Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jennifer's Gift, (The Fantasy part two) #free June 1st-5th #erotica

Hello love bugs!

My belly is growing more and more each day and I'm filled with such love and devotion, what a magical time this pregnancy has been for us. I don't mean to neglect you, I promise, but I just can't tear myself away from the homestead very often. There's so much to prepare, so much to read and absorb and just sit and be thankful for! 

Anyway, I wanted to share my short story, Jennifer's Gift with you, free until the 5th! Hope you enjoy it! 



I figured that the bar would make setting the table extraordinarily difficult. I managed after dropping two plates, to lean over the island in our kitchen just at the right angle to grasp a plate in my hand. It was tedious but I managed to set the table just as Charles returned home. His cologne wafted into my nostrils as I stood in the kitchen, in front of the open fridge. 

“I think I like that on you.” He said smoothly, and my stomach fluttered as I watched his eyes move over my body again.

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Charles slowly stepped toward me, his white button down shirt open at the collar, his black slacks hugging his hips perfectly. God how I wanted him in that moment, it was nearly excruciating. He smiled as he placed his hand on my hip and pulled me against his front. I would have felt awkward standing before him, my arms stretched out but the way his eyes devoured me made me feel as if I were the most beautiful thing in the world. 

In that moment, perhaps I was. 

“Are you hungry, my love?” He asked, his eyes moving from my lips and burning into mine.

God how I’d longed for this, this closeness… His touch, it was overwhelming and to my chagrin tears formed in my eyes. I nodded, resting my forehead against his chin, my eyes closed as he circled my waist in his firm arms. I moaned softly as he slid his hands down my back, placing them over my ass. 

“Come here.” He said softly and before I opened my eyes, I heard a metallic snap as he attached a leash to the leather around my neck.

I stared at him for a second, not sure if I should get to my knees, and unsure how I’d manage that attached to the bar. 

“Just walk with me.” He said, and flashed that handsome smile, dimpling his cheeks.

I followed him, my heart thudding wildly in my chest, moisture already collecting between my thighs. Charles began to pull small trays from the paper bags, and two candles. The sun was setting now, and I gazed at my husband setting out a beautiful dinner, filet mignon with dark succulent greens and beautiful rosemary roasted potatoes. I was curious as to why he was only placing the food at one place setting, but quickly understood when he placed a thick black pillow on the ground. 

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This short story can be read as a stand alone erotic treat, but if you'd like to hear how Charles and Jennifer's journey began, check out The Fantasy

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