Friday, August 9, 2013

It's my birthday and I'll give out #erotica at no cost if I wanna!

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Are you ready for some more F-R-E-E Erotica?

Today I am gifting you Home for the Weekend, FREE August 9th 10th and 11th!

Home for the Weekend
A Chaste Meridian Story
Nicole Ryan

Jesse removed the towel from his waist and held it out to his side, looking at me quizzically. I lifted an eyebrow at him through the mirror, his golden skin shone in the soft light. He did the same, turning his head slightly to the side, and then he took a step toward me. I glanced down as his cock, and watched as it slowly thickened. I stood up from the small vanity chair and held my hands in front of me.
“No way.” I said quietly, smiling hugely at him as his hands pulled at the lavender silk robe I wore, the belt making a soft whooshing sound as he pulled it free. “What if your parents hear?”
“They won’t hear anything.” He assured with a boyish grin. “They’re downstairs and across the house.” He said, bringing his lips to my neck, and slipping his hand along the inside of my thighs.
Jesse trailed his fingers up torturously slow, sliding the silky material of my night gown up my creamy thighs. He slid his middle finger along my swollen clit and I sighed as he began massaging my labia with his other fingers. He pulled the robe from my shoulders and let it slip to the floor at our feet, as he pressed me back until my back rested against the mirror, and I was sitting on the edge of the small vanity table. He slid my slip over my head and tossed it away before he trailed kisses across my breasts and looked down at my pussy.
“I’m glad you didn’t put panties on.” He said as he dragged his hands down the side of my thighs, where they met my labia. “There should be a law against panties.” He said as he slid his hot tongue along my clit, massaging the sides of my thighs with his thumbs.
I jumped at the sudden contact, and as he slithered his tongue inside of me, I had to dig my hand into his thick nest of hair that had been calling to me for so long. I looked down at him as he worked me over, and again, it was almost violent, the way he extracted my orgasm from my body.
“Oh fuck…” I sighed, closing my eyes as Jesse stood, his huge dick brandished in his right fist.
He slid his thick head along my sensitive pussy, and I pulled my knees closer to my ears as I stared at him circling my clit with his swollen head, my left hand grasped the top of the oval shaped mirror behind me and I watched as he slowly eased into me, stretching me, his gorgeous features aglow in the soft light. Delicious tingles sparked along my skin, and curled my toes as he moved within me, his hot thick head warmed me to my core, melted my frustrations, and fears. Chased them away like a warm shot of whiskey.
Jesse began to move faster, and I braced myself as best as I could with my toes on the corners of the desk, my knees spread wide as he held them apart with his hands, his abs rippled and flexed with his thrusts, and I reached out to run my nails down them just as I came, and scratched him harder than intended. He growled and wrapped his hand behind my neck clasping it and hauling me up to his face, kissing me savagely as he drilled into me, sending the desk and mirror knocking into the wall behind it. I cried out around his mouth and squeezed his shoulder, wrapping my legs around him, my ankles pressed to his firm ass, urging him deeper.
His hand was fisted in my hair at the nape of my neck now and I licked at his lip as I gazed at him. “Oh, Please.” I whispered, squirming to stay on the desk, gripping his shoulders for dear life.
“Please what?” He ground out, searching my eyes.
“Please make me come again.” I said softly, and he crushed his mouth to mine, seeking my clit out with his fingers and circling it gently as he thrust into me.
The small bottles on the vanity rattled and something crashed to the floor as the desk repeatedly hit the wall with the force of Jesse’s thrusts, I was like a monkey clinging to him, barely even on the desk now, and I came again just as I felt his thick spurts filling me.
The moment was quickly ended when three hard pounds came from the wall behind us. My eyes snapped open and I looked at Jesse as his eyes widened in confusion.
“Shit.” He said, still hard inside of me.
“Who is that?” I asked frantically, still panting from our exertions, feeling myself wanting him again already.
“My brother.”

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  1. Happy Birthday, Nicole! Thanks for the gift. In time for the weekend, too.