Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#Free #Erotic #Horror for #Halloween

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Samhain! Happy All Hallows Eve! Happy Feast of All Saints! Happy Halloween!

From October 28 to November 1st you can grab Order of the Dragon for free. Enjoy! 

Melody Bath is a Precognitive Projective Empath and maybe even psychic, though she isn’t so sure about the latter. What she is sure of, is that she has been seeing ghosts her entire life. As it happens, she’s the descendant of The Order of the Dragon’s Bathory bloodline, one of four specially selected bloodlines with psychic gifts that enable them to see creatures that aren’t meant to be in this world.
Melody’s twin brother Corbin is also tasked with a gift, he’s psychic. Together they have managed to inadvertently awaken a local pub, The Lodge and its haunts. Melody believes that with just a bit more psychic strength, she can release whatever spirits or demons are lurking at The Lodge. After enlisting the help of famed Demon Hunters Brock and Bastian Bethlen, hoping to take advantage of Bastian’s Telepathic abilities, things start to get worse.
Not only is Bastian far more gifted than Melody suspected, Brock turns out to have real supernatural gifts as well. Brock and Melody piece together small clues and confirm Melody’s hope that the Bethlen’s are also direct descendants of The Order. Together the four of them attempt to exercise The Lodge and seal whatever portal was accidentally opened.
While attempting this, they encounter terrifying spirits trapped in a world of chaos and anguish, lose their ability to control their talents properly and even become demon possessed. Through it all they become stronger, more capable and eventually very confident in their expanding abilities. All this happens without them realizing that they are forging a bond, triggering the formation of the New Order of the Dragon.
These bloodlines have used their gifts since the beginning of time to keep the peace between the world of the living and the world of the dead. They are only called to task when there is need for their abilities. Those born with these abilities can see, hear and sense those that enter into this world from somewhere beyond, somewhere darker. But with these gifts come certain responsibilities.
Melody knows they can find two more individuals that carry the bloodline, the two that would complete a new Order. Can she convince Brock and the others of the importance of finding them, or will they think she's gone mad?

This book contains explicit sex scenes, demonic possession and frightening encounters intended for mature readers over the age of 18 only.


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