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All Male Erotica Authors Part II #ASMSG #erotica #freebiefriday

Well hello there!
I'm so excited to bring you part two of my all male erotica author blog! Today we have the Bearded Man Submissions.
~Here's a twist~
ONE of these amazing authors, is really a female.... can you guess which?

Hot Cocoa
King Alexander

Helping out a neighbor, Larry shovels the woman’s driveway ridding it of several feet of snow.  She offered him some hot cocoa in return and he accepted.  Inside, he takes two steps before spotting her naked lying on her side in front of a roaring fireplace.  She rubs her thigh and stands.  Her dirty blonde hair falls down her back.  When he is within reach, she pulls his sweater off over his head.  “Cocoa later, I’d like to warm you up the old fashioned way.”  She tells him. 

On tip toes she kisses him and he tastes her sweet mouth.  Her ass is soft and round fitting perfectly in his hands.  His dick stirs and he grunts as it pushes against her stomach.  Lifting her by the waist, he brings her face to his and she wraps her legs around him.  She hugs him tight as they kiss deeply, his ruff facial hair scratching her.  His jeans become agonizing so he unzips releasing a long thick black cock that bobs up toward her quim.  She slides her slit along the top of his shaft.  His dick strains to reach further as her wetness sticks to it.  “Take me.”  She begs quietly and he can damn near taste her lust.

Laying her down he moves between her legs pressing his engorged head to her opening.  She spreads her legs wide as he slowly pushes into her.  Her pussy is tight and squeezes his cock hard as he works it further inside.  Her juices run freely helping him get in to the hilt.  He keeps a slow pace so she can fuck him back.  He moans out as her pussy grips him tighter.  Looking down he sees thick cream coating his cock.  Hearing the sexy squish noises he pumps faster stirring her walls about.  He pulls out and gets to his knees gingerly rolling her over.  She gets on all fours and he pushes her head down.  She gets the idea and lifts her ass high for him.  He lines his sticky cock up with her convulsing quim and slides in.  He feels her end on the head of his cock and they moan out.  With a thumb he rubs her exposed asshole.  They grind deep into each other and he notices her pinching her nipples.  Retreating out to the head and slowly thrusting back in filling her up, he fucks her with long strokes.  His cock becomes more sensitive and she throws her ass back against him moaning louder.

Pulling her up by her hips, he sits with wide bent knees.  She positions on her knees with her legs under his and sits taking him deep.  He massages her tits and holds her close with his hairy face pressed to her back.  They rock and she twirls her hips.  “You’re hitting my spot.”  She whispers back to him.  He feels his balls contract as a load of cum quickly moves up his shaft.  He doesn’t have time to react as her pussy explodes around his dick, her pussy walls milk his shaft and he hollers.  They meld into one trembling, orgasmic being as his warm cum mixes with her cream and run down his shaft out of her hot pussy.  He squeezes her breast harder as she rubs their juices into his scrotum before tasting them off her own fingers.  She rests her weight back against his strong body as they relax in the after glows of their sex.  “You definitely warmed me better than any cup of cocoa could have.”  He plants kisses across her back as she giggles at his assessment. 

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Ray Tullett's Bearded Man Submission

The fire was burning bright, as it had done now for the last three days. Jack lay there with Nicole huddled close against his body, for warmth. Summer was past and they were already deep into the Fall. A sudden noise, caused Jack to look towards the fire, it was just the logs settling and he relaxed again.

They had been stranded now for a week, washed ashore on this beautiful island. Lost and confused, they had made a makeshift home for themselves, luxurious it was not and both had been tired and hungry. Nicole had always been distant, at work and more since the accident, but today that had all changed, here in the glow of the fire. Finally warm, after a cold but successful day of gathering food. Feeling full for the first time in a week they had laughed, it is amazing how food can bond two people.

Nicole tightened her hold on him as she murmured in her sleep, turning his head, he looked upon her beauty and wondered why he had never seen it before. Jack must have disturbed her, as he found himself looking into her eyes. He said nothing, this moment needed no words. He felt Nicole's arm release him, as she moved to stroke his newly formed beard. Her touch, feather light, until she playfully tugged his hair. There was something in that simple gesture, that ignited a fire all of their own. 

Jack had pulled Nicole into an embrace, their passion swelling, clothes seemed to melt away in the heat of passion. His hand exploring her body, her hard nipples causing her to moan against his lips, down to her eager sex. Teasing her sensitive node, feeling Nicole respond, her urgent breathing made Jack to taste her. His beard must have tickled her, going by the fluttering in her stomach muscles, as he kissed his way lower. Jack moved as slowly as his passion would allow, but soon he was devouring her musky scent. Nicole bucked in orgasm, pushing harder against his face, Jack did not let up for a moment, drawing out the pleasure.

His own need finally got the better of him, his hardness, almost painful, aching for release. Jack positioned himself over Nicole. She must have seen the desire blazing bright in his eyes and surrendered to his will. Jack felt her hand guide him, and he was soon deep inside her. Bodies bathed in the flickering light of the fire, the shadows waxing and waning over her face as Jack drove himself hard inside her. He was shocked at this animal lust, this primal need. She was his, her cries of pleasure driving him on, until he could hold back no longer. Jack felt his orgasm flow into Nicole, holding himself inside her, he leaned down to kiss her once more...

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Campfire Sparks
John Satisfy

Gary stroked his beard as he surveyed the campsite in the dying light.  The tent was pitched, equipment put away, and the fire was low but bright.  Alison sat quietly by the campfire sipping her drink, huddled up against the briskness of the night.

Gary had been dating Alison since they met at a friend’s BBQ.  Even though she was a girly-girl, the way she filled out her sundresses had him captivated.  As they became better acquainted, his desire for her grew as well.  She had a sense of adventure, a playfulness, and willingness to go with the flow that was a rare find.  So as summer ended he dreamed of further adventures to share and suggested that, “We should go camping this fall.”  It took a little bit to find the perfect weekend, but he finally made good.

He picked up his cup and walked over to where Alison was sitting.  Memorized, she stared at the glowing embers.  As Gary sat down she glanced at him, her eyes glowing with the firelight.  

Casually, he leaned forward and drank his tea as the crisp night descended.  The only sound was the wind rustling through the dry leaves and the soft crackle of the flames.

As Gary placed his hand on Alison’s leg, she moved her feet off the log and opened up.  Turning, she reached out with her hand and stroked the soft hairs on his cheek.

“You always take excellent care of me.” She said softly, tenderly.

Gary leaned forward and wrapped his large hand around her back and pulled her close to his body.  Leaning forward he kissed her gently, his soft mustache tickling her upper lip.  As the kiss built in intensity, he felt lust for her grow deep within.  He wanted Alison, and he couldn’t wait.

Gary pulled away and when Alison looked into his eyes she saw a smoldering desire.  Without warning, he wrapped her up in his arms and carried her over to soft patch of grass.  Delicately, he lowered her down before he resumed their embrace.

Gary’s hands moved along her body, tracing her soft curves, until his fingers began working the button on her jeans.  As he pulled her pants down, her panties were dragged down as well.  With her boots still on, the clothing was trapped.  Undaunted, he lifted her legs up.  Slowly, he slipped his head between her thighs; his cheeks tickled her aroused flesh, causing her to moan.  Encouraged, he moved closer until he was surrounded by her scent.

With his lips together, he leaned forward, teasing her with his whiskers.  She began to squirm in anticipation so his hands moved to her hips and he held her down.  Confident that she was under his control, Gary opened his mouth and gave a lazy lick to her pussy.  She was so wet, so sweet, that he licked her thick juices with abandon.  As he focused on her clit, he could feel his face get soaked in her excitement.

Her hips were rocking rhythmically, and he knew that she was already close.  His tongue alternated between flicking her clit and sucking it into his mouth as her hands became tangled in his hair.  Pulling him into her she came, moaning loudly into the night.  Her eyes were wide open as she saw starlight between the rustling leaves, her body convulsing in waves of ecstasy.

As she regained composure, but while still panting, Alison managed to say, “I am beginning to see the allure of camping!”

Gary smiled, wiping her juices from his beard.  “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

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Alarm Clock
Aiden James

She was still in bed.

The light from the window stretched across the mattress, soft rays of the winter morning kissing the bare skin of her pale body peeking out from under the tousled sheets.  Sitting on the side of the bed, I can’t help but touch her, want her.  Even the sun cannot resist her luscious body.  My soft caresses do nothing to help her wake and my thoughts get more wicked the less she stirs.

Stripping off my clothes and throwing them to the floor, I lay my body alongside hers.  Cool air collected around me, pushing me closer to her heat.  Soft kisses along her slight shoulder, my beard tickling a path up her neck.  Such a delectable treat, tasting like the sweetest peach perfectly flavored from the hot Georgia sunshine.  Her slightly arching neck encourages me onward.

Each kiss, each swipe of my lips and tongue, each brush of my closely trimmed beard, all interacting in congress with each other to entice this sleeping beauty from her dreams.  Calloused fingers trail along her sides while I break my fast on her succulent body.  Each of her nipples greets my mouth as if begging for my attentions.  Gentle nips on the tips draws out the sweetest of moans, languid and longing for more.   

Looking up, her face is a mixture of confusion and desire.  A painted portrait of a woman in need yet struggling to remain locked in her slumber.  I smile down into her stomach, knowing that the hold her unconscious mind maintains is about to be shattered.  Encouraging her thighs to spread under my guiding hands, I hunker down to the prize above all others; the nectar that I know I could live off of for the rest of my days.  Her wet folds gently peel back and give me a view of utter pink perfection.  One soft kiss is all I can give before diving in like a starving man.  The gasps and moans increase in volume if I had cared to listen, lost as I was to my own need for more. 

Fingers find their way into my hair and pull me closer, even as those fantastic legs drape themselves over my shoulders.  I lap and suck, kiss and scrape my teeth across, drawing out everything she has to offer.  I can feel her muscles tense, even before I slip an errant finger inside.  Little spasms massaging me while her hands and legs strain and quiver against my hold.  Then I slowly bite down.

Her orgasm explodes under me as my mouth quickly drinks from the fruits of my labors.  Long, drawn out screams of pleasure echo throughout the room even as I continue my feasting, not allowing her a moment’s respite.  As she finally slumps down in defeat, I look up into those big blue eyes, bright with passion’s fever.  My smile greeting hers as I say, “Good morning, love.”

She looks over at the clock on her side of the bed and laughs.  The time is two minutes before she has to get up for the day.  Her face has that freshly fucked look on it and a smile that wars would be fought over.  Getting up onto her elbows, she huskily answers, “You have got to be the best alarm clock I have ever had.”

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Thank you all so very much for your amazing submissions! I loved them all! I'm sure everyone did ;) That's all for now lovelies!


  1. Thank you for this challenge...
    just the thing to get me back into the swing of writing!


    1. I am so happy you joined in. I love, love, LOVED your story! I'm having another call tomorrow but the submissions aren't due til the end of October (For my favorite holiday of course) I REALLY hope you'll consider, I think it'd be perfect one for you!! ;)

  2. I believe Aiden James is the female author (guessing), and its highly obvious how much experience she has by comparison to the others.

    The other authors, be they male or female, could use a couple rounds of editing.

    Sounds rude, but in the world of Indie and self-pub, it is rare to find well edited material.

    My hat's off to Aiden James for her clean and provocative writing style. I have one of her books on my kindle, I guess I'll have to read it now.


    1. Thanks for your input Travis! Always appreciate support for indies =)