Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The amazing @KaylaLords is here to share a sexy excerpt! #erotica #bdsm

Hello Sexies!

The amazing Kayla Lords is here to share an excerpt from The Visitor with us! Check it out!

A mutual fantasy to fulfill, and a willing participant to make it a reality. She wants to be His good girl. He wants to take both of them to new heights of pleasure.

"Ready for the next round?" He asks the visitor.
"Oh fuck yeah."
She hears the eagerness in the visitor's voice, and her pussy throbs. She knows what Sir really wants tonight. While she's ready to please Him, she feels nervous. She’s never been used by two men. She’s afraid of displeasing Sir with her inexperience.
The visitor's eyes roam her body, taking in her firm breasts, dark nipples, and smooth pussy. He wants to fuck this woman hard. He wants to make her scream. She is a slut that needs to be used.
Sir watches both of them, smiling to Himself. He can feel His slut's nervousness rolling off of her in waves. But He knows she'll do anything to please Him. He likes that the visitor is turned on by her.
"I told you earlier how I want this to end," He says calmly, reminding the visitor of their conversations leading up to this moment. "How you get there is up to you."
The visitor nervously licks his lips. The reality of fucking someone's woman in front of them makes him anxious all of a sudden. He’s rock hard in anticipation but worries about performing in front of Him. The visitor knows he’s got a thick, long cock that women find pleasure in, but this is a little different.
After watching the visitor for a few moments, Sir takes pity on his guest. It’s not every day that a man finds himself about to fuck a woman with an audience.
"Let me get you started. Slut, show us my pussy," He growls.
She languidly rolls up into a seated position, eyes downcast. Scooting to the end of the bed until her ass touches the edge, she lies back again. She pulls her knees up, spreads her legs apart, and opens her pussy with both hands. Her scent permeates the room. The glistening shine of her arousal can be seen by both men. She lays there, silent and waiting.
The visitor approaches the edge of the bed and looks down at her. In awe at the sight of her clit, her labia, her pink, wet lips waiting for him, he stares at her folds. His cock throbs with need. His mouth waters at what's being offered. He leans down close to her pussy and inhales deeply, savoring her scent.  He reaches out with one finger and lightly strokes her wetness.

Thank you Kayla! You guys can purchase this sexy read on AMAZON! Happy Reading!

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