Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Werewolves and a hot M/M #erotica #excerpt from author @CallySharp

Hello hello sexy readers!

I have a treat today, up and coming erotica author Cally Sharp is here today to share an excerpt from her book The Wolf Beneath the City. I came across this after Cally followed me on Twitter and was instantly interested, who isn't interested in Werewolves and gay men? Check out the hot excerpt below!

The Wolf Beneath the City
Cally Sharp


Mason’s bed is unmade. Before they fall onto it they make only the most cursory attempt at straightening it out. Adam isn’t paying much attention, to be honest. He only cares that it’s soft beneath him, and as he kicks out of his loose pants, he realizes the bed smells of Mason as well.

He’s hit with the dizzy memory of lying here, of touching himself half out of his mind to the mere idea of Mason. It leaves him breathless. He remembers the pure desperation of that moment and for some reason, instead of embarrassment, it makes his cock twitch and a shock of electric bliss jolt up his spine. He has the real thing, now, and it casts that memory in new light. What if he was like that now? What if he was helpless and drunk on arousal, too out of his head to do more than plead for Mason’s touch? What if Mason kept him like that as long as he liked, wore him to exhaustion and wrung him dry and then did it all again?

Mason’s already thrown his shirt aside. His pants are well on their way to following. Adam rolls over and looks at him. He wants to kiss his way up the planes of Mason’s stomach and map the contours of his body. He wants to find just what it takes to make Mason come apart, too, just as much as Adam has already done.

When Mason’s naked, he comes to Adam on his hands and knees like a predator. Adam shivers under him without being touched.

“You’re gorgeous,” Mason murmurs. He leans down to suck a mark onto the underside of Adam’s jaw. Adam hisses through his teeth for the wet heat of it, just on the edge of painful, and grabs handfuls of sheets. One of Mason’s knees just touches the outside of his leg and it’s maddening; he’s never needed to be touched so badly, had it so close and yet not there. He drags Mason’s mouth to his and kisses him, hungry. Mason groans and his tongue slides down the side of Adam’s neck, interspersed with catches of teeth, and Adam writhes. One of Mason’s hands comes to rest on his bare belly. He gasps into Mason’s mouth. Mason laughs again, but there’s a roughness to it, arousal and a promise all bound up.

Mason’s hands slide up his chest. His fingernails leave thin red marks to show where he’s been. Adam’s eyelids flutter as the sensation comes shuddering up every nerve and when he pushes into it, Mason bears him back down to the bed.

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Mmm I love some good M/M to get me all juiced up. Thanks to Cally for sharing!

I'm pretty excited about apocalyptic sex week coming up on Nikki Haze's blog, I've submitted a little excerpt from an upcoming story I've been working hard on. Can't wait to share it with you! That's all for now loves, enjoy your week! 

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