Monday, September 30, 2013

Nicole Ryan's House of Erotic Horrors Final Call For Submissions!

If you don't know by now, it's high time you did. Halloween is my favorite holiday, ever, of all time! 

I'm putting this out early so that there is plenty of time to put something together for my sexy fun-house! I have already received a couple of awesome submissions and I love them!! Spooky and sexy! I can't wait to get MORE and share them with you all.

The stories will all be a part of the same story, if you're game.... read on for details!

Remember, nothing illegal, keep it sexy! Spooky, Halloweeny, ghoolish? YES....  but gross? No no no.
Keep it fun! Absolutely NO minors. If you have an animal in there, it must be a human hybrid/Were pertinent to All Hallows Eve.

Deadline OCTOBER 28
Send submissions to nicoleryanauthor
ubject: Haunted House.
Include: Story directly in email, if you're sending it as an attachment please format it with double spaces between the paragraphs, no indents, 11pt Arial font. 
Twitter and Website/Blog links along with a photo to go with your story, if you have one!

I am absolutely ecstatic about this.


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