Monday, March 11, 2013

My boyfriend has a #Food #Fetish

My Boyfriend has a Food Fetish

We sat on the sofa watching the food network, as was our usual Thursday night routine, me in just a little shirt and panties. We stared at the bright box before us while all of the other lights in the house were turned off, I let my hand roam to Jerome's thigh as I popped a slice of apple into my mouth, and chewed slowly. 

The chef on the television began to take her knife and press the flat side against the plate of cherry tomatoes she had, popping them like little water balloons. Jerome's cock was suddenly nudging against my pinky finger, and when I looked down, I noticed his growing erection as he was focused on my mouth. I paused, the green grape about an inch from my parted lips, before I smiled at him.

"What?" I asked with a laugh.

"Pop it in." He said with a handsome smile.

I looked at him in hesitation for a moment, and then popped the green grape into my mouth, the corners of my lips wobbling as I tried to keep my laughter at bay. 

"Keep your mouth open." Jerome said as he leaned his face in, close enough to look down into my open mouth as saliva began collecting under my tongue. He brought his hand to the back of my neck, at the base of my skull and held me close as he smiled down into my face. I still fought the urge to smile, not sure what he had in mind... was he going to eat the grape from my mouth?

Slowly, Jerome brought his free hand up my side, over my breast where he gently teased my nipple, and up to my jaw, still holding my head from behind, and balancing the tray of apples cheese and grapes on his knee. He slid his thumb along my lower lip, causing my heart to speed up... and then slowly pulled it down, revealing the entire bottom row of my teeth. Carefully, but with firm movement, Jerome pressed my jaw closed, and I watched his eyes glitter with delight as the now warm, gooey meat beneath the surface of the thin grape skin exploded under the pressure of my teeth, and shot into my cheeks.

Jerome tipped my head further back and kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and tasting the sour juices of the grape before sucking my tongue languidly. When he pulled away, he lifted his shirt from his head and leaned back against the sofa, staring at me playfully, glancing down at the plate and then back up to me. I tucked my fists under my chin in excitement and reached for another grape, but before I could place it in my mouth Jerome pointed to his chest.

I moved slowly though I was certain I knew what he wanted now... and placed the grape against his firm chest, I rolled the grape carefully along his skin under my palm, and then used the heel of my hand to crush the grape into his peck, I did the same with two more plump, juicy ones that sent sweet, sour juice trails down his taunt stomach. I watched transfixed as goose-flesh rose along his tan skin.

Using my tongue I began at the droplets that were collecting on the pubic hair that peeked above his jeans, and lapped at them while unbuttoning his jeans, and opening them wide. I slid my tongue along the juice trails, lapping them up slowly before repeating the process again. 

Jerome reached over to removed my camisole and panties, swiftly dipping his head to my pussy, and dragging his tongue along my folds. After a moment, he took a green grape and bit it in half, he placed the meat end against my clitoris, it was cold, but felt exquisite as he began to circle and rub the silky fruit against my clitoris until I came softly, slipping my fingers into his hair and quietly moaning his name.

He gazed up at me while fondling me with the fruit, sliding it up, leaving a sticky trail of fruit juice and my own arousal along my belly and up around my nipples, and finally held it at my lips, which were eagerly parted. He slipped the warm grape in and I rolled it along the back of my teeth, back and forth slowly, seductively until I crushed it slowly, letting the fluid run out along my teeth, and leak over my gums. Jerome closed his mouth over mine while sliding his hard cock inside of my aching pussy, and began to pound into me with sexy grunts of pleasure.

My pussy began to tighten and I slid my hand between our stomachs to rub my clit gently until I came around him again, spasming deliciously before I felt him twitching inside of me. This was a Thursday night cooking network night I would certainly never forget, and I was eager for the next!

Thanks for reading this naughty little story, I hope you liked it! What fetish would you like to see in a micro erotic story next?

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