Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm on Santa's Naughty List! #erotic #excerpt #NSFW #CastlesBurning

Good evening Lovers!

It's nearly Christmas and I've got one miserable head cold! I hope you are all feeling well and that your holiday plans go accordingly! I've missed Aden so much, haven't you? As promised, here is a naughty little excerpt from the final edit of my upcoming jumbo novel, Castles Burning... just for you! I maybe be on the Naughty List now, but I think Santa would approve! 


Taking my glass and setting it on the table Aden swept me into his arms and kissed me again, the tears spilled over my lids as I closed my eyes and let out a sigh of relief, all my fears wiped clean. When we went into the great room Alex and Christie were already in their room, shouts of laughter echoing off the walls. I looked at Aden and the need was very clear in his eyes, feeling my pulse quicken between my legs I followed him hurriedly to the master suite.

Aden closed the door behind him, and put his iPod on as he stripped off his shirt and pants, then crossed the room to the bed. He crawled up beside me and kissed me while he quickly did away with my clothes, grasped my shoulders and turned me around as if I weighed nothing. I grabbed the pillow and nuzzled my face into it as Aden covered me from behind, his teeth grazing the back of my neck, my insides throbbing in response, knowing that only he could give me what I craved.

Aden’s lips moved to my ear “I missed you so much, little one.”

Overwhelmed with desire and satisfaction at the same time, I closed my eyes while Aden’s hand caressed my bare bottom and I groaned in response, lifting off the bed, offering it up to him. He began rubbing the backs of my thighs with his fingers, scratching my skin softly as he brought them back up to the bottom of my ass, and squeezed hard. I groaned and turned my face to look at him, begging him with my eyes, grinding my hips against the mattress below me as I bit my lip.

“Tell me, baby.” Aden said, sliding his hand up and down my body, watching my reactions carefully.

I was practically salivating now, as his hands trailed hot paths across my cool skin, rubbing, caressing, squeezing, and scratching my soft flesh, then coming around to grip my hips, massaging me until I was excited beyond belief.

“Please, Aden.” I moaned.

“Tell me little one, tell me you want what I’ve missed for so long.” He said and brought his teeth to my shoulder, nipping at my skin.

I grabbed his hand and put it back on my ass, pressed his hand down, “Please Aden, I need you to.”

“Tell me baby, need me to what?” He asked grabbing my ass and squeezing it hard, he twisted his other hand into my hair and gently lifted my head up, I let out a moan in response, it’d been so long since I’d been loved by Aden, oh how I craved it.

I slowly got onto my knees on the bed in front of him and glanced at him over my shoulder, leg’s spread before him. He was staring at me, with pride and longing in his eyes. I placed my face down on the bed, leaving my bottom up in the air and with my left hand I rubbed my ass, still looking into his eyes.

“I want you to touch me here.” I told him grinning and pulling my lip through my teeth. His eyes darkened as he watched me move my hand along my skin, caressing my already moistened folds.

Burning hot as promised!!


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