Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cover Reveal and Synopsis for #CastlesBurning #ComingSoon #Erotica #thriller

Amber Carlson returns home on leave from the Navy following a horrific one man attack on her Naval base. She is hoping to spend the time relaxing and rekindling the romance she feels she’s lost with her childhood sweetheart, Aden Sloane. When the dark past of her best friend comes back to haunt them, Amber is once more caught in the middle of a gruesome attack. In her only defense, Amber slays the attacker and saves her own life, as well as those of her friends and her beloved Aden. But it’s too little too late as Amber’s fragile mind has already reached its breaking point and she is thrust into a world of delusion before the attack is even over. She believes Aden to be dead and her friends to be in the hospital. She believes that she’s been ordered aboard an Aircraft Carrier and is about to embark on her first deployment.

In her alternate reality Amber makes friends and forms bonds as dear and as existent to her as those in the real world. When she begins to recognize the loopholes and flaws in her carefully built world of delusion, the manifestations fight desperately to keep Amber locked in their clutches. They distract her with worlds of glittering gold and sexual pleasure the likes of which she has never known. But soon, Amber is unable to escape her grief for Aden any longer, and the mental tug of war between dreams and reality begins to make her physically ill.

Through these violent attacks of nausea and splitting headaches, glimpses of the truth and the dire situation she is truly in begin to seep into her dream world. Amber finally realizes the terrifying thought that the world she is living in may not be real after all. Of one thing Amber is sure, she must get out of here, she must get back to reality. But how does one escape a prison that is your mind… and your imagination, the security?


Castles Burning is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords for a discounted price!

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