Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alice Returns! Excerpt from my new short story

Hello lovelies!

Alice Returns is now available on Amazon, and I wanted to share a little preview with you!


Alice Returns
A Doxy Parcel Tale
Nicole Ryan

“Just flavored tobacco.” He winked.
“Then I would love to try it.” She beamed at him as she took the wooden stem into her long elegant fingers and placed the end between her lips.
As she pulled the thin smoke into her mouth, she tasted the cherry and vanilla on her tongue, sliding down her throat before she blew it out in a thin, sexy line as she gazed at the young man.
“Do you like it?” He asked, still smiling widely at her.
“Very much, thank you.” She said as he lifted his own tube to his mouth and inhaled deeply, sending the water pipe into a frenzy of bubbles.
When he exhaled he made large billowing smoke rings, they floated over to Alice, and she hooked her finger through one of them, laughing as he sent several more in her direction.
“You are very cute.” He said, eyeing her cleavage and placing his hand beside him on the blanket.
“Why thank you, Mr…?”
“Piller. Carter Piller, but you can call me Carter if you like.”
“Well, thank you Carter, it’s sweet of you to say that.” She looked up at him through her lashes, he was strikingly handsome, and so fresh looking… as if he’d spent a day on a sailboat in the warm sun.
“You may sit closer to me, if you’d do me the honor.” He patted the thick golden blanket and Alice slid over immediately, curling her legs under her as she brought her hand up to his chest and leaned in close to his ear.
“I would be delighted to sit close to you Carter.” Alice said as she undid the top button of his thin white shirt.
March sat across from them on the coverlet, folding his legs and watching with a gleam in his eye as Alice slid her tongue along Carter’s pink lips, looking up into his baby blues as he lifted his hand up to grasp her breast. Carter slowly slid his thumb over Alice’s protruding nipple, and she let out a soft deep moan, as she lay her head back on Carter’s shoulder letting her eyes flutter closed.
Carter grinned as he kissed her moist lips and turned her over in his arms, laying her on the blanket like a delicate piece of china. He dragged his hands down the sides of her body and she arched up from the blanket, the moonlight pouring across her fair skin, making it look nearly translucent as he lowered his lips to her stomach. Carter kissed the thin material before pulling it away and slipping his tongue across her belly button.
Alice watched him descend to her hips, kissing each one before finally sliding his tongue across her clit, tantalizingly sucking on her already swollen bud. Carter moved his face from side to side slowly while he held her clit with his lips, and Alice curled her fingers into his hair as she came quickly, shuddering around him as he grasped her thighs and pulled her closer to him.

That's all for now, hope you liked it! You can get this naughty story on amazon.

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