Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fantasy at no charge, Collaboration with @nikkihazefever and more!

Good morning!!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and that it was filled with lots of love and joy. I spent my weekend in the mountains away from all technology (seriously not even cell service or gps worked there) I went hiking up to an old mine shaft, waded through a mountain stream several times, made boats our of twigs and leaves with the kids and hubby and I had a romantic evening! All in all, the weekend could not have been more perfect!

Nikki Haze and I are hard at work getting everything figured out for our collaboration. So far the heat is turned up, and the words are flowing. Be ready for the Sexy DJ Castles Burning crossover!

Also, I'd like to let you know that you can grab this steamy story The Fantasy for FREE April 3rd and 4th 

There was a time when Charles and I were more passionate about life. There was a time when I would dream all day long while I folded laundry or while I cleaned the bathroom, about having him inside me the night before. I'd be so over worked by the time he'd come home from work that I'd tear his clothes off before he even hung his keys up. It wasn't that we'd let ourselves go over the years, we were still very attracted to one another, but something was gone.

I hope you will enjoy this little story because the sequel is coming very soon!!
Until next time, love, hugs, and happy reading!


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