Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Final day of my Birthday #erotica Giveaway!

Hello Loves!!

I had such a great, amazing time celebrating my birthday week with you!!
One last freebie for you! What My Husband Knew will be free August 13th and 14th!


“You are out of your damn mind.” She said flatly, and pulled a cigarette from her case.
There was a nice breeze, and the outside eatery was merry with people who were enjoying this warm Friday evening, the sky was a pretty pink littered with big puffy clouds. He watched her light the tiny cigarette and take a long drag, running her index finger along the top of her eyebrow, both were things she only did when she was agitated. She blew the cloud of menthol out slowly, shaking her head in astonishment.
“Look, I know you’ve been interested in him, it’s okay.” He said, sliding his thumb along his knuckle, debating on if it was a good idea to take her hand right now.
“You don’t know shit Christopher.” She said angrily and abruptly stood, and stiffly left the restaurant.
Chris felt his cheeks burning with embarrassment, she always had a way of making a scene, even while she wasn’t there the chatter was lingering around him about how she’d stormed out on him. He’d managed to spoil whatshould have been another perfectly good evening.
Chris wasn’t one of those guys who was completely oblivious to the fact that he was unable to satisfy his wife in bed, he knew very well that he wasn’t skilled enough, she wanted more than he could give her, she probably always had and just didn’t know it.
Chris signed the check and ducked out of the Bistro as quick as he could, as he made his way along the darkened street he thought of what he could say to make her understand…. He wanted this, and he had the deepest hope that she would too. He should have never taken the approach he had, he’d embarrassed her and questioned her loyalty, and that was something she had always had. Never, in the ten years they’d been married had she strayed… though he knew she had ample reason to.
When Chris turned into the parking lot, the brake lights on his silver pickup were shining bright, a long stream of exhaust pouring from his tailpipe. He pulled the driver’s door open and climbed in, placing his hand on his wife’s thigh.
“Marlena, I’m so sorry. I didn’t approach you the way I wanted to about this.” He said.
“There isn’t anything to approach me about, I am not having an affair if that’s what you think!” She said.
“That isn’t what I think.” Chris said placing his hands on the steering wheel and staring out ahead of him.
“How dare you suggest that I want to sleep with Brandon? How dare you. After everything he’s helped me deal with.” She said quietly and Chris could see the tears collecting along her bottom lids, lighting up her honey brown eyes, this was not what he had planned.

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