Friday, December 12, 2014

1st Snippet #CastlesBurning #erotica #psychological #thriller

Hello my lovies!

I'm super stoked to share this excerpt from Castles Burning with you. I can't believe it's finally coming time to release the final, extended version. From the moment I released part one, you have been here with me, giving me feedback, support and love. I could not have made Castles the amazing final draft that it is without that support. You have helped me to perfect this novel and I am so grateful for that help! I know you're going to love it! Enough blabber, let us get to the goods!

“When you are mad, mad like this, you don't know it. Reality is what you see. When what you see shifts, departing from anyone else's reality, it's still reality to you.” 
― Marya Hornbacher

 My head was still swimming, when I made the decision to do something in my mind it took a moment for my body to react. I watched myself stumble my way to the kitchen; I was leaving blood on the white counters as I used them to steady myself as I made my way to the phone. I swayed and snatched it up, bringing it close to my face and trying to focus on the numbers, but the phone was dead. 

 I tossed it away and it skittered across the counter. My head felt like it was floating, I lifted my hand to my forehead and tried to shake away the fog. Think. What should I do now? We didn’t bring our cell phones because there was no reception up here. I desperately made my way out of the house, holding onto the walls as I went, my shoulders bumping them and sending pain into my core, my mind growing more and more cloudy as I reached for the front door, and pulled on it. The sand bags. Quickly I tried to lift one, but they were too heavy, my shoulder screamed in pain. I opened the window beside the door, punched out the screen and pulled myself free, splashing into the water below it.

 I choked and gasped as I stood up as fast as my freezing body would allow. I waded slowly through the water, searching for the mailbox which would indicate the road and the way to help. I slipped a few times, searching for the mail box, but the rain was coming down so hard, I could barely see in front of my face. My vision was blurred by the water running into my eyes. I had no idea which direction to go to find the truck, or anyone else for that matter. 
In frustration I screamed at the top of my lungs for help, my throat throbbing in pain from being strangled. I screamed over and over again, out into the grayness, praying someone would hear me, but all that returned my calls was the roar of the rain and wind. I sobbed to myself, and brought my hand up to touch my face, which felt numb. The water was up to my knees, it was cold, but I didn’t feel anything. I wanted to go back to Aden, I turned to face the house, my mind made up, but I couldn’t see it. I took a few steps forward, wondering where the window was.

 “Aden!” I cried. “Someone help us please!” I screamed, my shoulders shaking. My mind had become a chamber of corridors, none of them leading to anything that made sense.

 I pinched my lip between my thumb and forefinger. Nothing. I drew my hand away from my face and tried to focus my eyes on them in front of me as I felt for the porch steps, but my eyes strained and wavered. I couldn’t focus on the hand right in front of me. I couldn’t find the porch, I couldn’t find the mailbox. I couldn’t find Aden, I felt lost. All alone. I bowed my head as tears fell down my face, looked down at the water pooling around my pale, shaking knees. That’s when I noticed the dark red that was surrounding me, it was wispy, and in the murky water it looked like dense smoke. Was I bleeding?

Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed, come back in a couple weeks for the second snippet, which will be burning hot and NSWF!


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