Thursday, March 13, 2014

First look at Order of the Dragon, my #new Erotic Horror! Demons ghosts and possession oh my! #erotica

Order of the Dragon

The sweat on her brow was what pulled her out of sleep, the window was wide open and a cold breeze was coming in off the river. As Melody sat up and quickly crawled out from under the warm covers, her breasts prickled and her nipples ached against the damp fabric. 

That was the first clue she picked up on, alerting her that this was a dream. 

The second came when her feet touched the chilled floor. Now she was certain it was a dream, she had a carpet in her room and she never wore a nightgown. This one was cotton, sleeveless and hung just below her knees. It reminded her of something she would have worn as a young girl, or as an adult in a past life, maybe. There was an odd vulnerability that passed over her, it felt somewhat foreign, but not entirely unwelcome. Soothing discomfort.

The most familiar hands rested upon her shoulders as she stared out her bedroom window, at the sun rising in the distance and a sense of guilt settled into her bones. Those hands felt too real.
Not a dream after all, not really. 

She knew exactly who those hands belong to, she didn’t need to turn around to see him. The intricate tattoo on his left ring finger blared out at her, fear gripped her heart, oh yes. It was him. She couldn’t believe it. And the defenselessness that she felt, it was also too real and far too intense. 

Something deep inside her made her want to fall to her knees before him. She felt naked, vulnerable in a way she’d never felt before. It felt like he could see her every thought, her every desire. For the first time she felt like she didn’t quite have the upper hand on someone psychically. 

But what really made her shiver was the thought blaring out at her, the one thing in his mind that she was able to make out in this dream world. A thick, coagulating word that not only frightened her, but made her wretchedly excited. She didn’t really know what it meant. It stood out in her mind painfully though.


She closed her eyes, willing the feeling to pass, but it didn’t. Of course it didn’t… because it wasn’t a dream, even if it felt like one. If it wasn’t a dream, where the hell was she?

Guilt replaced the disbelief she felt, it swelled in her throat, painfully. The taste of putrid dereliction came because she’d brought him here with her thoughts. Personal gain was a serious offense, especially for someone who had as many supernatural gifts as she did. 

There was always a level of responsibility that came with such gifts.

 It was never her intention to form such a strong connection between the two of them, no, it wasn’t deliberate. She’d just been so consumed with thoughts of him, she’d become so curious. Who wasn’t? She certainly hadn’t intended to connect them on a psychic level. 

Had she?

It didn’t matter because his hands trailed down her arms, the fine hairs there stood on end and she let her head fall back against his thick, firm chest. His hands continued their descent, delicately he caressed the length of her arms, took her small hands into his large ones. He slid his nails back up her skin as he closed his mouth on her neck and tore the thin cotton of her nightgown apart in his fists. Her hitched breath rang in her own ears, her heart thundering there too.

Her aching breasts yearned for his grasp and he immediately satiated her need, harshly twisting her nipples before roughly spinning her around and claiming her mouth. Briefly she noted the familiar hooked nose, the hooded eyes, such a brilliant blue even in the dark. 

Oh God, it was him. It was him and she was going to be in trouble for this. Personal Gain. The word echoed in the corners of her mind, taunting her.

But she wanted help. She needed his help, to help the others. So it wasn’t really personal gain, she rationalized as her insides began to burn.

His hands roamed up her stomach and over her heavy breasts slowly, methodically, as if memorizing her. He was crouching slightly. The way he had to bend down to her level made her think that he were floating a foot or so from the floor. 

She could taste him as she inhaled and took his breath into her lungs, the act stirring hot desire deep in her belly. She pulled away long enough to focus on those hooded eyes, they were like a bird of prey, she was that prey. Her mouth fell open, she trailed her fingers along his neck, over the black and grey ink of the tattoo that covered his back and climbed over his shoulders before she sought out his mouth again.

Her torn nightgown evaporated and suddenly she stood naked before him, her breasts were instantly crushed against his chest. His right hand trailed along her thigh, hooked it over his hip as he aligned her body with his. His clothes were suddenly gone too and not a fraction of space was spared between them.

When he entered her, she could have stopped it, if she’d wanted to. But she didn't. His body was like a magnet, she felt the pull deep in her core, as if it were connected to the base of her spine. She needed to connect with him, on some raw, primal level she needed to know him, so she could trust him. She’d called him here, maybe not directly but hadn’t she wished for it? Hadn’t she let the thought of him occupy her mind far more often than she knew she, an Empath, should have? More importantly, after what she’d learned about his family history, she was quite certain they shared more than just an ability to sense other people’s feelings. If they were in fact both descendants of The Order of The Dragon, then she’d played with fire.

Oh, she could try and hide that from herself, tell herself it was a silly celebrity crush and that looking so deep into his past had only been out of curiosity…but deep down she’d known he would come. She’d known he would come the second she’d sent that email about suspecting that he was Empathic. She’d known deep in the corners of her mind as she searched his name and paged through images of him on the internet, obsessively that the energy would lead to linking with him. She’d gone too far. She’d connected with him psychically. She’d wanted him too strongly.

The heat of his body was overwhelming as they were joined, it wasn’t like anything Melody had ever experienced in the real world, in the land of wakefulness. It felt suddenly, as if she were going to burst into flames, not orgasm. But she didn’t, and as she constricted around him her screams woke her from the dream. 

She sat upright in her bed, pawing at her sweat slicked bare breasts and intact panties.

Melody searched the darkness of her room just as Corbin’s footfalls came hurrying down the hall. He knocked twice on the door.

“Mel?” Her twin brother called from the other side.

“I… I’m fine.” She offered, bringing her hand up to her sweaty forehead.

“You sure?” You don’t sound fine.

“Yeah. Yes, I’m sure I just… had a dream.” She wished he’d keep his thoughts to himself.

“Night.” Corbin called and Melody listened to his steps fade back down the hall and then listened to them descend the stairs.

Her chest heaved as she loosed the breath she’d been holding, even small moans were still trickling from her throat as her insides cooled and her chest opened up. She’d never experienced an orgasm in a dream before. She wasn’t even sure that what had transpired between her and her visitor was an orgasm. She also wasn’t sure if the sensation was pleasurable, or if it was downright frightening. Could it be The Lodge? Had her and her brother’s exploring opened it up even more than she’d originally thought?

Her window was wide open and she walked over to close it quickly, goose bumps rising on her arms. She admired the carpet on her toes, relishing in the realness of it. From somewhere near she felt eyes on the back of her neck. Melody spun around, searched the dark empty room.

“Who’s there?” She asked softly, hugging herself.

The wind chimes in the corner of her room tinkled and she smiled softly to herself, rubbed her arms fiercely before she looked out the window again. Those spirit chimes had been given to her by her grandmother, who was also a Projective Precognitive Empath and a Telepath. 

The moon was nearly full, it hung low in the sky, a halo was around it. A perfect circle. The ring stretched out so far, it almost looked like an alien planet, looming upon the earth from behind it. Melody knew it as a twenty two degree halo, but this one looked larger than that. The halo was eerily dense. Her grandmother would have told her it was a sign.

An image came to her, two tall men, friendly yet guarded, walking up their driveway. They would be here soon. She could feel it in her bones as surely as she could feel her brother lingering at the bottom of the steps, to make sure she really was okay. She didn’t know if it was a premonition or if it was a precognition. 

The only difference between the two, as far as she knew, was that her precognition was not always definite. When she had a premonition, it never failed to become déjà vu, the problem was, she hadn’t yet figured out how to distinguish the two. It didn’t really matter. They’d be here.

She would reach out to him again in a day or two. She could send another email… something to get his attention again. Bastian even seemed to be reaching out to her on some psychic level, but she was so unsure of her abilities. She needed to know if he was aware of what had just happened. Melody wasn’t even sure if they were aware of anything that was happening. 

He couldn’t just keep using her energy this way. Sapping it from her while she slept to feed to creatures from the other side for his movies. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair.

Most importantly, he needed to know it was real and that it was dangerous. 

The lump of guilt returned to her throat and she sighed, shook her head again, disappointed in what she’d done. 

She never should have made contact with him.

What do you think? Should I share another peek in a couple of weeks?



  1. I can not wait for the rest of the book.

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    1. Thanks Laurel! This is just the first couple opening pages of the book, hope you enjoyed! =)