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Order of the Dragon ~sneak peek #3~ #erotic #horror #friskyfriday

Happy Frisky Friday lovers!

I hope this week has treated you well and that your weekend is amazing. I've come bearing a weekend treat for you! Another excerpt from my up and coming erotic horror, Order of the Dragon.

This book is now available on Amazon!


Melody opened her eyes when she heard Brock on the stairs. She stared at the dancing shadows of the trees on her ceiling as her mind received his most powerful thoughts. 

Soft. So soft. He thought. He wanted to take her soft flesh and do… something. The thought was lost before she could grasp it.

She turned her head slowly and watched the light that came beneath her closed door when the hall light was turned on. She was neither surprised nor afraid when a shadow passed by. Her tongue came out slowly to wet her bottom lip as the shadow returned and the antique doorknob lifted slightly. It clicked loudly as the latch gave way, but the door did not swing open.

Melody placed her left index finger between her teeth and bit down, frowned as her wide eyes searched the shadows. Her heart began to beat faster as she realized it might not have been Brock seeking her out after all. The door suddenly began to move, torturously slow. She sat up, prepared to run if she needed to. Whatever snarling beast from the other side that had found her wouldn’t get the best of her if she could help it.

Melody watched desperately, relief washing over her as Brock’s dark figure slipped silently into her room, closing the door behind him.

“Thanks for taking me back to being eight years old.” She gasped after he stood there for a few seconds. “You scared the shit out of me.”

Mostly she was embarrassed she’d let her imagination get the better of her, but after the last few weeks anything was possible and she wasn’t about to let her guard down. Not for one second.

“Sorry. I thought you were awake.” He said, looking over his shoulder. “I feel like there’s someone watching me in this house.”

Melody smiled and watched him rub his arms before looking back down at her. “It’s my grandmother probably. She died here. Sometimes I can smell her perfume.”

“You were close?”


Brock studied Melody for a second and then motioned at the door. “I have no idea why I even came up here. This is so weird. This house is strange.” He said.

Even in the pale glow of the moonlight that poured up the foot of her bed through the open curtains his face looked flushed. 

His eyes roamed slowly over the smooth curve of her naked shoulders. Another flash of bound limbs assaulted her, this time she was able to make out the small brown birthmark on her left foot. How had he remembered such a minute detail? This was something he wanted desperately, he wanted to take her in there and have his way with her.


She wanted to ask what it meant, something in his eyes told her that he knew she could hear those thoughts, feel those desires. It was as if he were challenging her, or willing her to ask him. 

“I’m really sorry.” He swallowed hard after his eyes ravished her and then he abruptly turned.

“Don’t go.” She whispered, catching his forearm and letting the sheets fall a little lower, revealing her full breasts. “Come here.” She smiled.

“I don’t know if we should.” Brock said, but there was a grin tugging at one corner of his mouth. “I had a taste of my own medicine and it was harsh.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll play nice this time.” Melody took his finger into her mouth, sucked it deep while swirling her tongue.

He licked his lips as she kissed another of his fingers, smiled when she took it into her mouth.

“I don’t have any more condoms. We’re lucky I even had that one.”

“Have you been tested?” She asked softly.

“Two months ago. I haven’t had any partners since then.” He spoke seriously, looked directly into her eyes when he said it. “Are you on the pill?”

Melody laughed. “Hell no. I don’t put toxic shit into my body. It makes me psychotic. I can’t get pregnant anymore anyway.” She said sadly.


“Endometriosis. Well, that’s what the doctors call it. After months of not being so sure of what it really was.” There was strain in her voice as she played with his fingers mindlessly and she tried to swallow the lump in her throat.

“What would you call it?” His voice was soft.

“Too much negative energy blocking my chakras.” She forced a fake laugh.

How could she tell him that the last relationship she’d been in had ended a year ago when she’d found out she couldn’t carry a pregnancy past the first trimester, if at all? That was when she’d come back home to help Corbin with the Inn.

“We don’t have to talk about it.” He said.

“Good. I wasn’t intending on doing anything that would cause a pregnancy anyway.” She winked at him as she bit her lip, let her eyes wander down to his groin.

Brock watched her left arm reach for his pants, she pulled him closer to her by the drawstring, exposing the tattoo on her inner wrist. Brock’s eyes widened and he seized her hand, turned it over to examine the black ink closer. A cross, two dragons wove around it to watch the other’s back, their raised wings formed a circle of protection. It was Dracula’s cross.

“Do you know this symbol?” He demanded, his eyes blazing.

Melody frowned up at him, incredulous as she tried to wrench her hand free. “Do you?” She asked. Holy shit. Did he?

I'm almost finished editing this fun story and I can not wait to share it with you!! Til next time....

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