Sunday, March 17, 2013

#Excerpt from my new #Erotic Short Story, Alice

Hello sexies!

I'd like to share an excerpt from my newest story with you! I am fast at work on the next part of this new series!


A Doxy Parcel Tale
Nicole Ryan

     Alice placed a second chocolate on her tongue, and quickly pulled the robe from the bottom shelf of the cabinet as the driver opened the door. He reached a hand in and Alice took it as she looked up into his stunningly handsome face. His brown eyes glittered as he looked over her legs as she rose from the limo, she wobbled a little as she stood, and felt a wave of heat wash over her senses. The driver leaned in behind her and took the blue satin ribbons from the seat, he placed one of her wrists over the other and tied the ribbon in a pretty, loose bow around them.
     "Close your eyes." He said, and she searched his eyes for a second, they seemed to glitter with flecks of gold, and as she let her lids close, she saw sparks of light crashing in the darkness of her mind.
The driver gently placed the ribbon over her eyes and tied it in a bow behind her head; she could only see her feet below her as he wrapped the robe around her shoulders and guided her across the thick pavement, up several concrete steps and into a warm, dimly lit foyer. Alice's heels clicked on the glossy marble floor as the driver lead her through the house, and into a room where he sat her on a bed that was so soft, she sank down into it. He gingerly placed her ankles beside her on the bed, and she heard him walk away from her as another wave of warmth washed through her veins, and straight to her groin.
     "I'll be back to retrieve you in four hours but I'll be waiting outside, you're not here alone." He said softly before he closed the door.
      Alice's heart was pounding in her ears, and she leaned her head back against the wall, it felt as if her head was drifting away from her body. Alice had no idea how much time had passed before she heard the knob on the door turning, and then it opened, a thick stream of yellow light poured over her knees, and the blue heels. Alice heard heavy footfalls approaching. The bed depressed beside her and she heard gentle laughter.
     "Don't be frightened dear, you're in for a big adventure." The rich voice said as she felt hands untying her wrists.
     When they were loose he grasped her small hands in his large, warm ones, sliding his thumbs across the backs of her hands.
     "May I speak?" She asked hesitantly.
     "Of course, and I am happy to hear that you've a sweet little voice, Queeny will like that." He said as he pulled gently on her hands and helped her to stand.
     "Queeny?" Alice asked as she was lead by her hand down a long passageway and into a quiet side room, their feet echoing as they walked.
     "Yes, she's looking forward to your visit, she loves when we have visitors, especially when it's time for tea." He said as he swung her arm around to stand her in front of him.

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Alice, the first of the Doxy Parcel tales! It's available on Amazon!

Until next time!

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