Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teased and Pleased by John Satisfy NO COST #ASMSG #erotica @jsatisfiction

Teased & Pleased: An Erotic Anthology yours free from 9/25 to 9/29.

Five hot tales of pampering, pleasing and power plays. With three stand alone stories, and one two part story, this anthology showcases some of John's finest work.

1. Breakfast in Bed - It's Saturday Morning and what could be more delicious than having your breakfast in bed? Maybe sharing the experience with your captivated partner.

2. Teased & Pleased - Waking up after a crazy night, I see you lying there and can’t help but want to pamper you this morning. A long, delicious shower followed by a nice massage, maybe a few treats along the way.

3. Blissful Awakenings - I've had the sweetest dreams of you, and now I’m going to make them a reality. Imagine the look on your face when you wake up to that!

4. Good End to the Day - Coming home after a day at work, you’re surprised by dinner piping hot on the stove, being bathed, and then the most incredible sex you've had in a long time.

5. The End is Just the Beginning - Picking up right after a Good End… I wake up and I haven’t had my fill of you yet. Once you've woken up you find you need your desires satiated as well.

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This is from the first story, Breakfast in Bed.  We've just moved from the kitchen into the bedroom...

Snapping out of it, I walk up behind you. When I get there I realize you are just teasing me, you’re not really looking for anything. I give your ass a playful, but firm, spank, and you jump forward. “Enough teasing already, Babe. I need some of this!” And to demonstrate what I mean by “this”, I knead your ass.

You turn around quickly, and without warning, your breasts are pushed against my skin, I can feel the hard nipples poking me. Your arms fling around my neck, and you bring me down to your lips and kiss me passionately, pushing me backwards as you do so. Your hands slide down my arms as our kiss deepens and intensifies.

Kissing you feels so perfect, so sexy, that it becomes my entire reality. Your soft lips are pressed hard against mine, and you are opening your mouth to let our tongues play. I can feel the air that you exhale enter my lungs as we share the same breath. Our tongues are swirling playfully, as if they two ballroom dancers with the spot light shining on them. The kiss is a wonderful little universe that we have created for ourselves.

Then, I feel your hands push me a bit forcefully on the upper chest and I fall down backwards onto the bed. I am stunned for a second, not expecting the push, not expecting to be in a world where we weren't kissing. You on the other hand, have this all planned out and you immediately move onto the bed and over me. You move so your knees are on my arms and I am pinned down against the soft mattress.

This is not a problem for either one of us because right above me is your panty covered crotch. I can see the faint outline of your swollen pussy lips through the thin fabric. You are staring down at me, smiling to yourself as you see that I’m enraptured with your crotch. Seductively you rock your hips above my face, leaning forward so you can grab the headboard for support. As you gyrate your hips to the silent music that is trapped in your head, I find myself hypnotized, unable to take my eyes off of your crotch. You slowly lower it down to my face and your aroma and heat is all I can see, smell and feel.

Gracefully, your hips rise off the bed, like there’s a change in tempo of the song in your head, and in a few seconds you start your dance again. You sway toward the center of the bed and then to the other side. From my vantage point, this show is just incredible. I can’t believe how lucky I am that you are putting on such an amazing routine for me. I gladly welcome you as you lower your pussy down to my face and once again your scent fills me with lust.

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