Monday, October 21, 2013

Closing Call for Submissions, Update and a new little poem! #MondayBlog

Hello there my sexy friends!

It's Monday, there is coffee on the way, a word document open and I'm about to get to writing! But first I wanted to touch base with you all and give you an update.

First, I'm sorry I've been so scarce on facebook and twitter etc... I've been busy writing and editing some sexy new stories for you. I've also got some exciting things on the horizon that I can't share with you just yet (I don't want to jinx it!) but I am working super hard on so that I CAN share it with you all!

Second, I'm closing the Call for Submissions for my Halloween stories very soon! Don't forget to send them in the deadline (and day the post will go live) is the 28th! Make sure you send me your naughty haunted story and a sexy scary picture to go along with it! Include your twitter and blog links! I am really loving the stories I've gotten so far, they are so yumm!!!

That's all for now lovelies... talk with you soon!


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