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Sexy DJ Castles Burning Crossover with @NikkiHazeFever #CoverReveal

Hello Sexies!

Oh. My, God. It's finally time! 
 Nikki Haze and I have been working on a fun little collaboration for quite some time. We just couldn’t help it, it was amazing how perfectly the scenario fit for Nikki’s Sexy DJ series and the Castles Burning series to come together in one fun wild place. We wondered what would happen...imagine the possibilities! 

After much brainstorming and months of naughty day dreaming, I present you with the Sexy DJ Castles Burning Crossover. 


Castles Burn in France
Sexy DJ/Castles Burning Crossover with Nikki Haze

The DJ grinned directly at Amber as she quirked her finger with a come-here-now expression on her face, and Adam pressed three fingers into her lower back encouraging her toward the platform. Amber slowly made her way up to the booth, it was about six or seven feet above the crowd, and the DJ motioned for one of her body guards to open the gate. Amber climbed the five steps into the booth and the DJ crushed Adam to her perfect breasts, whispering something in his ear as a wicked grin came over his features and he held her at arms length to rake an appreciative look over her curves. Sage spun and put her arm around Amber's back, leaning close to her ear.

“I’m Sage! I’m a friend of Adam’s! He said you might be interested in some public disgrace?”

“Really? I can’t imagine why he would say that!” Amber called over the music, a wicked grin spreading across her full lips.

Adam approached Sage again and she looked up into his handsome features with a look that resembled love, and Amber felt her stomach flutter at the electricity that passed between those eyes. It was intoxicating. Adam leaned in, whispering in Sage’s ear before she stepped away from him nodding, a conspiratorial smile playing at her lips as Adam slid his hands over her round ass, and pulling her to him as she seemed to wiggle in his strong embrace.

Amber wanted them. Both of them. In that moment, they were delicious together and she couldn’t for the life of her understand why this wasn’t the woman he’d married for the extra money and not the crazy woman back home. Then again, Sage didn’t look like the marrying kind. Amber’s eyes lit with longing as she watched Sage’s hand slid down over Adam’s cock, sparking a throb in her own pussy as the woman slid her tongue over her top lip, and turned her wild green eyes to Amber. She broke free from Adam's embrace, and a new, heavier song poured around them, Sage leaned over the table, jamming out to the new beat, biting her lower lip.

I have another treat for you! I am like a giddy schoolgirl over here with Nikki Haze so perfectly nailing the personality of Adam, check it out!

SEXY DJ 7: Sage Haze in France
Sexy DJ/Castles Burning Crossover with Nicole Ryan 

More attention.  She needed more.  Now naked Sage climbed atop the turntable and sat just at the edge, her legs spread wide.  The crowd roared, egging her on.  If Nikki could see me now.  Her Mistress would have her whipped bloody. 
But the crowd loved her glistening cunt, they always did.  It was an eight-foot drop, but she’d never make it to the floor without being caught by the groping limbs of her adoring fans. 

They were already shouting for her to jump, but Sage never went into the crowd without a target.  Sage spotted a small group of extremely attractive men and women, decked out in black and ready to fuck.  She hoped. The sexy brunette snuggled up against an angsty looking blonde man was just her type. 

Sage set her eyes on the gorgeous man who lead them.  Then she saw him and she felt her body go liquid, her pussy quivering at the way he commanded attention.  All eyes were no longer on her and in that moment she couldn’t have cared less.  Tall dark and cocky as fuck, the kind of grin that tells the world I have a big cock and I’m not afraid to use it.  It wasn’t until they approached the booth that she realized who he was.

“Adam!”  She grabbed the mic and screamed his name again over the music. He looked up and pretended to just be seeing her for the first time.  Typical.  His eyes glided over her fair curves landing square on her pussy, dripping for him.

Sage’s bodyguards were just about going insane, tugging her backwards, off the table and away from the edge of the booth.  She was able to twist out of their grasp, ducking beneath two of them and nearly tumbling down the steps and into Adam’s waiting arms.

“It’s been to long.”  He whispered it in her ear in the moment before his lips came down on hers.  Long and hard, his tongue slide along hers and she moaned against him.   Her hand reached down, sliding over his huge cock, hard as ever for her. 

“It feels like forever, baby.”

OMG someone pass me a glass of water!

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