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This erotic adventure is now available in one book. 

Formatted with richly edited description and even more character development, you get to see into every crack and crevice of Amber's twisted mind. Explore new corridors and hidden fantasies in the final version of Castles Burning, now available for pre-order at the low introductory price of $2.99!

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Remember the first time I shared this excerpt? Let's journey back to the beginning together! Enjoy this sexy snippet, then go grab your copy!


He made his way over to me silently and took my jaw in his hand again; he hauled me to my feet almost before I could form the thought to stand. His piercing blue eyes locked with mine, his stubble covered jaw clenching and I was staring into the cobra’s eyes again, this time, I knew which side I was charming, and I wanted it, all of it.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked, close to my face.

“About you, Sir.” I said breathlessly as he moved his lips to my neck and inhaled.

“What about me?” He asked, gently sucking on my neck, his hand cupping my breast and squeezing my nipple.

“About how much I love this, with you, Sir.” He sucked hard on my neck and I gasped.

“Tell me you love me.” He growled, stepping back from me.

“I love you, Sir.” I cooed at him.

“Do you?” He asked, twirling a finger in part of my pony tail that had fallen loose.

“Yes Sir, I love you so much.”

“Show me.” He moved his hand down to the base of my throat, stroking my esophagus with his thumb, “Kiss me.”

Sliding his tongue over my lower lip before placing a small kiss there, he increased pressure on the base of my throat and moved his face an inch back, staring into my eyes. I pressed forward to kiss him, but he wouldn’t budge. Pressing harder, I leaned against his hand until I was able to feel the blood in my face pumping, and finally was close enough to catch his lips hungrily in my teeth. Struggling against his hands, I stuck my tongue out and massaged his with mine, moaning with my desire to reach him. I felt the pressure leave my neck, and it was replaced on my head, his fist twisting into my pony tail, he groaned as he looked deep into my eyes for a second, approval twinkling there and making my stomach flutter. 

“Such a good girl.” He said. I lived to hear those words.

My hair suddenly fell down around my face as he ripped my hair tie out, savagely tossing it to the floor before urging me away from him again.

“I like your hair down,” he said as he wiped his mouth with his thumb. “Get on the floor.”

Taking my ankles in his hands he began to wrap them with cord, doing the same at my knees, then around my waist, dragging my knees up and binding the two cords together.

“Now, what should we do first?” He asked, standing over me.

“Whatever you like Sir.” I said gazing up at him.

“Whatever I like?” He snickered.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Really? Are you sure about that?” He asked condescendingly.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you want to be my little play thing?” He cooed as he squatted down beside me, stroking the hair at my forehead, making my mouth go dry, at a loss for words all I could do was nod vehemently. 

“Say it.” He ordered sweetly.

“I want to be your little play thing.”

“Say it again.” His voice was playful as he stood, he walked to the pool table to pick up the flogger.

“I want to be your little play thing, Sir.” I said and swallowed hard, waiting in anticipation to feel its many fingers caressing my body.

“Again.” He said as he made a quick side glance down at me.

“I want to be your little play thing Sir.” I said again.

“You already said that. You can come up with something else, can’t you? See, I just don’t feel like you mean it.” He said, running his fingers through the flogger and turning to fully face me. 

“Do you mean it?” He asked after a moment, tipping his head to the side.

“Yes, Sir.” I said.

“Show me.” He flicked the flogger down to his side.

I slowly lifted my arms and grabbed my breasts in my hands squeezing them before trailing them down my front, and slipping them between my bound thighs, “Come play with me, Sir.”

Aden smiled at me. It was like a burst of sunshine on a cool spring day.

“Play with me, Sir, please play with your little play thing.” I said sweetly, biting my lower lip and dragging it through my teeth. 

Aden dropped the flogger back on the pool table and came back over to me. He bent down, cradled my waist in the crook of his arm and flung me over so I was face down, my bottom pointing up. He took my left arm and roughly secured it behind my back to my right, then began to bind my elbows together with cord.

“If you can’t keep your hands off my things, I’ll have to do it for you.” He said.

“Yes Sir, thank you for helping me, Sir.” I smiled, the cool hard wood floor felt wonderful against my flushed cheek.

Aden’s hand was in my hair, lifting my face up off the ground, while his other hand found my clitoris and began to circle, I groaned in response.

“Already so wet.” He said close to my ear, grasping his cock and rubbing my wetness all over it before thrusting inside me. 

As he began a hard, fast rhythm I felt myself tightening, heat building deep within me, reaching his hand around my abdomen Aden began to play with my clitoris again while pummeling me and it swiftly sent me into orgasm. Before I could even finish coming Aden ripped himself from me and the flogger was kissing my ass. Once, twice, three times.

“Did you just come?” He asked, smiling at me.

“No, Sir.” I said

“No? Really?” He asked raising his eyebrows at me.

“I didn’t come, Sir.” I said, challenging him with my eyes.

“Are you being smart with me baby?” He asked, caressing my face.

“Why, I would never do that, Sir.” I said, fluttering my lashes, and holding his gaze.

“Look down.” He said, chuckling as he softly slid the flogger across my bottom, tickling me, making me ache with anticipation.

“Do you think I wouldn’t know? Think I can’t tell when you come?” He asked me sweetly. 

The stinging bite of the flogger sent tingles all over my body, making goose bumps rise on my arms and legs, even along my breasts as they heaved with need and longing.

“Answer me.”

“I’m sorry Sir.”

“What are you sorry for?” He asked.

“For coming.”

“I thought you said you didn’t come?”

“I didn’t. But I started to, Sir.” I replied.

“You’re supposed to ask before you come aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, I would have but it happened so fast.”

The flogger kissed my left cheek swiftly, “What?” He asked.

“I would have asked, Sir, if you hadn’t-” The flogger connected again, fuck! It felt so good. My mind began to grow foggy with lust and swollen with desire as I felt endorphins dance through my blood stream, I groaned loudly, smiled up at him, taunting him.

“If I hadn’t? If I hadn’t… you should be thanking me for making you come. Not making excuses for disobeying the rules.” He said.

By now I was moaning, my eyes half closed, aching with want for him. I gritted my teeth and tried to keep my thighs from quivering. They vibrated of their own accord, spastically, deliciously.  

“Use your words baby. Or do we need the ball gag? If you can’t speak to me, I might as well keep your mouth occupied too, as much as I like to keep it free for when I want to use it.” He said with a wink.

“I don’t need it, Sir. I can be social.” My voice was heavy with lust, nearly unrecognizable to my own ears.

“Good girl.” He cooed, delicately dragging the tails of the flogger across my skin, making me shiver.

“I’m sorry for not asking before coming Sir. Please…” I moaned, trying not to rub my thighs together with my desire.

“Please what?” Squatting down beside me Aden began to slide his fingers in and out of my swollen pussy torturously slow. “You like this? Do like being my little play toy?”

“Yes, Sir. I do like it. Thank you Sir.” I sighed, closing my eyes as I felt myself climbing higher. Aden’s fingers began to move faster and then he placed them against my clitoris sending shivers through my body, faster and faster. 

“Oh God! Fuck! Please can I come, Sir?” I scrambled to get the words out.

His answer provided an emotional relief that is simply indescribable.

“Yes, come for me.” He cajoled quietly through gritted teeth, grasping a handful of my hair and swinging my body around so I was on my side and in an instant I was there. In outer space, some circles I would later learn called this subspace. To me, it was simply a place of comfort and love. 

He held my face close to his so he could kiss me passionately. I was cradled in His arms, bound and shaking with need. He pinched my right nipple before taking it in between His teeth and then dragging them up my neck. I screamed against His neck and He held me tight against His hard chest as my body finally found a full release, leaving me breathless.

Aden’s hand smacked my face suddenly, pulling me slightly from my brain fog and grasped my cheeks in his thumb and forefingers, turning my eyes up to him. My lids felt heavy, my cheeks flushed with my excitement.

“Look at me. Look at me,” He repeated softly, my eyes finally focusing on his, “Why are you coming?”

“I don’t know.” I moaned, absolutely dazed.

“Because I want you to.” He said, as he left me on the floor. 

“Thank you, Sir.” I sighed.

That's not the end of this delicious scene, it gets even more intense and full of overwhelmingly sensual submission... grab your copy now to read on!
So excited this time has finally come! Enjoy!


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