me from the ground before tossing me onto the bed, as if I weighed nothing. For a second I was afraid and then he climbed over me and held my wrists at my head, glaring down at me, his hair falling across his eyes. Mercifully the throb in my head lessened, and became dull again.

“It was different because you know Adam would have never left you alone if I hadn’t shown him that you are with me.” He said.

That's all the teasing for now, be sure and grab part three, it will satisfy every question you've had since part one, I promise.


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