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Chapter Three
“Hey, we’ve landed.” Baldy’s voice pulled me out of my tormenting dream memories. My Tylenol PM hadn’t worn off yet and I was still quite groggy.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I muttered as I stood, rubbing my eyes and wearily gathered up my things. As I made my way to baggage claim a sense of relief washed over me. It was raining, I loved the smell of rain in Seattle. It welcomed me as I stepped outside to meet my best friend Christie. Her cute little green bug that she’d had since high school seemed to vibrate in excitement to see me too. I tossed my bags into the backseat.
“I missed you!” Christie cried as I climbed into the passenger seat.
“I missed you too.” I said as I hugged her.
Someone behind us honked and Christie stuck her middle finger out of the window.
“Fuck off asshole!” She cried, but pulled away from the curb quickly.
We chatted the whole way back to her grandmother’s who we were both renting the downstairs from. The house looked exactly as it had when I’d left. Antiques everywhere, but it wasn’t messy, or cluttered looking. It was elegant, classy, roaring twenties style. By the time we got back it was late, so we had sandwiches and visited with her grandmother for about a half hour before going to bed.
            That night I woke up in a bed next to Christie’s, her soft snores were even and comforting. I’d missed being close to her, she was like the sister I never had… and Erica…well she had been too. I turned to look at my best friend and wondered what it must have felt like to lose someone you’d known your whole life. I suddenly felt strange sleeping in Erica’s bed, but I turned over and counted the stars until I drifted back to sleep.
            The next morning I shuffled upstairs to join Christie in the red and white kitchen.
“Have you seen him yet?” Christie asked over her bowl of cereal.
She was wearing a beautiful green blouse that accentuated her bright orange tresses and matched her eyes.
“No.” I replied, annoyed because I knew she was going to ask. “You’ve been with me since I got back. You should know.”
“Why not? He’s been asking about you for over a month, you should at least go talk to him.”
“I don’t know if it’s a good idea. After the way we left off after I visited for Christmas, and Jarred… I don’t know if he really wants to talk to me.” I told her, but the truth was, I missed him tremendously and was nervous to face him after how we parted.
“Well it’s not like you guys were married. He broke it off anyway remember? He was the one that said he didn’t want the stress of a long distance relationship.” She offered.
“You don’t know him like I do Christie, he will be hurt because I didn’t wait for him. He only broke it off because he was mad and didn’t want me to go.” I said.
“Well you didn’t have any control. Besides, he will forgive you. He has missed you all this time. Plus, looks to me like you could use a visit from old blue eyes.” Christie laughed, pulling me a little bit out of my defense mode. “Look, all I know is he was pretty excited to hear you were going to be stationed here and that he could see you regularly again.” I felt my heart sink at the mention of the military.
“Yeah, pray for me that my chit get’s approved.” I told her.
“It will. You said yourself they’re making cut backs. Plus after your PTSD diagnosis from that shooting, it should be a done deal! They know you can’t be in anymore, they’ll let you go.” Christie smiled warmly at me as she placed her bowl in the sink and handed me a cup of coffee before leaving the room.
“Thanks.” I told her, but I wasn’t as confident as she was. Regardless of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I had been trained to handle a situation like that. I’d likely get to see a therapist to recover. But as I thought about returning to duty those dead eyes flashed in my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut, shaking away the image.
“Call him!” Christie yelled from downstairs.
“Okay, okay I will.” I told her.
He answered on the first ring.
“Hey, Aden, it’s Amber.”
“Oh my God, are you back?” His voice sounded excited and I cradled the phone a little tighter, longing to feel his arms around me.
“Yes.” My heart was already pounding.
“When can I see you?” I could hear his smile through the phone, relief washed over me.
“I’m off for the next two weeks and then I’ll have to check in to my new duty station, unless my request for discharge get’s approved.”
“I’m going to my parent’s cabin for the weekend. Do you and Christie and Alex want to join me? I want to talk, we really need to talk.” Alex had met my best friend Christie one night at a party, after I moved in with him and Aden for a few months before boot camp and the two were inseparable after that. Aden and Alex no longer lived together, but they were still close friends, which made for a great time whenever the four of us got together.
“I know we do. I would love to; let me get back to you with Christie and Alex’s answer.”
When I closed my flip phone I felt a small blossom of hope in my heart that the last couple months of silence hadn’t meant the end of me and Aden.
The car ride to Spectacle Lake was about three hours. We got so bored that we had a sunflower seed spitting contest and stopped for gas twice, before we decided to really stop and stretch our legs some place.
“Let’s get ice cream!” Christie cried in Alex’s ear. He covered it in mock pain and then laughed heartily before kissing her on her forehead. I loved seeing her so happy finally and I loved that it was Alex who made her this way. Christie had had a very rough time over the last few years, having lost her twin sister.
“I’m down.” I smiled at Aden, his eyes glittering in response, he pulled off on the exit and after driving a few miles down a dirt road, we came to an ice cream shop.
When we got out of the car I noticed a nice spot under a tree, walked over to it, stretching my legs and arms as I went. The view beside the tree was gorgeous; it looked down into a valley of farmland, cows and barns sprinkled across beautiful green fields. When I joined the others to go inside the large brown barn, Alex was finishing a cigarette, once he put it out we went inside, piled into a booth and placed our orders. Christie and I excused ourselves to the bathroom, while the boys stayed back chatting about the structure of the old building.
It was dark, yet so cheery. There was memorabilia from decades ago, stuffed black bears, deer heads and old fashioned signs advertising Pepsi and Camel cigarettes. When we opened the door, I wasn’t surprised to see there was only one toilet, but what was strange was the giant bathtub sitting in the corner.
“So? Have you talked yet?” Christie asked eagerly before the door was even closed.
“Well, not really. We’re waiting for alone time. I mean we chatted on the phone last night for an hour, but it wasn’t about anything real important. Just catching up.” I said.
“Well,” Christie said as she squatted over the toilet seat, “I am certainly excited to get to the cabin, is it nice?”
“I have no idea, I’ve never been before, but he’s talked about it for as long as I have known him.” I said, eyeing the tub again.
“So…. Will this end up like our camping trip before you left for boot?” She asked, her eyes gleaming wickedly. I grinned at her, remembering our adventures with the only other couple we knew who were almost as kinky as we were.
“God, I sure hope so.” I laughed. “I haven’t had a good fun night like that in a long time.”
As Christie washed her hands, I hovered over the toilet and glanced at the conspicuous tub again. As if reading my mind, Christie yanked open the shower curtain, biting her lip conspiratorially. I flew from the toilet and against the wall at the sight of a body in the tub. Christie shrieked.
By the time I registered that Christie had gone from hysterical cries of terror to shouts of laughter, Aden and Alex burst through the door. They looked from me, to Christie, to the tub, and then erupted in laughter too. When I imagined the sight of me with my skirt sideways and my panties around my knees, I started to laugh too. Taking a closer look I realized that it was not a body in the tub, but an odd mannequin that had been soaked in what looked like fake blood.
“Must be Halloween decorations, move out of the way I need to finish peeing!” I shouted at them still snickering.
They rushed out of the bathroom laughing and leaving me in peace; I finished up and washed my hands and face, staring in the mirror for a moment at my new reflection. Eight weeks in boot camp had done wonders for my body, I’d lost all of the baby chub from my face and I actually had definition to my abs and no jiggle…well, anywhere, I’d loved how I looked so much that I’d made sure to run at least two miles each day after work. I remembered that night that seemed so long ago when Aden was vehemently expressing how much he loved my curves. Turning to the side and assessing myself I decided I still had my curves, plenty of them. But my pudginess was gone and I liked it that way. Confident that Aden would still find me sexy I put on some lip gloss and said good bye to the weirdo mannequin and my inner voice that insisted I was wrong.
When I returned to the table our ice cream cones had arrived. I took mine from Aden as I slid into the booth beside him. He smiled at me and placed his arm around my shoulders.
“That was really odd.” I whispered, trying to avoid the employee over hearing.
“I know right?” Christie added.
“How much further of a drive do we have?” Alex asked Aden.
“Not long, I want to stop at the grocery store to get things for the weekend.” He replied.
We finished our Ice cream and continued on our little journey to Aden’s parent’s cabin. Which we discovered, was no cabin, but more like a lake house. It had a really nice kitchen, fully stocked once we unloaded all the groceries for the four day weekend. It was all white, beautifully and elegantly done with chrome fixtures and appliances, vaulted ceilings everywhere. Off the side of the Kitchen was a dining room, done in warm browns and burgundy. Separated only by the bar, and a pool table from the kitchen was a huge great room which had a stereo system, a giant T.V., a bar, and the pool table was in front of the sliding glass door that lead onto a large deck. There were four large bedrooms, split on the floor plan so that there were two rooms on each side of the house. There was a large bathroom on each side of the house as well, joined by doors from each bedroom.
Christie and Alex were in one of the rooms to the west of the house, unpacking. Aden was taking his things into a bedroom on the east side, the side the lake was on. I picked up my bag and followed him, pausing in front of his door he leaned a shoulder against the wall. As he smiled down at me his dimples flashed.
“Guess we’re not sharing a room, so I saved this one for ya.” He winked at me and turned, taking a left and entering the bedroom around the corner.
I walked into my room and almost dropped my bag in shock. The lower portion of the room was a lovely sitting area with a small bookshelf and a pretty white love seat, the entire room was done all in soft floral sponge colors, it reminded me of sunset. Delicate and tasteful curtains adorned the wall windows that were on the upper portion of the room where there was a king size feather bed, and an arch leading into a bathroom with a garden tub that had a full view of the lake and a walk in double shower. This was the master suite. Why didn’t he just take it for himself? Better yet, why didn’t he just share it with me? I shook my head in disbelief and smiled at his sweetness before taking the two steps into the upper portion of the room. I started unpacking my things and decided that Christie and Alex would probably be occupied for a while, and that a quick shower would refresh me after the long car ride.
When I finished unpacking I glanced at the clock and seeing that it was already almost eight opted for sweats and a tank to take into the bathroom. I turned on the four light switches and it lit up like Christmas, six big bulbs along the vanity double sink mirror, a light in the walk in shower and two above the garden tub, with four more embedded into the main ceiling of the bathroom. Switching off the middle light switches turned off the lights above the tub and in the main ceiling and I decided that was perfect.
When I stepped into the shower I was immediately in heaven. After all this time in boot camp and A-school, and using communal showers and only having five minutes of alone time at best, this shower was exactly what I’d yearned for. I quickly shampooed and shaved, then just stood under the hot water and took a moment to enjoy the peace. When I got out of the shower I felt rejuvenated beyond expectation, I quickly put on some lotion and got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth and made my way out to the great room.
Christie and Alex were snuggled up on the green couch, each holding a Mojito, and Aden was in the kitchen pouring two more. I smiled at him when he grinned at me over the half wall, I tip toed exaggeratedly over to it and took a seat at one of the bar stools. Bouncing and clapping my hands in inflated glee for my drink.
“Excited?” He asked, handing me my glass and grinning at me.
“Mmmm! Very excited! Thank you.” I leaned over the bar and planted a quick kiss on his cheek and made my way to the stereo system.
Flipping through the collection of CDs I realized there must have been thousands here. All in alphabetical order, I came across an Annie Lennox CD, I remembered my mom listening to her a lot and looked for a song I always thought was sexy, it was a remake of my favorite Neil Young song. Don’t let it Bring You Down, normally I despised remakes, but Annie Lennox did it so well. I saw it listed as song number two on the back, put in the CD and turned it up a little, drinking a couple gulps of my drink. Christie and Alex were watching me, I giggled as the cheerful tunes of Walking on Broken Glass poured out of the speakers, and I began to twirl around the pool table, my straw in my mouth. I grabbed Aden’s dad’s fishing hat from the hat stand by the door and plopped it on my head, tip toe dancing around Aden as he crossed to join Christie and Alex on the sofa. He smiled warmly at me.
“Oh goodness Aden get a couple drinks in her and you don’t need to hire entertainment.” Christie giggled with her head against Alex’s Shoulder, grinning up at me. She was definitely tipsier than I was; they probably started drinking as I got in the shower.
I laughed at her and took the hat off, putting it back on the hat stand as the song finished up and I finished the last sip of my drink. Aden scooped it up and took it to the kitchen for a fill as my song came on, slow sexy music encircling me, I closed my eyes to absorb it and Christie came over to join me in my drunken swaying. Giggling she nudged me and winked before going back to cuddle up with Alex, who caressed her face before kissing her softly on her lips, giving me little butterflies in my stomach. How long it had been since I felt eyes looking at me that way… it seemed like an eternity. Jarred had never looked at me with love in his eyes, no one ever had, no one but Aden, and here I was with him. We still needed to talk, but I didn’t want to ruin this perfect evening. Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn came gracefully and almost ironically in perfect timing on the five disc changers auto shuffle. Aden handed me my drink and put his hand on my waist as he stared into my eyes, capturing me.
“Wanna go outside?” He asked.
I nodded and he took my hand into his to lead me out onto the patio. It was cold out, the stars were shining clear in the sky. As soon as the door closed Aden’s heated gaze locked with mine, I thought he might be upset with me for a minute, before I was grabbed and firmly, passionately kissed. Aden’s hands gripped my arms at first, but loosened, and made their way to my lower back, pressing me against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his kisses.
“Do you have any idea how much I’ve missed you?” He asked me as he released me.
“Yes.” I felt tears coming into my eyes.
“What is it?” He asked.
“I missed you too, and I thought you’d be mad at me.” I laughed at the stupid statement, but it was how I felt, and he needed to know the truth. Better to tell him right away. “I met someone while I was in Chicago. I slept with him.” I watched Aden’s reaction carefully.
“How long?” He asked.
“Just a few months, some dates.”
Aden nodded at me, “Well, we weren’t together. I’ve no place to be upset. But, what about now?”
“I don’t want anyone but you.” I whispered.
Taking my glass and setting it on the table Aden swept me into his arms and kissed me again, the tears spilled over my lids as I closed my eyes and let out a sigh of relief, all my fears wiped clean. When we went into the great room Alex and Christie were already in their room, shouts of laughter echoing off the walls. I looked at Aden and the need was very clear in his eyes, feeling my pulse quicken between my legs I followed him hurriedly to the master suite.
Aden closed the door behind him, and put his iPod on as he stripped off his shirt and pants, then crossed the room to the bed. He crawled up beside me and kissed me while he quickly did away with my clothes, grasped my shoulders and turned me around as if I weighed nothing. I grabbed the pillow and nuzzled my face into it as Aden covered me from behind, his teeth grazing the back of my neck, my insides throbbing in response, knowing that only he could give me what I craved.
Aden’s lips moved to my ear “I missed you so much, little one.”
Overwhelmed with desire and satisfaction at the same time, I closed my eyes while Aden’s hand caressed my bare bottom and I groaned in response, lifting off the bed, offering it up to him. He began rubbing the backs of my thighs with his fingers, scratching my skin softly as he brought them back up to the bottom of my ass, and squeezed hard. I groaned and turned my face to look at him, begging him with my eyes, grinding my hips against the mattress below me as I bit my lip.
“Tell me, baby.” Aden said, sliding his hand up and down my body, watching my reactions carefully.
I was practically salivating now, as his hands trailed hot paths across my cool skin, rubbing, caressing, squeezing, and scratching my soft flesh, then coming around to grip my hips, massaging me until I was excited beyond belief.
“Please, Aden.” I moaned.
“Tell me little one, tell me you want what I’ve missed for so long.” He said and brought his teeth to my shoulder, nipping at my skin.
I grabbed his hand and put it back on my ass, pressed his hand down, “Please Aden, I need you to.”
“Tell me baby, need me to what?” He asked grabbing my ass and squeezing it hard, he twisted his other hand into my hair and gently lifted my head up, I let out a moan in response, it’d been so long since I’d been loved by Aden, oh how I craved it.
I slowly got onto my knees on the bed in front of him and glanced at him over my shoulder, leg’s spread before him. He was staring at me, with pride and longing in his eyes. I placed my face down on the bed, leaving my bottom up in the air and with my left hand I rubbed my ass, still looking into his eyes.
“I want you to touch me here.” I told him grinning and pulling my lip through my teeth. His eyes darkened as he watched me move my hand along my skin, caressing my already moistened folds.
“Touch you here?” He asked, resting his palm on my ass as his eyes grew darker and watched my fingers toying with my clit.
I nodded.
“Can’t hear you, sweetie. Tell me what you want.” He told me as he placed a kiss on my left cheek before biting it. I cried out a little, I wanted it so bad.
“I want you to spank me, make my skin nice and pink.” I told him, wrinkling my nose playfully at him. “Take it easy because it’s been a while.”
Smiling, Aden sat on the bed next to me and took my hand into his. He lead me over to him, until I was leaning across his lap, on my hands and knees. He placed his hand between my shoulders and I lowered at his touch, until my forehead rested on my arms. Puscifer’s Horizons came on the Ipod dock, and I closed my eyes in anticipation of the satisfaction that was promised in his eyes. My skin crawled with the yearning.
Aden took each of my wrists gingerly into his big hands and stretched them out before my head; I felt the pillows at my fingertips, traced the seam with my nails. He laid my left wrist over my right and his palm caressed the length of my arms before his fingers reached the back of my neck, danced down my spine, each vertebrae charging with electricity at his touch.
I exhaled deeply as he swirled his palm on the skin of my left butt cheek, caressing it, squeezing, and then circling rhythmically. Trailing his fingers between my legs and tracing them along my labia he brought me almost to orgasm before swiftly popping my behind with his open palm. The sharp landing rippled through my nerves, making me tingle all over, crawling up my skin, blossoming along the back of my neck and making my scalp prickle. Then he landed another pop to my right cheek before swirling and kneading my skin, again releasing the wonderful endorphins into my system, my eyes began to feel heavy with ecstasy.
“Were you a good girl while you were away baby?” Aden asked, pulling my hair gently from over my shoulder and planting a soft kiss on my neck, and I finally caught the shift in his voice.
This is the man whom only I know behind closed doors. The man only I can satisfy fully, the only man who can satisfy me fully.
He trailed his fingers with a feather light touch down my spine, and kissed my tailbone; caressing me again before landing two more hard pops on my ass, making me groan and arch my back, my toes curling.
“Answer me sweet heart. Were you a good girl?” He purred into my ear, between gritted teeth, sending goose bumps down my breasts, as he lifted my head from the bed with his fingers laced in my hair. Tingles danced across my nipples as they shifted slightly against his coarse leg hairs from the movement.
“No.” I breathed, barely audible.
“No? What should we do about that?” He sighed, nipping at my ear, licking it softly.
“Whatever you want.” I was practically panting.
With that said he grinned down at me and obliged, popping my bottom in a circular motion, starting on the top of my left cheek, then right. He pulled his fingers along my skin before popping the lower left portion of my bottom, and then the lower right. Only when my skin began to throb did I begin to feel whole again, normal again, my hands gripped the blanket, my hips grinding against Aden’s thick thigh muscles.
As if reading my mind perfectly, Aden slid me off his lap and started to massage my bottom, pink and heated from the contact of his palms. He planted a soft kiss on each buttock before his hands began caressing my calves and squeezing the flesh all the way up my body to my shoulders, where he gently turned me to face him, settling between my legs.
Cerulean eyes met mine and instantly I felt the magnetic pull, the need to have him fill me again, as I realized I missed him more than I even knew. Aden dipped his head to kiss me, first my lips, then my jaw and neck, resting his head on my chest for a moment before his warm lips found my nipple. I watched as he slid his cool tongue across one, and then the other, his eyes never leaving mine, challenging me to move. It was like staring into the eyes of a cobra; held, mesmerized by the beauty and danger and the uncertainty of which side you might be charming.
When I felt his cock pressing against me, my legs were nearly convulsing with longing and as he pressed forward, stretching me, filling me deliciously I knew this was what I had been longing for, for so long. As Aden began to move lithely inside of me I felt the panic and anxiety melting and draining from every fiber of my body, as each thrust ignited vibrations of pleasure. I slid my hands up Aden’s arms, to feel each ripple of his muscles, and then took his face into my hands, I marveled at how beautiful he was.
Aden’s hand came up to take the back of my neck into his hand, lifting me gently, with his other arm around my waist, and pulled me on top of him. I was now straddling him on the bed, sitting on his lap this way his face was just a bit below me, but very close. I could feel his hot breath hitting my throat, it sent chills down my breasts and I closed my eyes to revel in the sensation of his fullness this way.
“Look at me. Don’t think about anything but me. Understand?” He ordered.
“Yes what, baby?” He purred against my neck.
“Yes, Aden.” I whispered as I twisted my fingers into his thick, curly black hair.
“Good girl, I missed you so much. I don’t want you to ever be that far away from me again.”
“I won’t. I promise, never.” I was really panting now, my eyes slid shut again.
“Look at me.” Aden said as he took my jaw into his hand gently. “I want you to sit down on me all the way; I want to be all the way inside you.” His hand slid between my shoulders to press my breasts fully against his throat as he lifted his hips to press deeper inside me.
Opening my eyes I let my knees which were on each side of his waist, slide open more, lowering myself an inch or two, I could hardly stand him after all this time.
“Feel that baby?” He asked.
I nodded, I felt his need to have complete possession of me and it excited me, made me feel special, important. He was so big, so strong, he was my strong shelter and I his baby girl.
“I like watching the reaction in your big brown eyes when you take all of me.” He said, wiping stray hair away from my eyes. Nodding in response, not trusting myself to speak I lowered myself to the hilt, dragging my eyelids closed as my eyes rolled back in my head. “I love when you bite your lip. Look at me baby, open your eyes. Please.” He said, his hands were pulling at me madly.
Deliberately opening my eyes for just a second and then closing them again, I wondered if my old tricks would still do the trick. I found myself wondering who he had been with these last two years. I didn’t want to think about the fact that Aden had likely slept with someone else, as I had, and I tried to push the thought away. My heart began thundering in my ears when he stopped moving under me and lifted me off of him. I sat back on my elbows and looked at him playfully.
“Are you pushing my buttons little one?” Aden asked slowly, a lopsided grin spreading across his face. I nodded, licking my lips.
“Get on the floor.” He said, shifting his weight on the bed, and standing before me. I slowly slid from the bed, down to the thick carpeted floor.
“Good girl, on your knees.” He ordered as he took some of my hair and let it fall through his fingers.
Fuck….yes. I did as instructed and waited impatiently for the familiar scenario. Aden’s hand came to rest on top of my head.
“Look at me baby; open your mouth for me.” He said, slowly stroking his erection. I looked up at him demurely through my full lashes, smiling inwardly at the gleam in his eyes as they danced and twinkled like only I had ever seen them do… maybe. Pushing the thought back I closed my eyes as Aden slid deep into my throat, like I had done so many times before, sucking from his base to his tip before opening my eyes again to meet his, seeking his approval, which I found displayed before me in his astonishing features. I didn’t realize I was digging my fingers into the tops of my thighs until Aden instructed me to put my hands behind my back.
“Stand up baby, lean over the bed.” It was a perfect height for my hips to comfortably rest over the side, and take Aden from behind. “Are you ready?” He asked, licking his fingertips and dragging them along my folds, which were already wet with my excitement. “You taste good.”
He ginned wolfishly at me before sliding the tip of his cock along my lips, silky with longing for him, up and down the length of me torturously, before finally sinking into me. Waves of satisfaction began to ripple through me once again and when he started to move I felt drunk with lust, if not the alcohol.
“How’s that baby?” Aden asked as he slowed his movement to a near agonizing pace. “Does this feel good?”
“Yes.” I sighed, sinking further into the soft bedding, nuzzling my face on the soft flannel, while gripping it with my fingers. Aden brought his hands to my hips and lifted me slightly and rested his thick fingers against my clitoris, before picking up tempo, and adding pressure to each thrust. The friction of the force behind him combined with the pressure of his fingers sent me quickly over the edge, sweet warm honey running down my thighs as he found his own blissful release.
I fell asleep in a haze of contentment. I was, once again, His.

Chapter Four

Christie’s screams woke me up and I looked at the clock, it was almost ten in the morning. I scrambled into my sweats and tank top, and as I was running out of the room I nearly collided with Aden. I wondered briefly why he wasn’t still in bed with me, before the screams peeled out at the other side of the house again.
“Christie?” I cried out, as Aden and I entered the great room, Alex came in from the patio with a nearly finished cigarette and leapt over the couch toward their bedroom with a puzzled look on his face. After throwing the door open, I did a quick scan of the room before we found Christie huddled in a corner screaming, blood all over her hands. She was holding her stomach, and rocking back and forth as she stared at the blood, shaking her head.
“No…” I whispered as I rushed to the bathroom to get a towel, “Christie why did you do this again?” I demanded from the bathroom.
When I returned with the towel, I saw Aden, staring puzzled at Alex, who was slumped in a chair and had covered his face with his hands. I lifted Christie’s arms which were wrapped around her abdomen, to inspect the damage. I wrapped the towel around her left arm, which luckily had only one long thin cut; the bleeding had already begun to slow.
“What were you thinking?” I demanded.
“I’m sorry Amber, I’m sorry.” Christie sobbed before crumpling into my lap.
“What the fuck is going on?” I asked Alex, who pulled his face down with his hands and pinched his eyes before motioning with his head to go out of the room. A quick inspection of Christie left me confident that the bleeding had stopped, and I peeled some of the towel away to be sure. The cut was much thinner than I originally thought, it was hardly bleeding now. Maybe she’d done it with a needle. Covering it again just to be on the safe side I kissed Christie’s cheek before standing and following the boys out of the room.
Aden and Alex were already outside, I watched them through the glass for a moment, Alex was smoking a cigarette and Aden was listening intently as Alex told him something. I stepped out onto the deck and went to sit in one of the chairs, the soreness on my bottom suddenly made an appearance as I sat, it was worse than expected so I decided to lean against the table instead. I caught a chuckle from Aden as I did so; I winked at him before crossing my arms over my breasts and looking back at Alex.
“Give me one of those cigarettes.” I said to Alex, holding my hand out toward him, he handed me the one he’d just lit before lighting another for himself and taking a deep drag. He scratched his head as he released the smoke and stared out toward the lake.
“Her mother called about a month ago.” He said, taking another drag from his cigarette, he held it pinched in his cupped hand, like someone straight out of the do-wop era. “They released him.”
“You have got to be kidding me.” I expected my jaw to hit the floor.
“This last month has been really hard for her, I’ve stayed at your guys place countless times when her grandmother was out, and even sometimes when she’s home. Christie doesn’t feel safe, she doesn’t even sleep.”
“I can’t believe this! How is this even possible, why would they let him out?” I demanded.
“I don’t know.” He shook his head and slowly released a swirl of smoke, it slid out of his nostrils as he stared out at the lake, something I couldn’t put my finger on lingered in his eyes. He looked almost hurt, or maybe fearful.
“What do they expect Christie to do?” I asked softly.
Alex shook his head in confusion. “I don’t know, none of us know anything. Except that he is out.”
            “This is such bull shit!” I cried, flicking the ash from my cigarette violently.
            “They never found him guilty of the murder. They don’t have any reason to believe that Christie is in any kind of danger.” Aden offered.
Almost three years ago Christie’s fraternal twin, who had pretty brown hair and brown eyes, had been viciously attacked while jogging. Her head had been bashed against the concrete so hard that she’d been pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived.
After taking one more drag off my cigarette and then putting it out, I made my way back into the house to start some coffee. The boys stayed outside behind me, but I needed some space to think about all of this. The day was cold and proving to be cloudy, the air smelled of rain and I wondered what we could do all day when fishing was obviously not going to be much fun.
Christie made her way from the bedroom to the kitchen and I handed her a coffee cup as she shuffled to a bar stool. I looked through the cabinets and fridge at the things we’d brought along. Making a quick assessment, I decided to put out some meat to defrost, and soak some beans to make burritos for the night. We could send the boys off to town to get some ice and make margaritas and have chips and salsa. These were all Christie’s favorite things, and I knew she would be cheered up by the evening’s festivities.
As the boys came in from the patio I filled Christie’s cup with more coffee and poured my own, “Hey will you guys go to town and get some ice? I want to make margaritas tonight.”
“Yeah we can go now if you want.” Alex said, noticeably less shaken. Christie didn’t meet his gaze, though I could see he longed for it, he stared at her intently as she nursed her coffee. After a moment he swallowed, and I watched as his jaw clench as he ripped his coat from the stand beside the door and dashed out.
“Sure. Drive safe looks like rain.” I said my eyes on the door. “Is he okay?” I asked quietly.
“He will be. I love you.” Aden said as he planted a kiss on my temple before heading out the door.
Christie sipped her coffee and gazed at me over her cup.
“He didn’t sleep with me last night.” I said finally, after the door closed softly behind them.
“Sure sounded like he did.” She quipped with a wink. I was glad to see her out of her funk, I snapped her with the dish towel before hanging it back up and putting in a bagel to toast.
“We had sex, and went to bed together, but this morning, he was in his room.”
“Weird.” Christie said simply before sipping her hot coffee.
“Weird? That’s it? That’s all you can offer?”
“Well what do you want to know? I know you’ve got something else on your mind, I can tell. Stop beating around the bush and ask.” She said plainly.
“Did he have a girlfriend while I was in Chicago?” I looked at the toaster while I waited for her answer.
“No, not that I know of, there were some rumors about him and a girl he was in school with, but she moved back to California after they got their certificates. Why?”
“He’s different, sort of. I just keep wondering who he dated while we were on a break.”
“You’ve been gone for two years Amber. You barely called anyone or even let us know you were alive until a month before you came back. Aside from a couple visits.”
“I know, but it was hard being there alone, not having any friends or family and when I called you guys it just depressed me, so I just surrounded myself with friends who were there.”
“And boys.” She grinned.
“Ugh. Don’t remind me.”
“Oh it couldn’t have been that bad. You let him into your flower after all.” Christie teased in her most innocent voice, fluttering her eye lashes.
“Ha! Only because I was lonely and needed a distraction.”
Christie erupted in genuine laughter and I immediately felt the tension melt from the room. “You know what? Alex walked in on Aden in the bathroom one time shortly after they started to room together, and he told me he had no idea God was so cruel to him until that moment.” She said as she pointed to her groin with her finger.
Laughing at the image of poor Alex walking in on Aden, I put a bowl of fresh strawberries on the table and grabbed a container of yogurt from the fridge, and two spoons from the drawer.
“Want to share?” I asked Christie.
“Sure, I’m starving. I’m serious though Amber, I don’t know how you can handle that. The big ones hurt!”
“I know.” I replied with a wink.
“You are so crazy.” She laughed.
“I love it, what can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.” I shrugged and winked.
“That you are.” She laughed.
“So what’s new with you and Alex, are things getting serious?” I asked as I scooped a strawberry through the yogurt.
“I think so. We went and looked at engagement rings a couple months ago, so I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for him to ask, but he hasn’t. Maybe when my disorder came back it frightened him off.” I put my hand over hers.
“You and Alex have been together for over two and a half years, he knows your disorder inside and out and it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference in his love for you, you know that.” She nodded and smiled through her tears at me, her pretty green eyes shimmering with hope and excitement.
“I know I can get it under control again Amber, this is only the second time since… well, since I got the call.”
“Good. I’m so proud of you!”
“I promise I want to stop.”
I nodded at her and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.
We finished up our breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen and great room while the boys were in town. When they came back through the door, they were singing idiotically and presented us with flowers and chocolate.
The boys and I spent the rest of the day talking about the situation and reassuring Christie that I would be living with her and her grandmother now, this seemed to make her more comfortable with the idea of going back home, but obviously didn’t remove her fear.
Later that night, after dinner, we settled in the great room to relax and have drinks while the rain came in a downpour. Christie’s arm looked excellent and I was confident now that she had not cut herself very deep at all, she sat down next to me on the couch and I kissed her freckle sprinkled arm before entwining our fingers.
“Feeling better?” I asked her as Alex handed me a margarita, Aden put on the stereo system and came to sit next to me.
“Yes, much better.” She said as she watched Aden sit behind me and curl me into his arms. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered.
“Shhh.” I kissed the side of her mouth softly. When I leaned away her eyes were closed still, and when they opened their dazzling green made her pretty red hair seem like fire framing her face. “I missed you while I was gone too.” I told her.
“Me too,” tears gathered in her eyes, Alex began to rub her back.
“It’s ok baby, we’re all here. Nothing bad is going to happen.” Alex crooned to her. “Let’s take more shots and have some fun tonight, yeah?”
“Why Alex if I didn’t know you better I’d think you were proposing a repeat of the last time we spent a weekend just the four of us.” I said.
“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do Amber.” He said with a wink. Christie giggled before jabbing Alex in the ribs.
“You wouldn’t have to get me to take shots to repeat that night. But hey, maybe we ought to ask Amber if she’s still ok with doing that sort of thing with us. Remember she’s a Navy lady now.” Christie giggled.
“Shit hopefully not for much longer, and please, you know I’m always up for fun with you guys.”
Alex jumped up off the couch to turn the music up, “well then, let the games begin ladies.”
Aden grinned at Alex, “What should it be this time?”
“I don’t really know.” Alex said.
“Oh, please, we don’t need a drinking game.” I told them, rolling my eyes. “We need a code word.”
“Banana!” Christie said over her margarita with her hand cupped around her mouth, making her voice sound different.
“Sounds good to me.” I concurred.
“I knew there was a reason I missed you Amber.” Alex said playfully to me.
“Oh I feel so loved you guys. So loved.” We all erupted in laughter and finished our margaritas before pouring more.
Thunder rolled outside, vibrating the windows and floor boards. A crack of lightning sent the lights flickering, silencing us all for a second.
“Do you think we’ll lose power?” I asked, my voice now serious.
“Probably not,” Aden said “I mean, we could, if this keeps up for a while and the wind get’s stronger. But it’s not likely.”
“Well, that’s very reassuring.” Christie muttered.
“Let’s take a freaking shot!” Alex cried, “Before the power goes out.”
“Amber, come take a bath with me.” Christie offered, holding her hand to me. “The boys can have their drinking game.”
“Oh yes I’d love that.” I replied. “The tub is huge.”
“No one will take a shot with me?” Alex asked, a fake pout on his lips.
“I will.” Aden said, “I need a beer anyway.” He smiled.
Christie and I practically ran to the master suite, and into the bathroom to fill the big garden tub. Beside the tub, in a small cabinet that held towels and bath oils, I found candles and matches and set them up around the room as Alex and Aden joined us in the bathroom, but kept their distance from the tub, to give us some privacy.
Christie came over to me and lifted my hands above my head, she was taller than me only by an inch or so, but I never noticed it except when we were standing so close, she always seemed so small and vulnerable. Her long elegant nose nearly touched my forehead, her freckles danced all over the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks. When my shirt was over my head she let it fall to the floor as she took my face into her hands and kissed my lower lip, sucking on it gently. I opened my eyes to take a quick look at Aden, who was propped against the sink sipping his beer while Alex leaned against the door watching Christie with glassy eyes.
When Christie pulled away I quickly undid the buttons to her top and pushed it down to the floor, we both removed our pants and underwear before climbing gingerly into the hot water. Christie moved between my legs and began to kiss me again. She cupped my breast in one hand, and below the water, glided her hand up and down my leg. After a moment, she guided me to sit up on the edge of the tub, spreading my legs wide with her hot hands which were reddened by the heat of the water. She slid them up my inner thighs from my knees, leaning against the cool wall I closed my eyes and soaked up the sensations that came over me as she massaged me gently.
“Fucking luckiest bastards in the whole world, that’s what we are. You know that right?” I vaguely heard Alex say, Aden grunted his response.
Christie’s thumbs began to slide up and down the sides of my thighs where they met my labia, slipping one thumb over my clit before licking me with her long hot tongue. I inhaled sharply at the contact.
“Like that?” She asked, a wicked grin coming over her features.
“Want more?” She purred up at me as she slid one finger inside me and bent to lick my clitoris.
I looked to Aden for approval and the lust in his eyes was all the permission I needed.
“Yes.” I said, closing my eyes and resting my head against the wall behind me.
Slowly she began sliding her fingers in and out of me as her tongue gently worked the folds of my sex, sucking on my clit and massaging around it with her lips. As I came closer to coming I began to move my hips in a circular motion, meeting the trusts of her fingers as they stroked me expertly taking me swiftly over the edge, making me cry out with each small contraction. Coming up for air Christie licked her lips and smiled beautifully at me.
“I always love when I can make you squirt like that. It’s incredibly sexy. Wish I could do it.” She said to me, making me giggle. “Think they’ve been good enough to move to the bedroom?”
“I think so.” I said playfully at Aden, his eyes twinkled at me as he made his way to the bedroom without saying a word.
After Christie and I dried off with the fluffy towels in the candle cabinet, we headed in to the bedroom where the boys were already patiently waiting. Christie climbed onto the bed before me and before she could lay down I stilled her with a hand on her bottom.
“Stay like that.” I said, rubbing her porcelain skin, moving my fingers between the folds of her labia, feeling her wetness from going down on me. When she let out a soft moan I slipped in my two middle fingers, using my other hand to spread one of her cheeks to give the boys a good view. Sliding my fingers in and out of her slowly I swirled them around until I felt her tightening around my fingers and almost on an impulse, smacked her tender rump, once, hard.
“Fuck! Oh my God.” She said, glancing back at me with a furrowed brow.
“Did that feel ok?” I asked her while rubbing the part I’d just smacked. Hoping that I could introduce a way for her and Alex to curb her dangerous impulses.
“I… yes.” She stammered.
“Good. Alex, come here.” I said to him, smiling at Aden. Alex sat beside me on the bed, placing his chin on my shoulder and watching my demonstration.
I lifted my hand and smacked Christie’s right cheek before quickly landing two more on her left. Almost instantly her fair skin blushed before me and she let out a small cry.
“I don’t want you to cut yourself anymore Christie.” I said with a smack. “I want you to enjoy your pain.” I added with another smack. “Understand?” I asked her. When she didn’t answer I asked again and emphasized with another pop to her butt.
“Yes, yes I understand.”
“Good girl.” I purred at her before kissing her blushing cheek.
She turned over to lay back against the pillows and I settled with one of my knees between her legs, kissing her softly, caressing her breasts and trailing my fingers down to slip inside of her, quickly finding her swollen gland I rubbed my two fingers against it and used my thumb on her clit until she began to contract around me.
When I felt big hands on my ass, I knew Aden had come up behind me. He pressed his hand against the back of my head and I dipped my head to lick Christie’s clitoris. Alex was playing with Christie’s breasts as Aden placed his head against my opening and began to sink himself slowly into my eager body. We had never gone this far as a group before, but at this point I was too overcome with lust to care.
As Aden began to slide in and out of me I began to moan against Christie’s sex, working more furiously on her until she came hard and cried out. Alex sat up and leaned across Christie to kiss her passionately as Aden scooted us to the foot of the bed, planted his hands on my hips and picked up his tempo. With the state of his arousal his erection was almost too much for me to handle, each thrust felt as if it were impaling my throat. When I tried to pull away a little Aden grabbed a hand full of my hair and yanked my head up to savagely kiss me, melting my insides and making me crave him even more. I grunted with my exertion and my need for him.
Alex placed a hand at the base of Christie’s throat and with his thumb turned her jaw until she was facing Aden and I, her eyes opened slowly to watch us, her eyelids heavy with passion as Alex kissed her throat, his warm brown hair falling almost boyishly across his forehead as he began to move inside her, teeth gritted, his eyes focused on her pretty features. After a moment Alex turned Christie’s face back to him, breathing heavily. The passion and love in his features clear as day as he wrapped her face in his large hands, resting his forehead on hers, his knees on each side of her hips. After a moment of this Christie’s features crumpled before her eyes clamped shut.
“Fuck,” she whimpered, gripping his hands that held her delicate face, “Oh God, oh yes baby, yes, yes, yes make me come.” She pleaded before finally finding her release.
Aden came to lay beside me, lifting my right leg and entering me from behind, as he started to move I reached down to rub my clit languorously, barely noticing Alex and Christie watching anymore. The sensations were ripping through me and all I could think at that moment was how badly I needed to come.
Aden’s thrusts became fuller, longer. He clutched my hip ferociously, moving me to match his rhythm, making me squirm with need. I hooked my foot behind his knee, both of my thighs trembling. I didn’t think I could take anymore when I finally reached the edge, screaming as I felt hot liquid spreading out around Aden’s thickness. I collapsed back on the bed breathing hard and trying to not focus on the annoying ringing in my ears.
Later that night, I lay awake staring at the lake through the big window beside the bed, dreading the end of the weekend that marked my return to the Navy base. A soft knock on my door interrupted my thoughts and Aden scooted into bed beside me, curling his arm around my waist. I nestled down into the warm blankets more and finally found comfort in the huge bed with his arms around me.
“I missed you.” Aden whispered.
“I missed you too.”
As the pouring rain left long trails of water streaks running down the window pane, sleep came swiftly to claim me. My dreams were littered with thoughts of the man who had murdered Christie’s sister, a man who we all thought we could trust.

The next morning I woke wrapped in Aden’s arms, blankets twisted around my legs, and the smell of bacon floating in the air. After a quick bathroom trip I made my way to the kitchen, leaving Aden to sleep in the bed, I quietly closed the door behind me. Christie was sitting at the breakfast bar, a bowl of fruit in front of her, and a plate toast and bacon. She’d even made a fresh pot of coffee. I sat on the bar stool across from her and helped myself to some breakfast.
“Was it weird last night?” She asked after a moment.
“No, why?”
“I don’t know, it’s just been so long since the camping trip.” She laughed nervously.
“Was it weird for you?”
“Not at all. I love to be watched you know that.” She laughed as she sipped her coffee.
“What about the spanking part?” I asked as I nibbled on a piece of bacon.
“I liked it. It isn’t the first time that Alex has approached the subject with me, but I don’t think he has much of an idea about it.” She said.
“I got that feeling too, but he is interested in it that’s for sure.”
“I want to watch you and Aden.” She said after a short silence, glancing up at me from her coffee.
“Like, watch me get spanked? We don’t do it the way I showed you last night… I just love the feeling of it, it’s grounding, satisfying of course, but I don’t crave to hurt myself in place of it, you know?”
“Well, that, but I mean I really just want to watch you guys… in your element. You know… the stuff you told me about when you were living together.” She said quietly.
I chewed on that for a moment. Did I want to let her see me that vulnerable? The idea made my insides warm and instantly I was convinced. “I think I would be fine with that. I’m sure Aden would love to show off again.” I rolled my eyes and Christie laughed.
Looking seriously at me and placing her hand over mine she added, “Thank you, I really am interested in learning more about this, I don’t trust anyone more than I trust you and Aden.”
“I know.” I smiled at her and as Alex came sauntering sleepily into the kitchen I poured him a cup of coffee as he plopped down on the barstool beside Christie before yawning noisily and scratching his head before kissing her sweetly on the cheek.
“What’s the plan for today?” He asked sipping from his cup.
“I think we should go fishing, it’s sunny.” Christie offered brightly.
“That would be fun,” I agreed, “cold though.”
We spent the afternoon on the water, bundled up in sweats and jackets, eating fruit, cheese and smoked salmon, and drinking beer. Usually, Aden liked to drive the boat too fast, but since it was cold, he didn’t want the wind freezing us all. Instead, we left the boat floating and Aden sat under a blanket with me. Alex and Christie made out indiscreetly on the other side of the boat under their own blanket. I placed my head on Aden’s shoulder as we watched the sky change from blue to a vibrant orange, and finally to a deep red. I took a deep breath, I’d missed the clear, clean air in Washington, it was fresh, and satisfying.
When the sun was below the waterline, and the air turned from chilly to outright freezing we made our way back to the house, we didn’t catch a single fish, but we didn’t mind, we had enough food in the kitchen to last the week. As we made our way up the sun bleached steps to the deck the first few sprinkles of rain made their way down. As they landed on the dry sand and pavement it lit the air with the smell of my childhood. Of all the places I’d seen and lived there was nothing that smelled as wonderful as this. Leaves, rain, moss and the sweet, delicious smell of the last bit of blackberries lingering in the air, the smell of my childhood, the smell of adventure and youth, the smell of happiness.
After a long day on the water I decided to take a nice bath, the soak tub really was exquisite, small jets sent the water against my skin with just enough force. Aden made his way around the corner and sat on the edge of the tub, smiling down at me as he took the loofa in his hand, dipped it into the warm soapy water, and began to massage my shoulders.
“Alex told me something about Christie.” He said.
“What is it?” I asked.
“She wants to watch me train you.” His voice was low.
“I know, she told me earlier today. I think she wants to find a way to channel her impulses.”
“I think so too. Alex has wanted to get her into it for a while, he even came with me to a couple of my meetings but then he just quit coming. I don’t think he knew how to bring it up to her.”
“Meetings?” I asked.
“Yeah, there’s a group of people here who have similar interests as you and I, couple times a month we all get together to learn safety and techniques. Some of them are into swinging too.”
“Oh.” Jealously seethed through my veins and I fought to keep them at bay, though I felt the flush creeping up my neck.
“So, what do you want to do? Let her watch?” He asked.
“Actually, the idea is really hot to me,” I told him, chasing the bubbles with my hands. “I do want to, if you’re comfortable. Do you want to?” I asked turning my face up to him.
“I think so. When do you want to do it, while we’re here?” He asked, his face was serious, but betrayed no emotion.
“As soon as possible, tonight, if you want.” I said, looking away, embarrassed by how turned on at the thought I was.
“I’ll run to the store.” He said, laughing as he made his way out of the bathroom. “I didn’t bring much from my kinky bag.”
“Take Alex with you!” I hollered from the tub, grinning from ear to ear.

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