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Sex Slave in Tokyo Excerpt by Gregory Versace

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I'm pretty excited because Gregory Versace is back, sharing an entire chapter from his book Tokyo Sex Slave.


Sex Slave in Tokyo
By Gregory Versace
Copyright 2013
First Booking Chapter Excerpt

We arrive at the agency building and approach the front door. I see a lot of shoes in front of the door. Mark says to me to make sure I take my shoes off. I remove my shoes and we both walk inside. As I enter, I see a few young girls sitting on the couch and they start to giggle, holding their hands over their faces. I wave, say “hi,” and smile. The manager that originally took me to my apartment is there and motions me to come into the other office.
I walk in and see a very beautiful older Japanese lady who stands and greets me with a big smile and shakes my hand. She holds onto it for a bit so I feel a bit awkward and pull away. She says to me in a very thick Japanese accent, “Please sit down.” I sit down and she motions for the other people to leave the room. They all leave and shut the door. The woman gets up and walks to the door, locking it, and then smiling at me again with a sinister smile. She says, “My name is Ms. Yoshida.”
I say to her, “Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Yoshida.” I bow for her a bit since my agent back home said I must try to respect Japanese culture and customs. She smiles and laughs a bit since she knows I really don’t know the proper way to bow for this occasion.
She walks over to me very closely and brushes her hand through my hair. She sees I am a tall, beautiful specimen with beautiful brown Italian hair. She knows from my profile that I am six feet, three inches tall, half German and half Italian and she can tell that I have the best of both. I get really nervous when she does this and I pull away. She then sits back behind her desk and stares into my eyes for a bit. I feel uncomfortable now. I start to sweat slightly and sit more on the edge of my seat.
Ms. Yoshida then starts to tell me why I am really here. She says, “You need to make sure my clients are happy. I mean very happy. My clients are very rich, very powerful, and expect you to entertain them fully.”
I ask her, “What do you mean ‘entertain’?”
She says, “Oh, silly boy, you thought this was for modeling didn’t you? Oh, you are quite naïve, little boy.”
I start to stutter as I say to her, “Hhhmmm, okay I-I-I am not sure . . . sure what you mean.” She gets up, walks over to the door, and opens it. She calls for Keiko to come in for a moment. Keiko walks through her office door and I am astounded by her beauty. She must only be nineteen, maybe twenty years old. She has her head down, a very shy girl. Ms. Yoshida grabs her by the hand and shuts the door. Before doing so, she tells everyone not to disturb her. Ms. Yoshida walks the girl over to me and tells her to kiss me.
I look at Ms. Yoshida and say, “I am not sure what is going on, but this is not what I signed up for.”
She tells me, “You are here now, little boy, and you are stuck in my world.” I fear she is right and know she has my return flight ticket and there is no way I can even get out of the country. I have no one at home that will pay for me to fly home, or who even has that kind of money. I am truly stuck here. I realize this and start to panic.
Ms. Yoshida walks over to the wet bar she has and pours a drink. She brings over the drink and says, “Drink this. This will relax you a bit.”
I actually take the glass and down the drink. I am very nervous. I needed that drink more than air to breathe. After a few minutes, I realize that was no ordinary drink. She must have slipped me something. The room starts to glisten with a beautiful haze. I feel a nice warm feeling come over me and I actually feel like I am sinking in the chair. I have an uncontrollable smile on my face. Ms. Yoshida says, “You must prove to me that you will please my clients. This is a test.”
The young pretty girl starts to kiss me. Our tongues meet and I feel an excitement I have never felt before. We start to kiss passionately and I feel her rubbing on my body with those soft, very small hands of hers. She keeps kissing me and I feel someone now behind me. It is Ms. Yoshida who is now massaging me. Oh my God! This massage is so amazing. She pushes deep and hard with her fingers and it makes my body shiver with the chills. The feeling is electric. I have never experienced such a feeling. I actually become very hard now. My member is so erect.
The young girl is pressed up against my body and I can feel my member become so hard that it feels like my pants are going to rip open. She takes one of her small hands and starts to rub it over my jeans. I start to moan slightly and with great passion. I grab her and start kissing her deeply. We can’t get enough of each other. Ms. Yoshida starts to rub my behind and grabs it firmly. She also is putting her hand up in my butt and squeezing hard. The pretty, petite girl, Keiko, is rubbing my hard throbbing member now. My heart is beating fast with excitement.
Ms. Yoshida says to Keiko, “Take off his clothes.” The young minx proceeds to remove all of my clothes. I stand there naked. My ripped, young, tan body is glistening; the smell of sex on me makes these two women just stand there for a second in awe. Ms. Yoshida walks over to me and starts to rub my member. It is very large and both of her hands fit nicely on it. Ms. Yoshida has me so hard now that my penis is throbbing up and down slightly with each heartbeat. She teases my large Italian member by lightly touching it with her fingertips. It bounces each time she touches it. The sensation is amazing. She now moves her hand from the base all the way to the tip and a drop of pre-cum oozes out. She takes that drop with her finger and brings that to her lips. She licks that sweet pre-cum and tells the girl something in Japanese. Keiko giggles with her hand over her mouth and says something back to Ms. Yoshida in Japanese.
They both start to kiss me now. Our tongues intertwine, dancing with passion and grace. Our saliva is dripping down our faces as we moan in pure ecstasy. Ms. Yoshida motions for Keiko to take my penis in her small, tight, young area. Ms. Yoshida motions us to the floor. The young petite girl is on all fours now and Ms. Yoshida says, “Fuck that young girl for me now.” Her accent is hot and sexy. I can see Keiko’s ass is small and tight. She now has her back slightly arched and is now begging for my hard Italian penis to plunge deep into her pussy. My penis is ready, and the effects from the drug in that drink are making me feel bigger than life. I also am very aroused by this scene. It is like a movie scene; I don’t even feel this is real at all. I slowly inch my very hard member into her tiny Asian area and as I enter more and more, Keiko keeps moaning with pleasure. I have my entire penis now in her and she starts to gyrate around a bit so she can savor my penis. Each time I penetrate her slow and deep, I can hear her juices make sweet sounds as my fully engorged penis plunges deeper and deeper in her area. With each piston stroke of my hard, throbbing penis, I feel her tiny area open up more and more. I start to fuck her harder now and grab a good hold onto her beautiful hips. Ms. Yoshida is just sitting there, watching as she starts to play with her clit.
Ms. Yoshida is beautiful for her age. I can’t tell how old she is, but I know she is a lot older than I am. She has beautiful long hair, pretty eyes that captivate you and beautiful milky breasts that are actually quite large.
She keeps playing with herself and tells me to fuck that little girl harder. Ms. Yoshida is sitting on the edge of her chair now and has lifted her skirt so I have a good view. She has her panties off as well and I can see her juices flowing down her thighs. I start to answer the call and really work that young pretty thing. My balls are slapping her as each hard stroke penetrates Keiko deeper and deeper. Her little yelps are innocent sounding that it makes me become animalistic. I feel like I am taking her virginity and her soul. I keep pounding her with no mercy as the drug I am on kicks in even more and I start to see small traces as I move my hands and as her body moves. I also hear that the sounds are a bit altered and muffled. I fuck her for what seems like eternity and put her in a state of exhaustion. Her little area is red, twitching with multiple orgasms. She is now trying to push me away since she obviously has had enough and can’t take any more punishment.
Ms. Yoshida then walks over and stops us. She takes my red, swollen, fully engorged penis in her hands and puts it in her mouth. She sucks on it so nice. Oh yes, she is a pro for sure. Her age has trained her well and she does know what she is doing. She takes the large pole all the way in and gags as it hits the back of her throat and then pushes it farther down her throat. She keeps gagging and her saliva is dripping out of the corners of her mouth. She sucks on it with such grace, but with aggression as well. I am starting to feel hard and my balls are swollen. She then takes my hard wet penis out of her mouth and motions to the girl to get something out of the drawer. The young girl pulls out a very large penis looking strap-on and puts it on. She walks over to Ms. Yoshida and starts to kiss her softly. They both kiss passionately. Ms. Yoshida motions me to lie on the floor. Ms. Yoshida then takes my hard throbbing pole and inches it in her wet area as she slides down and mounts me while she is on top. She starts to put it very deep up in her and gyrates around a bit. The young pretty girl walks over behind Ms. Yoshida and puts the head of that rubbery pole strap-on against her nice firm ass. The girl has already put some lube on it to make her ready. She slides the large strap-on penis into Ms. Yoshida’s ass. The young girl keeps working it in her ass as Ms. Yoshida starts to ride my penis. The young Asian princess and I start to fuck Ms. Yoshida so nice. My hard throbbing penis is in her wet area and the large rubbery strap-on penis is in her anal area. I can feel that strap-on massage my penis inside, since there is a small barrier of skin separating us. It turns me on, feeling the young girl punishing her ass. We both start to fuck her with such force that the lady starts to scream out in passion and ecstasy. Her body shakes and is melting and she cannot control her movements as both of us keep abusing her with no mercy. Ms. Yoshida can’t take it. She starts to beg us to stop, but we keep this going with relentless fury. We keep going and going until finally her pretty Japanese pussy starts to spray her love juices as she starts to orgasm on my throbbing penis. We don’t even hear her cries for mercy; we just keep fucking her with such passion, such lust.
Ms. Yoshida is still crying out, “Please, please stop, please!” We just keep going and the young girl reaches around now and starts to play with Ms. Yoshida’s pink clit. Her petite fingers work it so nice and Ms. Yoshida’s area grabs my member like a vice. I can tell she is going to cum again and my balls swell with excitement. This lady starts to squirt her love juicesagain. She cums so much that it covers my body. Ms. Yoshida is starting to go limp, but still grabs hold of me tightly. It is as if she needs even more punishment. She can’t get enough of my Italian cock. She starts to kiss me deeply and says to me in my ear, “Oh, baby, you are making me cum so much, my sex slave.”
I then realize in this most erotic moment that yes, I am now the sex slave; the sex slave who’s soul has been taken.
I can’t take it anymore and tell both of these beautiful women that I am close to cumming. Ms. Yoshida stops suddenly and motions Keiko to stop as well.
Ms. Yoshida says to me, “Do not cum yet. If you do there is a penalty!” I don’t listen to her, and suddenly push Ms. Yoshida off of my pole and start to shoot out hot waves of cum. I am still cumming as Keiko starts to use her tongue to catch some of it. She starts to lick it off my body. She is running her tongue now along my balls and also making sure she gets every last drop. She then licks her fingers and smiles.
Ms. Yoshida motions Keiko to put the handcuffs on me that are lying on the table. I start to think, Oh my god, Ms. Yoshida is right; I am going to pay now. The young girl puts my hands around this water pipe sticking out of the sink area. I’m still so drugged that I don’t even fight her. She has me secured now. My bare behind is sticking out and I am slumped over with my hands secured to the pipe.
Ms. Yoshida then takes what appears to be a leather whip out of the drawer. Oh my lord, what have I done by cumming when she told me not to yet? I am getting so nervous now, like a young schoolboy ready to be spanked by the teacher for the first time. She walks over to me and says, “I told you there would be a punishment. You are going to take these lashings and as I do each one, you need to tell me ‘thank you, Ms. Yoshida.’ Are we clear?”
I say back to her, “Yes, Ms. Yoshida.” She winds back and gives me a good one to my bare, young ass. It hits my skin with such a sting that I feel like she ripped my skin open. I cry out with a loud sound and the pain is intense.
Ms. Yoshida then says, “I told you to say ‘thank you, Ms. Yoshida.’” She then hits me again even harder.
I say, as tears start to stream down my face, “Thank you, Ms. Yoshida, thank you!”
She says to me, “Good boy. Now this won’t last long. I just want you to know you need to obey me and do not take my commands lightly next time.” She then hits me five more times and each time is harder than the last. She then can see I am in great pain and she tells the young girl to put some cream on my red swollen butt cheeks. The young girl first touches me with the cream and I jump since the skin is so sensitive right now. Thank God, the lady did not make me bleed, but it sure felt like it.
Keiko helps me put my clothes on and Ms. Yoshida tells me, “Go back to your apartment and rest up. You have your first booking tomorrow night and you will need your rest. I want you always to be by your phone at 11 A.M. daily so you can get your instructions for that night for each booking. Are we clear?”
I say with a shaky voice, “Yes, Ms. Yoshida.”

The young girl walks me back to the train station and takes me back to my apartment. She does not say anything during the train ride. She just holds my hand and lays her head on my shoulder. She wants to try and comfort me, but knows she cannot say anything for fear she will be hurt next by Ms. Yoshida. Keiko finally does warn me by telling me that Ms. Yoshida is so powerful that she has people in distinct white cars with tinted windows that monitor all of the sex slaves’ whereabouts. She also has people who monitor all phone calls and even if you try and use a pay phone, one of her soldiers will see you and pull you out. There is nowhere you can go without the agency knowing. This is just to make sure you don’t try and run or escape. That is so funny and I say to myself, “Where would I go? How would I even get out of this country? I am truly stuck in this nightmare.”

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