Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beards. All I really want is #Beards. Call for Submissions! #ASMSG

An example of the Beautification by Beard Process

Hello naughty readers and writers!

Today, as I feel fall approaching, I am so excited because I know that beard season is coming back. Can I tell you how much I love beards?

The beard makes me crazy. When a man has a beard it's like a direct line to my uterus. When my D has a beard, I want to run my fingers through it for hours. 
When a man has a beard and goes down on you, it's an enlightening experience on the road to womanhood, if you've yet to experience it, you'll get your chance grasshopper. That tickle just goes everywhere. UGH.

I love them.

Observe the collection of delicious man meats above. You'll notice ONE specific similarity.

Every one of them get's hotter with The Beard.

I call this the Beautification by Beard process ;) 

Notice that as the length and texture of The Beard increase, so does the man's desirability

Studies have shown that women prefer men with facial hair because it makes them look more mature and masculine. In my opinion, they look more likely to toss me up against a wall before they kiss me hard!


So anyway, I am sending out a call...a cry... a plea for submissions from you sexy male writers. Remember last time we did an All Male Erotica Authors submission? The testosterone was oozing, and to date, it remains my highest viewed post. I guess Robert Zimmermann, JD Grayson and Robert India just got you ladies all fired up too!

Well, it's that time again. Time for some grizzly, manly, erotic man stories. But there is a catch, boys, I want there to be some romance in there, too.

Here's what I'm looking for:

Make it Hot.
Make it Rugged.
Make it Bearded.

Send Submissions to with subject: Bearded Man Submission.
Include: Story directly in email, not as attachment. Twitter and Website/Blog links along with a photo to go with your story, if you have one!

*Almost anything goes. Keep it clean, nothing illegal.*

Stories can be M/M or M/F... OR somewhere between! 

Submissions due September 4, 2013!

I can't wait for this one!


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