Friday, April 19, 2013

Castles Burning Part One is Half Price! #erotica #bdsm #excerpt

**Update It is back to full price, but I am leaving this post up, so you can still enjoy** the excerpt! xx


I'm excited because, for some reason I'm not aware of.... Castles Burning has been listed for half price! I don't know how this happened or how long it will remain this way, so grab it now!

Enjoy this excerpt too ;)

It had been a long time since I felt this pounding in my chest, the excitement fluttering in my tummy and anticipation coursing through my veins. Aden stood before me, bare chest and feet, his black jeans unbuttoned and hanging loosely from his hips, his black hair clashing with his steel blue eyes. Christie and Alex were on the couch, watching inconspicuously, to my relief. I couldn't take my eyes off Aden as he paced before me, running his fingers through the leather straps of his flogger. I licked my lips at the sight of him, and briefly wondered why he brought it; did he know we would be immediately drawn back to one another? I knew it would happen the moment I hung up the phone that night. I would have gladly begged for it if I had needed to, if he wanted me to.

“What’s your safe word?” He asked, circling the pool table like a predator circling his prey.

“Blue.” I said flatly.

Aden closed the distance between us with two long strides, and I smiled at him as he captured my jaw in his right hand, his left holding the flogger at his side. “What did you just say to me?”

“Blue. My safe word is Blue.” I repeated, raising my eyebrows at him, in mock innocence. I knew full well what he wanted, but I wanted to make an example for our viewers.

Quickly the flogger connected with the right side of my body, nipping my flesh. Reflexively, I brought my arm up to shield my breasts, and Aden yanked it away and put it in my lap, on top of my other hand. I stifled a grin that threatened to spread across my face, and looked down at my hands.

“How do you address me when you speak to me?” He asked, taking my jaw into his hand once more, and pulling my face up to his.

“Sir.” I said, looking at his succulent lips, I wanted to feel them on me, viciously, claiming me.

“And what is your safe word?” He asked.

“My safe word is Blue, Sir.” I almost whispered, my insides were tingling in anticipation; I adjusted my legs, and shifted on the pool table, fuck I wanted this so much.

“Good girl,” he said, as he slowly slid his hot tongue across my lower lip before biting it, and then shoving my face away from him, and resuming his prior distance from the pool table, leaving me to catch my breath. 

“Get down.” He commanded. I stepped down from the pool table and stood before him, hands at my sides. Aden stepped toward me and walked around me, trailing his finger along my hips, and across my stomach as he circled me.

“Do you want me?” He asked from behind me.

“Yes, Sir.” I swallowed hard, my body screaming to be touched.

“Are you ready?” His voice was low, I heard it again, the switch. It tingled down my spine, and it made my insides ache, I wanted to growl, to scream at him to fuck me, hard, and to do it now.

“Yes.” I whispered, nodding my head frantically.

“Get on your knees.” He instructed, still standing behind me.

I quickly dropped down to my knees, and positioned myself in what I knew he loved to see; knees together, back arched, sitting on my heels, my hands in my lap, eyes down.

“Turn around.” He told me, I did so quickly, eager to please him.“Crawl to me.”

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser, grab Castles Burning here.
In other news, the crossover with Nikki Haze is going very well, and I am super stoked to be sharing a snippet from a new tale of mine coming soon on Nikki's Apocalyptic Sex week watch for it on her blog! Stay tuned! Until then happy reading!

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