Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trick, or Treat? #CastlesBurning Update, it's not a trick! #TuesdayTreat

Hello lovers!

So it's time for a recap of the last .... year. 

In September of 2013 I was contacted about Castles by an Editor for one of my favorite erotica publishers... after some back and forth email chatting, I submitted the final draft of Castles Burning to this major erotica publisher and it was accepted, but not formally. About a week after this, the person who contacted me was terminated from the publishing house, so I called and spoke directly to one of the BIG WIGS. She apologized for the mix up and encouraged me to send my manuscript directly to her. So I did. 

After a few weeks the manuscript was finally given to another editor, who held onto it for several months before sending it to the managing editor, who loved it and finally gave me another informal acceptance. She told me she loved it but had to tell me that she wasn't sure if Castles would get the attention she felt it deserved in with the publishing house but if I really wanted to go with them, she would accept it. I, however, had much confidence in this particular house and so I took her up on the acceptance. So it was again sent to someone else, after a few months of not hearing from this person I emailed her and the managing editor, trying to find out what was happening...Another couple of months went by before, FINALLY I got an acceptance letter. 

Now formally accepted with the promise of my very own editor to contact me shortly I saw the light at the end of a very long tunnel of waiting! As you can imagine I was beyond excited. All I needed to do now was wait the ten business days for my contract with this publisher to come in, sign it and get going on being published with a well known erotica publisher! Ten business days came and went, a month came and went, two months came and went with no contract. Several emails and inquiries, went unanswered. Finally, I sent an email directly to the BIG WIG I'd sent my manuscript to, asking what was going on. After all, I'd been accepted and now my contract was nowhere to be seen. My manuscript had been in hands of various persons of this publishing house for over a year. WHAT WAS GOING ON? Only to be told that as of several months ago, they were no longer accepting previously published work, even thought mine was previously published as three shorter stories with the same story line and not as one novel. 

So, after a year of my valuable time being wasted, I've decided NOT to waste yours any longer. I'm going to go ahead and publish the final, extended edition of Castles Burning myself. I will have it to you on Valentines Day 2015! I'll also be giving it a new look. Which cover do you like best?


Cover A
Cover B

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