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The Art of s/D #Excerpt by Ella Dominguez

Hello sexy, wonderful, awesome and KINKY readers. 

I'm super excited to welcome fellow erotica novelista Ella Dominguez. She is here to share excerpts from TWO of her erotic tales. 


The Art of Submission (The Art of D/s #1) Excerpt

“Did I give you permission to speak?”
Shit. Dylan’s voice is commanding and fierce. I shake my head no to his answer.
“I’m going to teach you a little lesson on self-control, Isa.” He says mischievously.
What the hell does that mean? Self-control? I’m afraid to ask.
“Until we get something more inspiring picked out, I want you to remember the safe words
are red and yellow. Yellow means slow down. Red means stop because things are too intense or
painful. Nod if you understand.”
So he did read the contract. I nod yes, fearful and excited of what comes next. Why is he
reminding me of safe words unless he plans on taking this too far? I feel him lift tail of my shirt
up and I feel the leather hit my ass and I jump from the sound. The slap is light and sends tingles
up my spine, then another and another, across my bottom and down my legs. Yes. I can get used
to this. It feels so damned good and naughty. Then I briefly feel fingers inside me. I want more
but he stops. When he walks around in front of me, he’s licking the fingers he just had in me. Oh
my God. Did he really just do that? I feel my face heat from embarrassment.
“Why are you embarrassed, Isa? You taste outstanding,” he says in a low, seductive voice.
What a naughty boy he is. Then he snaps the flogger on each of my breasts, the stinging
sensation almost overwhelming. I close my eyes and try to contain the pain, but Dylan orders me
to look at him.
“Look at me, Isa.”
I open my eyes and the vision of Dylan standing in front of me, naked with a huge hard on
with my name written all over it is too much for me to take. When he licks his lips it damn near
sends me over the edge.
“I want that tongue on me, Sir. Please…” I say whispered.
Dylan narrows his eyes at me and harshly tells me, “I told you not to speak unless given
He moves behind me and I feel the hard sharp snap of leather on my ass. It hurts enough to
make me scream out loud. I can’t believe he just did that. I can’t believe that I’m actually turned
I’m still trying to talk myself out of screaming out yellow to him when he walks back in
front of me, drops the flogger and starts to finger me. Yes. Thank you.
“Now you’re going to learn about self-control. I’m going to push you to the edge of an
orgasm, but I want you to hold it. I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to; until I give you
permission. Nod if you understand,” he tells me sweetly.
He doesn’t want me to cum? How am I supposed to control something like that? I can’t do
that. Not the way he makes me feel and the things he does to my body. I can’t.
He suddenly lifts my face to meet him.
“Nod that you understand,” he insists that I nod in agreement, though I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to comply with his cruel demand.

The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s #2) Excerpt

“Poor baby girl. Does your bottom hurt?” Dylan asks sweetly.
He leans down and kisses my cheek gently and then seals it with a lick.
“Do you want another?” he asks mischievously.
As much as it hurts, I do want another.
“Yes, Sir. May I have another?” I ask in my most convincing submissive tone. The look on Dylan’s face is priceless. I don’t think he really thought I would say yes. His eyes widen and then narrow.
“Why?” he asks.
“I can’t explain why. I just do. I want it to hurt for days. I want to be reminded of your delicious punishment every time I move,” I tell him as I look sideways at him.
His sky blue eyes dilate and his mouth twitches. The tip of his tongue pokes out briefly and licks his lips. He flips me over on to my back abruptly and grabs my face.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing to me?”
“Giving you what you want and loving you the only way I know how.”
He smiles at me and his eyes gloss over. His gaze is burning into my soul and I ache to have him again and again and again. I just want to crawl inside his heart and exist there forever.
“Hurt me Dylan. Hurt me good,” I whisper to him as his mouth covers mine. He sucks the words right out of me and inhales my essence. He picks me up and carries me into the dungeon.
He sets me down and I start to undress, but he instructs me to leave the leather costume on.
“I want you on the bench,” he says as he points towards it. I quickly move to it and take my place. The smell of new leather is exhilarating. Dylan pushes my hair to the side and kisses my cheek.
“I’ll make it hurt, love. Just the way you want it,” he breathes into my ear.
He lifts my skirt and I can still feel his cum on my pussy and running down my inner thigh. I press my thighs together and Dylan pushes them back apart gently. He moves to the rack with all the new whips and floggers. I can’t see what’s he picked out, but I hope it’s good. I hope it hurts like hell. I hope his punishment makes me cum like an oversexed whore.
“Are you ready, Isabel?” he asks.
I love the sound of his voice and the way he wields my full name like a weapon against me. “Yes, Sir, I’m ready.”
And then I feel it. The leather strikes my ass and I immediately shriek out. My ass is still tender and tears fill my eyes. I hide my face in the leather and grip the bench tightly. He brings the leather across my ass over and over again. His breathing is slow and deep in comparison to my ragged and quick breaths. I want to see the look on his face when he does this.
“Can I look at you, Sir?” I ask sniffing back sobs.
“Why?” he asks, sounding genuinely perplexed by my request.
“Because I want to see how beautiful you look when you punish me,” I answer in complete honesty.
“Yes, look at me.”
I sit up slowly, trying to ignore the pain in my bottom and turn around to face him. He’s standing with his feet apart, his hands at his side and his eyes are pitch black. He’s holding the whip in his left hand and I can see his erection pressing inside his pants. Dylan is motionless in front of me and I fall to my knees and hug his leg.
“I love you, Master,” I whisper.
He drops the whip to the floor with a thud and inhales sharply.
He pulls me up to my feet and carries me to the bed. I lay on my stomach and he pulls my panties off. He gets out the PānX cream and rubs a thick layer over my welted and sensitive bottom. I whimper from the pain but the soothing touch of his hand and the numbing effects of the cream begin to arouse me again. I need release. I can feel my aching need building up again and I want him. I push my pelvis into the bed. Dylan reads my thoughts and slips his fingers into me and fingers me gently. I pull my arms behind me and he grips my wrists as he leans down onto me and he pushes his fingers deeper into me. His movements become rapid and I push my ass up towards his hand, wanting more of him inside of me. He slides another finger into me and finds my engorged little friend.
“Cum for me, baby girl,”
His words and his probing fingers give me the release I seek. I push against his hand and let go of my tension, soaking the bedding below me. While I lay shaking on the bed, Dylan gets a towel to clean me up. The cream has dried now and my ass feels a little better. Dylan gets onto the bed with me, pulls me into his arms and we lay together, holding on to one another for what seems like forever. He runs his fingers through my hair and hums a song in my ear.
“What are you humming?” I ask.
“Was I humming?”
“Yes. Don’t stop. It sounds lovely.”

Thanks for sharing Ella! I LOVE this. Can't wait to read the series... keep an eye out for the third installment of her trilogy!

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Hope you enjoyed!

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