Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Excerpt from The Fantasy

The Fantasy will be FREE February 13, 14, and 15... Happy Valentines day!

The Fantasy follows a couple who have allowed their sex life to grow cold over the years... With their anniversary here, they've decided to act out a fantasy they've both shared for a long time. Great read for someone or even couples who enjoy a thrilling BDSM encounter, and role play games.


He took me out to the sleek black dance floor and I looked up at him, sliding my left hand on his shoulder as he held my right in his left. He pulled me close, so I was pressed fully against him and began to sway.
“Charles I can’t dance. You know that.” I whispered, very worried that I would trip or misstep.
“Don’t look at me remember?” He said. “My name isn’t Charles.” He leaned down to my ear. “And you are not Jennifer, right?” He asked.
“Right.” I said and shifted my eyes, there were several others dancing around us as the pianist played a slow, sultry jazz tune.
“Do you like the anklet?” He asked suddenly, almost as an afterthought, and I grinned into his shoulder.
“I love it.”
When the song was over we took our seats at the bar, and the feeling in my stomach had lifted to excitement. I picked up my clutch and left cash on the bar before going back to my room, Charles following just a few steps behind me the entire time. Twice on my way up to my room in the empty elevator, as Charles waited to take the next one up, I thought of calling this whole thing off. But so far it had gone well, and I was having a good time and didn’t feel nearly as silly as I’d thought I would. I was excited to see what he would come up with next.
When I was in my room I used the bathroom, freshened up and took a look in the mirror, as I reapplied my lipstick there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Charles came in with a small black bag, he sat it on the bed and pulled a thin blue box from the front pocket.
“I have another gift for you, to go with your anklet.” He said as he stepped close to me.
I took the box in confusion, and sighed, oh the fantasy was over. But I didn’t mind, I was excited and it had been a fun night, more fun than we had had in years. When I opened the box there was a white gold chain, a tear drop shaped diamond hung at the center.
“It’s so beautiful Charles, thank you.” I said.
“Turn around, let me put it on.” He said, and I turned my back to him.
But instead of feeling him step closer, I felt him move away from me.
Suddenly a black pillowcase was placed over my head, and Charles scooped me up into his arms, tearing my shoes from my feet before laying me on my bed as I struggled to take the pillowcase off my head. I tried to sit up but he pushed my face against the mattress.
“Charles what are you doing?” I asked him frantically as my insides clenched, and warmed unexpectedly.
“Charles isn’t here.” Came his dark reply and my heartbeat sped up.
“What?” I asked incredulously, this was silly. “Charles, really, you’re hurting my arms.”
I tried to laugh and stand up but Charles thrust me back down, and I realized I still held the necklace in my fingers as he delicately took it from me. I felt him securing it around my neck, over the pillow case. He meant to hold it in place. 

Please enjoy this sexy short story for FREE!

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