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All Male Erotica Authors

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I have a special treat for the ladies today, I'd like to welcome my friends Robert I, Robert Z, and J.D. who are here to share some testosterone oozing erotica!


Kat Attack
by Robert Zimmermann

I met Kat at the local bar, and after a few drinks and some dancing, the night got a bit wild. Next thing I knew, I was waking up to the smell of bacon. As I walked into the kitchen, I found cooking in nothing but my “Kiss My Cock” apron. It’d been a gag gift from a friend a few years back. It never looked as good on me as it did her. This is the type of woman to keep around. After I asked her to stay that day, she’s been here ever since. No matter how many times we fuck, she continues to surprise me.
With all the things she had introduced me to so far, it wasn’t until the last few days that things got really interesting. I showed up from work to find her fingers knuckle deep in our next-door neighbor’s pussy. Right there on my couch was a woman I’d been looking to get in my bed for years and Kat, who I barely knew, getting it on.
“Go sit down over there,” Kat ordered.
I sat down on the recliner on the other end of the living room still staring at this beautiful sight. Kat’s fingers were moving in and out of my neighbor, Sara, as the fingers of her other hand moved inside of herself. Moans escaped from both of their lips.
My hands undid the zipper of my jeans, sliding my cock out without shame. I jerked my fist up and down my shaft, finding pleasure in the scene across the room. That’s when Sarah’s eyes caught site of what I was doing and motioned to Kat. As they both stood and walked over, I took in just how lucky I was. Here were two of the most beautiful woman I could ask for, in my house, completely stripped and dripping wet. My hand pumped faster at their approach.
Before I could react further, Kat placed my hands on her hips and straddled my lap, sliding down on me, her slick opening showing no resistance. When I was fully inside her, the other woman crouched down behind Kat and began kneading her ass with gentle hands. I found it almost too much not to cum right at that moment. But I willed myself under control, and tightened my grip on Kat, pulling her down harder with each thrust.
Then I felt something pushing against my shaft from inside Kat. When I looked back at Sara, I realized that she had donned a strap-on and had unleashed her own passion into Kat’s ass. My cock thickened against the feel of her rubber member. Together we were tearing Kat wide open.
Kat bounced furiously on my dick, with her hands kneading her perky breasts. While her ass was pounded relentlessly from behind, Sara helped by rubbing Kat’s clit. In no time at all, we brought about a climax like none I’d given her before.
I loved every second of it. The feel of her tight, pulsing pussy around my cock. The feel of Sara’s artificial shaft separated by only a thin layer of skin inside of Kat. I released my own orgasm from its cage just as Kat was coming down from hers and we all collapsed in a pile on the chair.
I felt the strap-on slide out of Kat and their weight on top of shifted. Kat climbed off and Sara slide on to replace her, inserting my semi-erect cock, facing away. Kat knelt down in front of us, her hands spreading my legs wider under Sara’s thighs. She bent in, licking at the skin under my balls as she let a hand work Sara’s clit.
“You’re going to get hard again, and you’re going to fill Sara up just like you filled me,” Kat’s voice vibrated my sack making me rock hard again, “Good, you rose to the occasion. I hope you know the fun’s just begun.”

OH my Goodness! I love that story! Don't miss Robert's debut erotic story, Breakfast in bed.

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The Stranger
J.D. Grayson

     Smack!  A black-haired man spanked Kelly Lynn’s luscious ass.  His mysterious, dark eyes matched the ambiance in his candlelit bedroom.  He never offered his name, information, or intentions.  The only thing he surrendered was an address, arrival time, and desire to dominate.
   Holy shit!  I haven’t been spanked since I was five! The curvy, blond bombshell thought.  Kneeling on the stranger’s bed, Kelly was fully-nude, forming a humiliating doggie-style position.  Another blow struck her soft cheeks, as she trembled beneath his control.
   “Relax,” he told her, caressing the stinging flesh with large hands.  His gentle touch calmed her, allowing a release.  The moment she went limp, another hard smack was delivered.  She tightened back up.
   What the hell did you get yourself into...Kelly? She silently questioned herself.  Of course, that was a question to ask before answering the Craigslist ad.  Having flipped through the sex ads for fun, she often fantasized about doing something risky.  Though with a straight-laced husband at home, she’d always refrained.
   That’s when she came across the stranger's ad.  Are you tired of carrying the world on your shoulders?  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to relinquish control, leave your fate to another?  If so, step into my domain...and let me dominate you.
   With two kids at home, the 25 year-old woman was the perfect match.  She was tired of shouldering so much responsibility.  Frankly, she was tired of the bedroom monotony.  Throwing caution to the wind, Kelly quickly responded.  After hitting send, she asked herself, Are you fucking crazy?  This could be Jack the Ripper?  The panic frightened her.  However, the clear puddle in her white lace panties proved otherwise.  Drenched with taboo lust, her decision was made.
   Smack!  The dark-haired stranger spanked her harder.  That particular blow landed between her spread lips, leaving a twinge in its wake.  Seeing a faint trail of white rim her swollen slit, he knew it was time to move on.
   After being forcefully flipped over, her arm was yanked up to the headboard.  The dark stranger began binding her wrists with rope.  It was the first good gaze she got of his face.  Did he somehow get hotter than before? She wondered in her newly aroused state.  Kelly studied the stranger’s dark goatee, nipple piercings, and intense ora.  His cock bulged beneath leather pants.
   He continued tying her to the bed, imprisoning arms and legs.  She was stretched into an X-position, spread eagle.  Crawling on the mattress, he blindfolded her with red silk.  Stretching Kelly’s worn thong, he gagged her with it, tying it around her head.
   Rendered blind and mute, she felt his nails tickle her pale skin.  They slightly chafed her engorged nipples along the journey.  The stranger rimmed her moist vaginal lips, squeezing them together at her clitoris.  Love drops trickled downward like a ripe orange.  He encircled her puffed aureolas, teasing, not pleasing her most sensitive areas.
   The stranger rose, grabbing a lit candle.  Heat-vapors shrouded her body, making her heart beat with erotic fear.  He slowly spilled hot wax upon her breasts, as she bucked with delirious desire.  It was hot enough to hurt, though cool enough to titillate.
   Please don’t leave a mark for my husband to find! She thought.
   Feeling the sizzle upon her sensitive nipples, she broke into orgasm.  The more her body shook, the more the stranger spilled.  Her face tensed, displayed in such a personal way, only a lover would recognize it.
   Did I really just cum without being touched? Kelly wondered.  It was the first experience, but wouldn’t be the last.  Her body was primed, badly desiring more.  Though, everything suddenly stopped.
   The stranger stood up, blowing out the candle.  Waiting with bated breath, Kelly anticipated the next move.  To her shock, the room went completely black.  She heard footsteps exit the bedroom.  The door was closed.
   She wondered when he’d return to finish her, set her free.  The truth is, he wondered the same thing.

Oh I do love a good BDSM story!

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Honeymoon TreatsRobert India

My husband and I are as gay as two men could possibly be. Neither of us had ever given a second thought to fucking a woman, and yet unbelievably, there we were on holiday in Portugal doing just that.

You see, we live life by our rules. No boxes, and definitely no preconceptions. We do things our own way. I was surprised when Mr. R first suggested that we fuck a woman.

“I’ve never done it before”.
“How hard can it be? With all those holes, it should be easier, right”?
With those few words, our pact was signed. We both decided we wanted a sexy brunette with tattoos and a great set of titts. Mr. R loves disco titts, so there is no way he would accept a flat-chested girl. Me, I Love Mr. R’s tattoos, so she would definitely need some sexy ink. 

How difficult could it be to find said hot lady? Actually, not that hard at all. The gay beach has plenty of hot girls on it, no doubt taking in the hot, gay eye candy. 

Poor Mr. R had no idea how to approach our intended target, but me? It’s a cliché, but it’s true that power bottoms have incredible confidence. So I just told our target, Helen, we wanted to a take her back to our hotel and fuck her brains out. 

She looked us up and down, 2 hot, tanned and muscled, tattooed hunks with filled out tight trunks. Her wicked smile was all the answer that we needed.

Now, you have to remember that neither of us had been with a girl before, but girls must like what boys like, right? So there we were at the hotel room, all looking sexy in our bathing suits, and then it dawned on me. I’m going to have to fuck her. 

For a bottom, that’s a pretty nerve-wracking thought. Thankfully, Mr. R took the initiative and started kissing Helen. He damned well kissed her onto the bed. After about a minute, Mr. R stopped and we both looked at her. Poor girl, she was red from stubble rash and looking unimpressed. Ok, too hard. Must kiss gentler. 

My turn, I knew just what to do. Suck her off. Oh yeah. No, I can’t do that. 

“Go down on me boys”, she ordered us. Well, at least someone knew what should be going on. Helen threw her bikini knickers off and opened her legs. Yes. She has a vagina. Mr. R immediately spun her over and spat on her ass-hole. No one eats ass like Mr. R. He’s a consummate pro. I could see him work his tongue into her ass. 

Now, if it were me, I would want my mouth filled with cock, as I had my ass eaten out. So, that’s what she got. Hmmm, it’s not that she was bad at sucking cock, just that she didn’t have much suction. Still, I could see that she loved it, and as a bottom, I liked that. A tinge of jealousy hit me. Lucky bitch. 

A very lucky bitch, as Mr. R then slipped his cock into her ass. She bit me! Not very hard, but it was still a bite. How ungrateful. I don’t think I have ever bitten a cock. Never bite the hand that feeds you, or something like that. 

“It’s just like fucking a man’s ass”, Mr. R blurted out. Helen and I burst out laughing! “Just less hairy”. Mr. R has a way with words. 

“Let me have a go”! A wave of confidence had filled me. How hard can this topping business be? Mr. R and I swapped ends. Though I’m not as big as Mr. R, what I lack in sheer enormousness, I make up for in gay rhythm. 

Between the two of us, I think we had Helen on the verge of coming. She looked fairly happy, as most people do when being spit roasted. Just that my eye- liner does not run when I’m getting fucked.

It was at this stage that Helen pushed Mr. R out of her mouth and said, “One of you boys has to eat my pussy”. That brought my thrusting to an end, and there was an awkward silence. 

Mr. R gave it to her straight. “Honey, we’re gay”. Really! God loves a tryer!

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  1. Thanks for having me on the blog Nicole :) It was a fun story to write, and I'm happy to see more great male authors coming out of the woodwork. We seem to be a minority around these parts of the book world ;)

    1. I am tickled to be able to have you here! Thanks again! Yes, they are coming out of the woodwork, and I hope to see more!