Friday, March 29, 2013

Belle Returns #Excerpt Home for the Weekend at no charge!

Hello naughty readers! 

I'm pretty freaking excited that Belle Returns is available before the weekend began! I'd love to share this sexy little sample with you, you can get the full story on amazon.


Belle Returns
A Doxy Parcel Tale
Nicole Ryan

     Anthony’s lips descended to hers, his tongue dipping into her mouth eagerly. Belle’s heart was racing in her chest, and she felt almost dizzy, this couldn’t be happening. This could not be happening. Anthony’s large arms encircled her, she didn’t even have to support herself, not that she wanted to as he lifted her and carried her away from the others. When he sat her down she opened her eyes and pulled her lips away from his as the cold railing that enclosed the yacht pressed into her bare back.
     “I want you.” Belle said softly as she pressed her fingers to his sensual lips.
     “Here?” He asked with a wicked gleam in his eyes.
     “On top of the bar if you wish it.” She sighed as he pressed his erection against her hip.
     “I’d never let any of the idiots I work with see you that way.” He said with a smile as he turned her around.
     Belle wrapped her fingers around the cool railing as the light wind cascaded over her face; the water was lapping lazily at the bottom of the motionless yacht. Anthony pressed his body against her back, his cologne drifted up to her nose as she rested her head back on his shoulder. She lifted her arms and placed her hands in his thick hair as he grasped her hips, and kissed her neck, his thick cock pressed firmly into her lower back. Belle moaned as his hand kneaded gentle circles into her flesh, squeezing her breast after sliding his hand beneath the loose material.
     Slowly Belle raised the hem of her dress over the swell of her ass, Anthony ran his hand over her soft cheeks before lifting his cock from his pants. Belle looked back at him from beneath heavy lids, her lips slightly parted, and he thought she might be the most beautiful woman in the world, if not the universe. Slowly he slid his thick head along her satin skin, the sticky trail of his precum catching the chill of the wind before he pressed forward.
     Belle rose up on her tip toes, biting her lower lip to keep quiet. Anthony’s mouth closed on her neck and her eyes slid closed as he gently thrust into her, the people behind them oblivious to their interaction. Well most of them. Belle thought and forced the idea of Daniel seeing her this way out of her mind. He knew what line of work she was in, and he was not one to judge.
     Belle twisted her fingers into Anthony’s hair, and gritted her teeth as she came silently around his shaft. Anthony pulled her thick hair over to one side, pulling on it gently to tip her face enough to capture her sweet lips in his. He slid his hand around to her front as the breeze caught the delicate fabric, and slid his fingers down her taunt stomach; finding no panties, he swiftly slipped them between her lips and began massaging her clit.
     “Anthony don’t…” She said softly.
     “I want to feel you come around me again.” His deep voice slid down her spine one vertebra at a time as his plunged into her.

     “I can’t… Please, I might scream.” She said, squirming as she tried to keep even her words quiet around her desperate panting. 

I'm having so much fun writing the Doxy Parcel series! I hope that you are enjoying it as well... not done yet! Stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out Belle Returns

In other news, Home for the Weekend is FREE today, grab a copy here.

I'm also working on Home for the Summer, which is close to being 1/3 written! I can't wait to get it finished for you, I think that this series is only going to get more and more romantic, but I DO have some naughty stories coming along for you dirty readers who enjoy a little kink with your coffee!

Happy Friday to everyone and I hope you enjoy the Holiday weekend! Grab Home for the Weekend to enjoy it with! 

Until next time, happy reading!


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