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Enjoy this excerpt...

“Did you just come baby?” He asked, eyes glittering down at me.
“Yes, Sir.” I panted, unable to conceal my satisfied smile.
The crop came down on my wet flesh, “You only come, when I tell you to come.” He accentuated the end with another pop.
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry Sir, tech me to be better.” I grinned at him, my body felt so alive with sensation, I felt as if I might break out of my skin.
Aden positioned the crop on the base of my throat.
“Arch.” He said.
I arched against my ropes. Aden started to leisurely slide the crop down my body, pressing it down between my breasts, over my stomach, the leather pulling lightly on my skin, trailing my own come down the front of my body.
“So pretty.” He said, his cerulean eyes focused on the crop and my skin, as goose bumps rose and spread over my body, my nipples came to a peak. He smiled. “You’re fucking beautiful.”
“Thank you, Sir.” I sighed.
“Do you like to look pretty for me?” He asked, his eyes seeking mine, capturing them.
“Yes, Sir, I do.” I said, captivated, unable to look away.
“Good girl.” He said, slapping each of my inner thighs with the crop playfully before putting it back.
Aden plugged the Hitachi into the side of the pool table, I briefly wondered why the pool table had plugs built into it before the motor of the vibrator roared to life, and he placed it against my sensitive sex. Immediately I tried to pull away from the intensity of the vibrations, but the ropes held me in place as Aden moved the head of the vibrator against me.
“You’re going to learn, to control your orgasms. You will come when I tell you to and you will not come if I don’t give you permission. Understand?” He said, raising his voice over my loud moans.
“Yes Sir.” I cried, feeling the tightening. “Please Sir may I come?” Somehow the words managed to find their way out of my mouth in time.
“Yes.” Was all it took to send my body crashing down a cliff to shark infested waters, my entire torso shook, my legs quivering, mouth shivering, eyes watering and ears ringing.
“Good girl, look at me.” He said, lifting my chin with his finger tips.
Aden’s thrusts became deeper, harder and more sensation worked its way through me. Aden leaned over to take the tie out of my mouth, caressing my lips with his fingers, dragging his hand down my throat to my breast to held on to it. I was now fully enraptured in the welcomed daze that came with training. As if I were in a drug induced state, out of my own body, I was simply feeling. Simply touch. Simply… yearning. I was nothing but a shell of desire and pleasure.
“Oh, God, please can I come again?” I asked breathlessly.
“Yes, come for daddy.”
As waves rippled through me I pulled against my restraints, feeling the prickly rope bite into my wrists and ankles. I hadn’t called him Daddy in months and hearing the familiar endearment filled my eyes with tears.
“Look at me.” Aden said.
 My body shook as he pulled out of me, I watched him as he stroked his beautiful cock until he came on my tummy and breasts. He was breathing fast as he leaned over me, kissed my neck and shoulders and rested his forehead on my clavicle. After a few seconds, he smoothed hair from my face and tipped my chin down with his finger to plant a soft, lingering kiss on my lips, gazing into my eyes sweetly.
“How was that?” He asked.
“As wonderful as I remembered.” I said through my tears. Aden smiled, his forehead rested on mine, his blue eyes sparkling, I was absolutely sated.

As Aden began to undo my ropes my heart rate returned to normal, I closed my eyes and relished in the feather light touches he trailed along my body as he unbound me, placing small kisses on my wrists, ankles, and hips. When all the ropes were off Aden climbed onto the table beside me, pulling me into his strong, warm arms. He whispered soft words into my ear, kissed my neck and shoulders, told me how strong and beautiful I was. This went on for what seemed like an hour before he left me.


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