Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jennifer's Gift is my gift to you for #LaborDay weekend! #erotica

Hello loves!

I hope you're planning on enjoying a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I am going to be camping and getting reconnected with mother nature before the cold weather sets in.

I can't wait. I love fall, I love winter even more. I've got a Pumpkin Latte scented candle burning right now, I've been waiting to burn it for weeks and it's heavenly.

Anyway back to the point. Jennifer's Gift is yours, at no cost this weekend, enjoy!


Suddenly his hands were in my hair and I was yanked up, the sight in the mirror was like something in a porn movie. Charles was red, his muscles bulging as he closed his mouth over my neck again, and his hands grasped my breasts. I watched the passionate couple in the mirror; she flipped her hair seductively as he brought her up against his firm chest and ravished her heavy breasts. Was that really me? Was I able to be this sexy after all this time?

Grab Jennifer's Gift at No Cost on Amazon Aug. 30 - Sept. 3

(Side note, this blog post just happened to be posted on 11:11. If you didn't know this is an invitation to awaken to a larger reality beyond the mundane physical reality. Pretty interesting theory to look into.)




  1. I was so lucky. I downloaded Jennifer's Gift on Amazon for free. I started reading it and I just could not stop...

    Great book!


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Luca, I hope you will leave your review on amazon and goodreads!