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Sex on a Train with Louis Antonucci

Hey sexy readers!

No, I didn't really have sex with Louis Antonucci on a train! I am a very happily married woman... But, I did get to chat with him about train sex, and now, I get to share this sexy story with you!


Train Encounters

By Louis Antonucci
Copyright 2012

     I arrive at the train station and wait in line to purchase my ticket.  There is a sea of people around me and their faces are of depression and despair.   I have just arrived back from my stay abroad as a male model. 
     I finally have my ticket and board the train quickly.  Soon after that a beautiful lady sits across from me, in the four seat area that has a table top.  She does not smile, or even look at me.  I am in awe of her beauty.  She is Asian, with long brown hair and full lips that make you want to kiss her.  I close my eyes and try get some rest before I arrive to my destination.  The train starts to slowly pull away from the station, and we are on our way.
    As I am sitting there I feel the her leg lightly touch mine.  I move my leg over a bit to give her room.    Shortly after that her leg again touches mine.   I now realize this must be intentional and my heart starts to beat faster with excitement.  I cannot believe she is touching me in that way.  You can’t see what is going on since the table covers our legs.  I keep my eyes closed and act like I am still sleeping.  She then proceeds to wrap her leg more around mine and I can feel the warmth of her body.   She softy moans as she does this.  The sound is so soft I was not even sure if she really made a sound.  I start to wonder if she is really doing this, or if this just my imagination? 
    Suddenly I feel a very slight touch on my knee under the table; so subtle I am not even sure if she really touched me or not.   I want to open my eyes and talk to her, but for fear this might stop, I just keep them closed and sit in bliss.  This beautiful lady then proceeds to move her leg to the side and I can feel her straddle my leg and slide down slightly so my knee is right where it should be.  She then starts to move slightly back and forth on my knee.  She is so wet as she presses her sweet pussy on my knee.   My leg uncontrollably moves back and forth due to the train moving from side to side on the track. 
    We both still have our eyes closed or at least I know mine are.  I want her to think I am still sleeping even though she has to know I know what she is doing.   I sense she is really enjoying this torture session.  I cannot even act on my lust for this beautiful woman; she has me right where she wants me, stuck in her world. 
     She keeps the movement going and I feel her getting even wetter now.  I remember she had a nice dress on so perhaps she does not have any panties on.  Oh my God this is the hottest experience I have ever had! 
    Imagine this mystery women getting off on my knee and touching me.  No one on the train even knows this is going on.  There is a lot of white noise on this train so no one can hear her soft, pretty moans.
     Her area is now becoming so hot and so wet.  This is teasing her as much as it is teasing me.  This lady has me so excited.  I am not even sure if my pants can hold my member back since it is so hard and throbbing.  I start to push my knee more on her area and with more aggression.  I am lost in her world and lose sight that there are people still on this train.  We can't get enough of each other.  The constant struggle to keep silent is killing her, I can tell. 
     She does climax eventually and I can feel her area pulsating with orgasmic bliss.  Her entire body is twitching as her orgasm seems to last forever.  My pant leg is soaked now.  I finally move my knee away from her sweet pussy.  I was embarrassed at that point and kept my eyes closed.
     I did finally get the nerve to look at her and noticed she was gone. She must have slipped out of the seating area, never to be seen again.  This mysterious woman gave me a precious gift.  I shall remember her always. 

Oh how naughty!

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