Monday, April 21, 2014

Cover Reveal for Order of the Dragon, well sort of. I need your help!!

Hello friends and lovers!

I hope you have enjoyed my little sneak peeks I've shared with you from my newest work in progress, Order of the Dragon. I have had a lot of fun writing it, now I'm working on a cover!

I would love your opinion!

Cover Option 1

Cover Option 2

Cover Option 3

Cover Option 4

I really can't decide which one I want to use. I like them all, but option 2 and 3 are my personal favorites. What do you think?? I need your help!

On a personal note...

I'm not sure that I've formally come out and told you, but I am expecting a little bundle of joy! I am four months pregnant and we are absolutely loving this journey. This is partly why I have not been around as much as I want to be and usually am. I've been pretty busy and also very exhausted! My D and I could not be more happy about this new addition to our family. I've been feeling a bit more romantic than I usually am and have started a new tale that I hope to begin sharing with you soon!



  1. I like option #2... It's hauntingly beautiful with an edgy feel.

    1. Thank you so much, Darla! I was thinking the same, it's dark yet titillating.

  2. I like number 2 also, but without the writing at the top. Or maybe with the smaller writing like on number 3, where the words "Castles Burning" are all on one line. It bothers me that the two words are separated.

    Perhaps the verbiage could read: An erotic tale of eternal love, lust, and terror.

    1. I was thinking the same, Gail! I've made a simpler one that I'm going to add to this post now as a 4th option!

  3. Use number 3, but wrap "Dragon" under the words "of the" to get it away from the shadow of the finger and move it and your name upwards about even with the cross bar on the cross.