Monday, May 6, 2013

What's better than Castle Burning Part One for free? #erotica #bdsm


So I started my garden this weekend! It's big, and bright, and smells like heaven. French Lavender was definitely a good choice! 

Enough babble. Let's get on to what is better than Castles Burning part one for free? Well, BOTH parts for free! yes that is right. You can go grab Part One and Part Two for free!

These are both around 40,000 words long. So this is a STEAL. That's right, I'm self promoting a steal lol now you know how much I love you! If you'd be so kind as to leave me a review, I'd love you even MORE.

Alright, alright. Obligatory Sexy Excerpts:

It had been a long time since I felt this pounding in my chest, the excitement fluttering in my tummy and anticipation coursing through my veins. Aden stood before me, bare chest and feet, his black jeans unbuttoned and hanging loosely from his hips, his black hair clashing with his steel blue eyes. Christie and Alex were on the couch, watching inconspicuously, to my relief. I couldn't take my eyes off Aden as he paced before me, running his fingers through the leather straps of his flogger. I licked my lips at the sight of him, and briefly wondered why he brought it; did he know we would be immediately drawn back to one another? I knew it would happen the moment I hung up the phone that night. I would have gladly begged for it if I had needed to, if he wanted me to.

“What’s your safe word?” He asked, circling the pool table like a predator circling his prey.

“Blue.” I said flatly.

Aden closed the distance between us with two long strides, and I smiled at him as he captured my jaw in his right hand, his left holding the flogger at his side. “What did you just say to me?”

“Blue. My safe word is Blue.” I repeated, raising my eyebrows at him, in mock innocence. I knew full well what he wanted, but I wanted to make an example for our viewers.

Quickly the flogger connected with the right side of my body, nipping my flesh. Reflexively, I brought my arm up to shield my breasts, and Aden yanked it away and put it in my lap, on top of my other hand. I stifled a grin that threatened to spread across my face, and looked down at my hands.

“How do you address me when you speak to me?” He asked, taking my jaw into his hand once more, and pulling my face up to his.

“Sir.” I said, looking at his succulent lips, I wanted to feel them on me, viciously, claiming me.

“And what is your safe word?” He asked.

“My safe word is Blue, Sir.” I almost whispered, my insides were tingling in anticipation; I adjusted my legs, and shifted on the pool table, fuck I wanted this so much.

“Good girl,” he said, as he slowly slid his hot tongue across my lower lip before biting it, and then shoving my face away from him, and resuming his prior distance from the pool table, leaving me to catch my breath. 

“Get down.” He commanded. I stepped down from the pool table and stood before him, hands at my sides. Aden stepped toward me and walked around me, trailing his finger along my hips, and across my stomach as he circled me.

“Do you want me?” He asked from behind me.

“Yes, Sir.” I swallowed hard, my body screaming to be touched.

“Are you ready?” His voice was low, I heard it again, the switch. It tingled down my spine, and it made my insides ache, I wanted to growl, to scream at him to fuck me, hard, and to do it now.

“Yes.” I whispered, nodding my head frantically.

“Get on your knees.” He instructed, still standing behind me.

I quickly dropped down to my knees, and positioned myself in what I knew he loved to see; knees together, back arched, sitting on my heels, my hands in my lap, eyes down.

“Turn around.” He told me, I did so quickly, eager to please him.“Crawl to me.”

“It used to be that women were not allowed on Navy vessels.” Chief began, pacing before Jessica and me. “Women were believed to bring bad luck to the men on board, and were usually tossed overboard as an offering to the Sea Gods, King Neptune in particular.” He smiled at us, turning on his heel and continuing.

“As sailors grew tired of being at sea for months on end without any fair maidens to… occupy them, they began to welcome women aboard again. After a time it was even said that to have a bare breasted woman leading a ship was a sign of strength, and a successful voyage. But, of course things would happen, and with the bad luck continuing, the women would be removed from the ship, and new women brought aboard in each port.”

Chief’s fingers trailed along the back of my neck as he passed me and came around to Jessica. “As time went on, experimental rituals were practiced, and tossed out, until a tradition came to be. With each crossing of the equator, both men and women aboard the ship must make an offering to King Neptune, to appease the lust of the Sea Gods and keep the rest of the crew safe.” He grinned down at Jessica, who smiled up at him, his fingers rested under her chin. “What are you prepared to do for King Neptune fair maiden?” He asked her.

“Anything, Highness.” She said, lowering her eyes in capitulation.

Chief turned his steely eyes to me, and slowly sauntered over to me, placing his fingers below my chin and tilting my head up to him.

“What about this dark, exotic beauty here,” He said, stroking my bottom lip with his thumb. “What would you do to appease the Sea Gods?”

“Anything Majesty.” I said, my breathing was picking up and I shifted anxiously on my heels.

“I believe you mean that, my Lady.” He said.

“I do.” I said, my eyes still cast down.

“Anything? That is a very broad answer, anything for men who have been at sea for months without tasting the fruits of women?” He asked, taking my hair down from the pony tail and letting it fall down over my shoulders.

“Yes.” I said; I closed my eyes and swallowed hard as Chief walked away from me.

“Let’s see.” He said taking his seat in the shadows again. “In old times, when a maid was to be cast overboard in sacrifice to the gods, she had a chance to escape her captors that would deliver her to her watery grave. Both of you stand.”

Jessica and I got to our feet, Cross, Harlow, Smith, Sawyer, Cravats, and DC1 Lewis stood in a half circle around us, and it suddenly dawned on me what was going to happen. My stomach tightened in realization, and was replaced with anticipation.

“Jessie, come and sit with me.” Chief said, when I looked at Jessica her eyes were wide and she looked almost frightened, she quickly joined Chief, who positioned her on his lap. “Watch.” He told her close to her ear, his charming smile making its appearance again.

My blood was thundering in my ears, I still kept my eyes on the ground, shifting my weight from one foot to the next, trying to remain agile and not freeze up in my eagerness.

“Whenever you are ready my Lady.” Chief said as he rested his mouth on Jessica’s exposed shoulder; I hadn’t noticed he’d taken her top off until now; she grinned at me, her eyes bright with delight. I took a deep breath and glanced around me, Cross was staring at me intently, his eyes carefully regarding me, and the others. Chief’s eyes were locked on mine, dancing blithely as if he knew exactly what I would do, he brought his lips to Jessica’s shoulder and closed his hand around her throat as he bit down, making her jump, and her nipple harden instantly.

“Now.” I said.

In a second the guys were all over me, hands grabbed at my waist, and my arms, and legs, pulling at me in the opposite direction of each one I tried to turn to. I raked a hand off of my left arm and broke free for a second before Cross seized both of my arms behind me and drug me down to the ground on top of him. He laughed as he locked his legs around mine, his hands pinning my arms behind my back against his front. Tyler reached down, the mask still over his face as he pulled the front of my shirt open, and then yanked at it until it tore down the middle. I bucked against Cross and freed my hands, I shoved his chest down as I ripped Tyler’s mask off of his face. He looked down at me playfully, while he still pawed at my clothing before he pulled me up to him by the middle of my bra and kissed me violently before tearing it off of me with a grunt, and tossing it to the floor.

Castles Burning Part Two

What are you waiting for?? Go grab them, quick! Happy reading!


  1. Thank you for Castles Burning part one and two. I love your books! I just hate that all the free ones are through I have a Nook Tablet and the only way I can read the books through Amazon is by downloading them to my computer. Then I have to sit at my computer and read which isn't good because I have neck/shoulder problems and can't sit for very long. Any chance these books are free through B&N or Smashwords?

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them!
    I am not set up with B&N or SW yet, but it is something I am working on! Amazon also has an app for smart phones and tablets that you can use to download on those =) I will definitely keep you posted on the SW and B&N status.

  3. Love them! Will there be a part 3?

    1. Thank you! Yes, part three is in the works now, stay tuned! =)

  4. Your writing is always HOT! These look like they are no exception. Damn if i wasn't a day late & a dollar short for the free ones, but I will definitely have to read these books.

    1. Aw darn! Well keep an eye out next week, I've got another freebie coming soon!! I love to share my stories for free with all of you to enjoy! =) Thank you for your sweet words, and support Billy!