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I opened up the closet which still held most of the dresses and outfits my mother insisted on me wearing. As I shoved past drab colors on cushiony hangers I heard a floor board creek somewhere behind me. I turned to find Ian in my doorway, a smirk on his face as he set down my black and red train case set. I glared at him intensely, holding my dress closed at my neck. He strode over to me, his thumb wiping at the corner of his mouth as the smirk still lingered and he peered at me sideways.
“What do you want?” I demanded from him, he was not one to offer to do things for others, I knew he had something on his mind.
“To say hi.” He said smoothly, his black hair was slicked back from his face; he wore a sharp Armani suit with a stark white dress shirt, opened at the collar giving a glimpse of a very well maintained physique.
“Oh? Is that all?”
He took another step toward me, and motioned to my unbuttoned front with his left hand, “This is nice… did you get this recently?” He asked.
“It’s borrowed, from a shoot I had this morning.” I spat at him, taking a sip from my martini.
“You look good surrounded by finery.” He said, taking my hair, and letting it fall over his fingers. I took a step back from him.
“There are many things in this world that I appreciate a great deal more than finery, Ian.” I said haughtily, snatching a deep emerald green satin dress that had a high neckline, three quarter length sleeves and a plunging back, my hair would cover my tattoos just fine. I went into the walk in closet and pulled it on, it didn’t quite fit, it was just a little big, but it still looked suitable for my mother.
“I’m sure. Who are you trying to convince Chase?” Ian called from my room.
“Don’t call me Chase. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I just find your particular habits to be reprehensible.” I told him as I came from the closet and leaned over the vanity table.
I gazed into the mirror as I touched up my makeup, and applied a bit of deep raspberry red to my lips for the evening, and removed my shadow, and replaced it with a sheer white. Ian came up behind me and placed his hand on my hip. I stood up straight, spun to face him, wide eyed with rage. He moved back slightly holding his hands up, I took three steps toward him as he backed away, and slapped him across the face with a great deal more force than I had intended. He ran his hand through his hair violently, and stared at me darkly; I shoved past him and made my way down the stairs, happy to escape the close proximity to him.


 I took my bag and pulled my coat back on, taking a small Virginia super slim out of its dainty pack and stepping out onto the back patio. I lit my cigarette and watched as more cars crawled into the streets. I pulled up my latest read on my Kindle, and took another drag while I devoured Anne Rice’s intoxicating words. I turned when I heard the glass door behind me slide open, and then softly closed.

   “Hey.” He said as he cupped his palm around his lighter and lit his cigarette, glancing at me briefly.

   “Hi.” I said, sweeping one of my huge curls behind my ear before turning back to my book.

   He sauntered over, one hand tucked into his jeans pocket, pinching the cigarette between his thumb and index finger, one eye squinted, and I couldn’t help but snicker.

   “What?” He asked exhaling his smoke, one side of his mouth turning into a smile.

   “Nothing.” I said. Who is he Johnny Cash or something? I thought to myself, shaking my head and fighting the urge to roll my eyes.

   “What are you reading?” He asked, stepping closer to me and his fresh cologne wafted over in the breeze.

   “Anne Rice.” I replied, dragging on my slim and French inhaling quickly.

   “What is that?” He asked, laughing.

   “She’s a writer, one of my favorites.” I replied dryly.

   “No, I know who Anne Rice is.” He laughed. “I meant what are you smoking?” He motioned to my hand and I noticed a sprinkling of dark hair on his arms.

I looked at my little slim, “It’s a cigarette.” I said.

   “You could have fooled me.” He kidded. When I didn’t reply he stepped right beside me, and placed his forearms on the concrete slab that enclosed the balcony. “You know, this will all be a lot easier if you let me try to be nice.” He said softly looking down while scuffing the tip of his shoe on the wall, and I whipped my head to face him.

   “Oh God, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a bitch, I’m just…”

   “Nervous.” He said, taking a deep pull from his Marlboro and gazing out at the freeway. He had an attractive profile, and long eyelashes.

   “I’ve never done a video shoot before.” I said, exiting my book and tucking my Kindle back into my coat.

   “I know.” He said, turning his eyes to me and smiling kindly.

   He was handsome, in a non-male-porn-star kind of way. He didn’t have huge bulging muscles, or a super fake tan. He was more the bad boy type than the all star athlete type. He was the guy in high school who picked you up on a motorcycle that he built in his garage with his father. I half expected to look down at the street and see one parked out there.

   “How does everyone know this?” I asked, more to myself than him. “Jerry is going to get it.” I said, lighting my second slim and laughing bitterly.

   “I don’t know any Jerry, but I do know that you’re Chaste Meridian, you came to LA for college, and after you got your degree you decided to stay and do erotic modeling, and everyone has been trying to get you to do films for the last year, since your bondage shoot for Peril Girls.” He said, his greenish blue eyes glittered at me, his full lips pulled into an attractive smirk as my brow furrowed, how’d he know so much about me?

   “I looked you up.” He said almost guiltily and then winked and added, “But I’d seen you before, you came to the Adult Filmography Awards for the Peril shoot and I saw you with Anessa Vixen signing autographs at a booth.”

   I heard commotion behind me and turned to look into the large open room through the sliding glass door. There was an entire team of men, and a couple women setting up lights.

   I opened my mouth to say something but my words were caught, and a sudden attack of nerves washed over me again. I imagined having sex with this stranger in front of all these other strangers, and while it had excited me earlier, I was now filled with trepidation. I should have asked Anessa to come with me. I thought.

   “What…” I swallowed, and forced myself to pull my eyes away from the apartment. “What’s your name?” I asked, turning back to him.

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