Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eroticism and Hostility #poetry

Eroticism and Hostility

How these two words define me
In the silence of my mind
The screams are long and steady

Horrors of yesterday
Ignite my fears
In my ears

The tears they stain and I'm afraid
Anger is overwhelming
Please take away this pain

I don't know how to deal
Someone help me
Someone help me heal

But oh here He comes
Oh, my Prince

How He knows
I don't understand
But there's no doubt in my mind
He'll tend to this

With a single kiss
His whip
Lashes out

Oh what solace I find now
My darling Prince
Yes... He knows how

He takes me fully
Completely His now

I serve
I am served
I love
I am loved

Eroticism and Hostility
These are the sides of me

Tucked away deep,
Where no one can see

No one but Him,
He who owns me.

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