Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Testaments of Carnality, Coming Soon! @KingAlexander82 #erotica

We were first introduced to the open minded couple, John and Nicole in “Uninhibited Carnality 2.”  Now, they are celebrating their wedding anniversary in a very different way.  They will separate the day before and fulfill as many desires as they can before meeting up for a passionate, loving, celebration of their love for each other.  This collection is an intense exercise in excessive adultery that expounds on the carnality legacy.  

 Twenty minutes into the movie and John is ready to explode out of his pants.  A few of the other men have already pulled their erections free.  John can hear them breathing and faint sounds of someone spanking their meat.  On screen two women in a horse and carriage talk about the amount of sex they have on a daily basis while one of them is fucked doggy by the driver.  It is a very erotic scene and John can’t take it anymore.  He undoes his pants and releases his hard on.  Slowly, he strokes himself letting out a sigh of relief.  The carriage driver cums on the woman’s ass.  John doesn’t worry about missing the pop shot because if the movie stays with the pace it has set another sex scene will be starting in less than a minute.  Sure enough, the women are back indoors ordering male servants in to please them.
Goddamn these women are freaks!  John thinks to himself.  He imagines Nicole as one of the women getting fucked and puts himself in the place of a servant coming in to pick up the slack.  A four way commences in the movie and in his mind, making his dick grow even harder.  The women scream louder as they orgasm and John’s climax is real close when a large figure sits next to him.  He covers his cock and looks over.  A cute round face surrounded by long braids looks at him from under a hood.  She is wearing a black pullover hoodie with matching baggy sweat pants.
“I didn’t mean to scare you.”  She tells him in a soft sexy voice.  “I know I must look crazy dressed like this but I like to keep the mystery.  Don’t need every horny guy in here knowing there’s a female walking around.”
John relaxes as the sweet aroma of her perfume permeates his nostrils.  She gently moves the arm hiding his dick.  “Please don’t stop on my account.  I find that watching guys get themselves off is always hotter that whatever movie’s playing.”  She pulls her pants midway down her thick brown thighs and slides her pudgy digits between them.  The erection he was losing when she startled him begins to gradually come back.  The four way has come to an end and our heroine, Janine, has moved on to talking about confessional coitus with the preacher as her step father fingers her.  John watches the movie and jerks off while his new admirer watches him masturbate.  She massages her breasts through the sweater as she rubs her swelling clit.  John strokes faster as his orgasm builds back up.  She reaches out with her free hand.  “May I?”  She asks through shallow breathes.  John releases his member and she grips it with her soft hand.  

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King Alexander

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