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Sexy Crossover #Teaser with @NikkiHazeFever #erotica

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I'm very sorry I've been so absent, I've been super sick with a horrible head cold. But I'm feeling better, and what's ever greater news? Nikki Haze and I would love to share another teaser with you for our Sexy DJ Castles Burning Crossover!


Be sure and check out our Cover Reveal and exclusive excerpts! Two on Nikki's blog and two more on mine! Yes that means 4 exclusive excerpts just for you! 

Chief Adam sat back in his chair as he stared at the opened email. He couldn’t believe the timing was so perfect, a salacious grin spread across his dark features as he hit reply and typed out a quick thank you and RSVP for him and four guests. The group would love this, without a doubt, and Amber was sure to shine on that stage, he knew she would fit in perfectly… and Sage would adore her… in a way only Sage could. 

Adam smiled with the memory of his favorite red head. She was everything he would ever need in a woman… if he needed a woman that is. No, Adam wasn’t the marrying kind… unless you counted his pseudo wife on shore, who lived in his house and dated his old submissive while he was at sea. That was the way he liked it though. He liked his freedom.

Adam pressed his fingers to his nose before standing and striding out of his office, his long legs taking the aluminum ship steps one at a time, the propellers whirring so loud, he could hear nothing else. The memory of the last night he’d spent with Sage flickered across his mind and he felt himself smiling at the sight of her stretched out on that fancy bed. When Adam felt his cock thickening he pushed the memory out of his mind.

Sage Haze was dripping with sweat, bikini clad and workin’ it in the DJ booth, high above the wild crowd.  She pulled her headphones down around her neck to hear the crowd screaming her name.  The attention made her pussy wet, just knowing how bad they all wanted more of her.  She blew them a kiss with her pink glossy pout before returning to her set.

The world loved her wherever she went, but she seemed to have made a real impression on the wealthy set who frequented Club Ravissment.  She’d disappeared to Milan for a few weeks after hearing her mentor and Mistress Nikki Haze was on to her whereabouts, but she couldn’t help but return to France. 

The attention was addictive and Sage needed more more more to keep that same high.  She caught one of her body guards eyeing her warily as she slammed her headphones against the turntable.  She stuck out her tongue at him as she began to untie her bikini top. 

Her large full breasts and hard pink nipples were exposed as she kicked off her heel after sliding her bottoms to the floor.  As the crowd went wild, Sage lifted her arms in the air and tossed her head back, dancing to her fast beat and letting the rush of adoration drown her. 

More.  She needed more.  She slowly, seductively climbed atop the table and sat just at the edge.  It was an eight foot drop, but she’d never make it to the floor without being caught by her adoring fans. 

They were already shouting for her to jump, but Sage never went into the crowd without a target.

I'm so excited about this!! I can't wait for the release! I'm also working on another sexy escort tale from the Doxy Parcel series. Until next time!
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