Monday, December 30, 2013

Serena’s Decision (The Torn Series: Book 3) by @SuzyAyers!

Serena’s Decision (The Torn Series: Book 3)
Max confessed his indiscretion, despite their contract stating their open relationship. Can she get beyond wanting more from him? Or will her heart lead her to another? Will she continue to want even a Dom/sub relationship? Can she finally expose her past?

Let's see where Serena's heart leads here in this final book in the series.
About the series:
This series is about a young Serena who has found Max, or perhaps he found her, and they have embarked on journey that I like to describe as funishment. It is defiantly within the realm of BDSM, however the main recurring theme is spanking.
Excerpt of Max and Serena’s first “make-up”:
His eyes were locked onto hers, as if drawn together by some unseen force. He pushed the chocolate locks behind her shoulder and slowly moved in, still watching her reaction. His lips touched her skin, leaving kisses and bite marks on their way down to her collarbone. His hands came to the front of the shirt, making short work of the buttons on the white blouse. Both hands pushed the soft material open, exposing her chest to him. He slipped the material over and off her shoulders.
Serena gasped, as he reached around and unclasped her bra next. She could smell her sweet musk penetrating through her pinstripe pants and working its way between their bodies. Her breath was in deep long rhythms, as he continued to softly kiss and mar her flesh with gentle bites. She held on to the window sill and took all she could handle.
“Please,” she whispered.
“Serena, I’ll stop if you want. I have to admit, I missed you.” Max pulled back and looked at her, while he spoke.
“I,” she swallowed hard.
“Go ahead, kitten.”
The word rolled off his tongue so beautifully and made her blush.
“Will you spank me? I’m not sure about sex. I just-” Her eyes danced around his and she tensed a bit.
“Serena, relax. Spanking and lunch.” He grinned, pretending to ponder it. “Get naked. I want to see all of you. Even if I don’t get to feast on you, at least let my eyes wander on your flesh.”
She thought about it for a moment and nodded. She settled over his lap, as he indicated. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation and she was nervous about that. Her arms went behind her, clasped as always. She enjoyed the weight of his arm bearing down on her, securing her, making her feel safe. She allowed her shoulders and head to droop, releasing the tension. Her hips splayed gently apart. A tickling, trickle of wetness dribbled down her inner thigh and it made her wiggle.
“Be still, pet.”

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