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Jennie's Joy Excerpt FREE #Romance #Erotica

Hello sexy readers! 

I'm very excited to welcome fellow erotica novelista Kate Britton today, who will be sharing a steamy excerpt from her story, Jennie's Joy. Also catch Taming Graeme which is  FREE today (March 15th)


Jennie's Joy by Kate Britton

There was an excellent quartet playing slow, romantic music.  Several couples were dancing.  Mick took Jennies hand, and led her onto the floor.  He held her very close to him, and kissed her hair.
“Do you know what I want to do to you, Jennie?” he whispered huskily in her ear.”
His hand slid down her back, pulling her closer to his bulge. “Can you feel what you’ve done to me, Jennie, darling?” he murmured.
“Oh yes, Mick, I can…”
“Well, Jennie, since you’ve got me so aroused, I think it only fair that you help me to look after this predicament, dont you?”
“Look after this predicament, Mick?”
“I think you’d better come home with me, for a nightcap, Jennie, dont you? Another bottle of Cristal, just for us?
“Just for us, Mick, just the two of us?” Jennie smiled up at him and wet her lips as she pressed closer to him.”
“Just for the two of us, Jennie. Shall I tell you what I’m going to do to you, Jennie?”
“Tell me what you’re going to do to me, Mick.” Jennie was getting hot and bothered. Very hot and bothered. His voice was so sexy, so…so intimate. His hand was on her bum now, pressing her closer to his hardness. Oh my…how very different to last weekend…. 
“First I’m going to undress you, and then Im going to get undressed myself. While you watch me, Jennie. Watch me take my clothes off and I watch you touching yourself, Jennie, while I get undressed…
“And then Im going to kiss you all over and taste you, Jennie. I’m looking forward to that, seeing what you taste like.”
“What I taste like…” Jennie said dreamily.  This was a dream come true…what she’d hoped for last weekend…what she’d not received.
“I hope you’re going to let me kiss you as well…kiss you all over…Mick…kiss your hardness…”
“Ah, Jennie, that’s the next thing that I’m going to do, baby. Let you kiss me all over, Jennie, let you kiss me, Jennie, kiss my cock, Jennie, as I taste your juices…”
Jennie sighed.  Mick looked down at her and smiled. That was a very happy sigh… this evening was going to be very, very good.
“And then, Jennie,” he continued, “then, I’m going to put you on top of me, and you are going to ride up and down my cock and drive me crazy while I suck your tits…. They’re such beautiful tits, I think, Jennie…”
Jennie sighed again. Mick’s lips brushed her hair.
“And then, Jennie, when youve come, Im going to lay you on your back, and thrust into you, hard and deep for a very long time, hard and deep, baby.
“And then, after Ive come, Im going to play with you, pleasure you with my fingers and my lips, until I’m hard for you again. It wont take very long, because you are so very sexy.
“Then, Jennie, Im going to do it all again…in a few other positions.  I plan to take you from behind, from the side. We may start to work our way through the Kama Sutra, baby, and then well sleep for a while, and when we wake up, well start again.” His voice was low, and husky.
Jennie gasped.  No man shed met had ever spoken to her like that, used words like that, in such a sexy voice, while his hand was stroking her buttocks on a dark dance floor and his cock was pressing into her, exciting her beyond belief.
“Have I shocked you with my bluntness, Jennie?”
“A little, Mick.”
“But you like it, don’t you, Jennie?  You like me telling you exactly what Im going to do to you…” He pressed her closer yet, his hand was burning through her dress.
“I like it, Mick…”
“And you like me holding you like this, don’t you Jennie?”
“I do, Mick….”
“I think we may be very good together, Jennie.  I like the way your little ass feels under my hand…”
“Ah…I like that too, Mick.  I like the way your hand feels on my … ass.”
Mick laughed.  “You were going to say bottom, weren’t you Jennie?”
“Yes, Mick, I was going to say bottom…”
“I like the way you’re bending to my way, Jennie.  I promise you, baby, you wont be sorry. Well have a wonderful night, Jennie, full of pleasure….Are you as ready for it as I am?  Are your panties dripping wet?”
 Jennie blushed. “Yes, they are, Mick.  How did you know?”
“I didn’t know, Jennie.  I only hoped.  But now I know, babe, I know we will have an outstanding time, outstanding. 
“I think you may like sex as much as I do, Jennie, if your panties are dripping wet.”
“I love sex, Mick. Sex with a man who knows how to please a woman and how to accept pleasure from me…I think giving pleasure should be mutual, don’t you, Mick?”
Mick’s eyes were burning with desire. This woman seemed to be made for him…he hoped she was what she seemed to be.
“I want you to do something for me, doll.  When we come off the dance floor, I want you to excuse yourself from the table, and go into the ladies’ room.  I want you to take your panties off, Jennie, so that I can touch you in the dark, in the car, on the way back to my house.”
 Jennie turned even redder, but she said, “I can do that, Mick.”
“Good girl, Jennie.  I like good girls.” Mick laughed suggestively.  “Well, Jennie, to be perfectly honest, what I really like are bad girls, with no inhibitions, who will do anything I ask them to in bed…but they’re good little bad girls, who do what I want them to.  Do you understand me, Jennie?”
Jennie laughed. “I think so, Mick.  I think you want me to be a…a wanton piece of ass…and not question you, just fulfill your fantasies.”

SWOON! I am so stoked to share this excerpt with you! I love romance and I love it even more when it's erotic! Find more on Kate,
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Hope you enjoyed, until next time!

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