Friday, December 6, 2013

Sexy Holiday Bites Anthology!

Tantalize your taste buds this holiday season with sinfully and beautifully crafted erotic flash fiction pieces from 9 smoking hot erotica authors. We have a lovely mix of stories that will bewitch, enthrall, and overall put you in the mood. Heat up those chilly nights with this collection of sweet, sexy, and definitely naughty shorts. They can be read alone, but we think they are best shared with that special someone.

The authors that contributed to this anthology are: Suzy Ayers, Anna Bayes, Jenna Fox, Paige Matthews, John Satisfy, LB Shaw, R.T. Steory, Carrie Anne Ward, and Ashen White.

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Short story titles:
The Dream Express by Jenna Fox
Come Over Now by Anna Bayes
A Sexy Christmas Morning by R.T. Steory
A Gift to Top All Other Gifts by Carrie Ward
Caught in the Act by Suzy Ayers
Emma’s Surprise by Paige Matthews
Christmas Confession by LB Shaw
Three of Stones by Ashen White
Icing the Cookies by John Satisfy


  1. No Comments What?? Love you Nicole. Hope all is well on the home front. Stormy this way, but you know what they say after a good storm. ;) Thanks so much for posting this! xxSuzy

    1. I'm glad to help out anytime!! xx It's been freezing here! Sunny and clear, but COLD.