Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Castle Dreams #asmsg #castlesburning #sexysnippet #update

That one story that you just can't seem to get out of your head. 
Those characters that are such a part of you they feel like your dearest friends. 
That tale that calls you back time and time again. 
I feel like Amber actually. 
She wanted me to tell you all how she is doing!
(You can get the novel Castles Burning here for free on Amazon Kindle Oct 21-24)

Burning Dreams:

Dean’s curly blond locks glistened in the soft glow coming from behind the bar. Hundreds of bottles reflected upon themselves and I stared at myself as I sipped on a shot of cinnamon whiskey. I turned my gaze to his, so warm, so familiar, loving. His black eyes followed my tongue as it swept the remnants of the whiskey away.
“I’ve missed you.” He said gently as he leaned in and placed his lips by my ear. “You smell like fall.”
I smiled, brushed my hair behind my ear and took his fingers into my hand.
“I’ve missed you too.” My lips grazed his as I turned to look at him. He smiled into them, that easy, dimpled smile that showcased his perfect teeth and melted my insides. I quivered on the barstool, aching to stand and arrange myself on top of him. Eagerly he pressed his mouth to mine, his tongue gently exploring my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked ever so gently. He bit my top lip and I gasped I pulled away. I wanted him. I wanted him more than I ever had before. I needed him.
He nuzzled into my neck, inhaled deeply as his hands rested on either side of my thighs. He ran his fingers slowly up and down the length of exposed thigh before tucking his fingers under the hem of my skirt. That smile caught me again and I returned it, fully, desperately ready for him to take me away, into his world again.
His fingers hooked around the straps of my thong and he placed a kiss on my lips before he began to tug gently on the fabric.
“I want to take your panties off.” Dimples for days.
I looked around me, at the people scattered at tables and felt my cheeks flushing, but the idea excited me.
Amber sat bolt upright in bed, gasping, her chest drenched in perspiration. Aden slept beside her, his breathing soft and even. His beautiful features accentuated in the moonlight. But for her life she couldn’t shake away the fog, couldn’t blink away that easy smile. That comfort that had called to her, had visited her every night for the past week.

I hope you enjoyed this little look into what Amber's up to these days... Stay tuned for more!

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