Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Excerpt and #CoverReveal from Jennifer's Gift

Hello wonderful readers and friends!

I'm pretty excited to announce that Jennifer and Charles' story is continuing! I hadn't really thought about doing a second short story to go along with The Fantasy, but I really liked the characters. Jennifer and Charles just wouldn't let me sleep. So, I started to create the next part of their story for you, and I wanted to give you a little teaser from the new story, Jennifer's Gift!


When he returned this time his shirt was open and he was tugging off his tie, his biceps jumping slightly and making my pussy clench. He glanced at me as he removed his watch and placed it beside his sink on the double vanity. Slowly he walked over to me holding his hand out and I took it, stepping from the tub and standing in front of him. He crouched before me as he began to towel me dry, rubbing rough circles over my skin and making my body tingle. When he leaned up he captured my left nipple in his mouth, circling my breast with his hands before abruptly abandoning it and taking my other nipple between his teeth, pulling them over my sensitive flesh and making me jump.

“I love you so much, Jen.” He said quietly, looking up into my eyes as I curled my fingers into his hair.

“I love you more.” I said before sinking to my knees and opening his pants.

Charles sat back on his heels and slipped his fingers over my bun. I felt my hair tumble down over my damp shoulders as I took Charles’ thick head into my mouth, inhaling his musky scent, it was intoxicating. I massaged his head with my tongue gently as I worked over his shaft and balls, rolling them in my palms before sliding my hands up and giving his head a twist with my mouth. Charles gathered my hair up in his hands and watched me devour him inch by inch, struggling to take all of him into my throat.

I am finishing up the final edit on Jennifer's Gift today, and it will be available very soon! I hope you enjoyed this little teaser and if you've not read The Fantasy yet, you can find it here!

Til next time happy reading!

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