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Order of the Dragon, another peek at my new #erotic #horror

Order of the Dragon
Excerpt #2

Melody watched Brock open the hatch on the Bronco and quickly made her way over to him, placed her hand on his forearm. When his eyes met hers she shook her head.

“You really don’t want us to film it?” He frowned against the bright sun that was making sporadic appearances between the dark clouds.

His breath sent large puffs out in front of his face. The temperature had dropped significantly since the day before.

“I told you… We aren’t interested in being filmed. We just need your help getting rid of whatever is causing trouble.” Melody said softly around her thick red scarf. “Something just doesn’t feel right.” She admitted.

“Okay.” Brock looked at Bastian to confirm their agreement. “We’re taking them later, though. For evidentiary purposes. You said you weren’t sure if it was demonic or not.” He said with finality.

Melody nodded but said nothing. She was unnerved by being so close to the cemetery. It always seemed to resonate within her, like waves of heat moving through her. She couldn’t put up a block, because then they wouldn’t be able to make contact. Instead she stayed quiet, reserved her energy for when it was important. It was risky to even be here.

The sun moved behind a dense cloud and the air instantly chilled. A soft breeze whispered through the trees, lifting some of Melody’s hair. She tugged her hat down around her ears and hugged herself, followed the three men toward the small natural archway. It was made of blackberry branches, they were dark and bare for the winter. Another sort of vine was woven through it and Melody recalled how beautiful the white flowers had looked against the vibrant green in July. Blackberries had the sweetest fragrance, even now in fall there was a hint of them perfuming the air.

“Okay.” Corbin said, all of his blocks were up and his energy was high, Melody walked closer to him, let the waves of his tranquil thoughts comfort her. “This is where it started. We came here after they rearranged the stones, cleaned them up and made it look nice and pretty in here.”

Brock was following them, glancing at some of the stones as they passed. There were only about a baker’s dozen of them.

“Why were you here?” Bastian asked.

“We had our grandmother laid here.” Corbin said softly and Bastian visibly blanched.

“Sorry.” He said, looking at Melody.

She gave him a tight lipped smile, her dimples flickering.

“This is where you saw the spirit of the woman you think attached to you?” Brock asked.

“Yes.” Melody said softly. “I think this is where she’s buried.”

“Who?” Bastian asked. “The woman or the child?”

Melody looked over at Bastian, studied his face. “I’m not sure.” She said before looking back at her brother. “Neither of them are here. Her child was, but when we came back and it was cleaned up, the headstone that had a child’s dates of birth and death, was gone. It was crumbling away to nothingness anyway. I’ve only ever seen the woman as an apparition.”

“What’s the woman’s name?” Brock asked, studying a tall dark headstone with the name Bleakman carved into the bottom.

“We think it’s Persephone. But we aren’t sure.” Melody said and Brock nodded. “She was a prostitute at The Lodge when it was a brothel.”

He walked around the tiny cemetery for nearly forty minutes as she spoke. He listened quietly as she told him about what she’d uncovered about The Lodge’s history. When she’d finished he stared at the sky for what seemed like an eternity before turning to look at Melody. His eyes were glassy, his jaw working as if he were trying to process something.

“What is it?” She said quickly, her hands held up to him, but hovering at a safe distance.

If she touched him with her blocks down, it might be painful to receive whatever he’d picked up on. It was best to keep physical contact to a bare minimum.

“I’m not sure.” He said, he was being honest.

Melody wondered if he was aware of his abilities, if he knew that he too had been born an Empath.

“Not born.” Bastian suddenly said from behind her.

Melody spun on him, looked him over with her mouth turned down.

“I’m sorry,” Bastian said, “Sometimes I can’t help it.”

Melody nodded, hugged herself tighter as another frigid breeze whipped around them. “Are you sure?”

“No. But he never had any experiences before…”

“Shut up about things you don’t understand.” Brock said suddenly, his voice dark and menacing.

Melody whirled around as he broodingly made his way past them, frozen leaves crunched beneath his feet. She wanted to go after him but Corbin caught her elbow.

“I’m sorry bro.” Bastian said, patting his brother on the shoulder twice when he’d caught up to him.

They silently headed back to the car and piled in. Corbin directed Bastian to The Lodge, which was only a street down and two over. Brock was staring at Melody the entire drive, but she kept her head turned to the window until Bastian parked. She was concentrating desperately on the passing scenery, but Brock’s thoughts were so loud.

She saw herself kneeling, folded forward on cold cement, his hands around her neck, lifting her jaw and holding it high as he caressed her thighs, her ass.

Melody’s insides clenched deliciously, her cheeks flushed and she pressed her cool fingers to them as the engine clicked and sighed. She swore she heard Brock chuckle from behind her.


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